Saturday, July 17, 2010

BelieviNg in a lil' dReAm DoNatioNs

come dReAm a lil' dReAm aNd ride upon a star sit aNd talk for hours aNd tRavel fRom afar. Sit on a tip of a half moonbeam aNd wish of places you have never seen.
Fly above the clouds so high aNd woNder fRom above, kNowiNg tHat you aRe in the coMpaNy of those tHat you have loved.
LeaRniNg fRom the past of thiNgs you cHeRish in your heaRt, never lettiNg go of the loved oNes that have paRt.
TakiNg wHat you have leaRned aNd cReatiNg soMetHiNg NEW in hopes tHat otHeRs will believe in wHat you believe in too.
Penniless but not poor, bRoKen but not weak, alone but not lost
fRagile yet unbreakable… DeteRmiNed to stay Priceless
aNd hope tHat you will believe in my dReAm tHat I believe in too.

Those of you who have watched Poetic GaRdeN grow also know of the struggles aNd sacrifices made to achieve a life loNg goal to further the success of aNd wHat it staNds for.
Your DoNatioNs or InvestMeNts will not go unnoticed aNd aRe truly appreciated. Through my loNg hours of haRd woRk and deteRmiNatioN, I refuse to let my health hiNder me fRom accoMplisHiNg the goal of iNspiRiNg others to believe in the iMpoRtaNce of dReAmiNg.

Any Investment towards Poetic GaRdeN aNd what it may need for growth whether it be towards the Reading Program for youNg kids, rebuilding the website or further expanding the liNe will be greatly appreciated in the form of Volunteer WoRk in exchange for support. If you aRe iNteRested in investing into Poetic GaRdeN
please contact me by seNdiNg a message through the Facebook Badge provided on the fRoNt page of this main blog.

Blessed Be fRom the 'hobbit house' of