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My hope aNd wish is tHat oNe day, foRmal education will pay atteNtion to wHat I call “education of tHe heart.” Just as we take for gRaNted tHe need to acquire pRoficieNcy iN tHe basic academic subjects, I aM hopeful tHat a tiMe will coMe wHen we can take it for gRaNted tHat cHildRen will leaRn, as paRt of the curriculum, tHe iNdispeNsability of iNner values: loVe, coMpassion, justice, aNd foRgiVeNess. 
~Dalai Lama

Thursday, December 8, 2011


With viNtage jeWeled glasses in tow, this 6x6 Paper Bag Scrapbook 
is suRe to sHoW your loVe for NatuRe.  All wrapped~up iN a buNdle of cReAtiVe eaRth toNed colors aNd pRiNts.  Collective iNspiRatioNal woRds aNd quotes,
distinctively expressing a BeAutiFuL way to display those special Life moMeNts.  

{Look deep iNto NatuRe aNd tHeN YOU will uNdeRstaNd eVeRytHiNg better}
siMple aNd tRue WoRds to liVe by iN life.
~  ~  ~
14 page layout packed full with diaMoNd glaze tipped silk floWeRs,
sigNatuRe Poetic GaRdeN glass faiRy stoNes.
MiNatuRe Charms, OrgaNza aNd Satin Ribbons iN Chocolate aNd Butter CreAm.
Unique page tabs iN assorted WoRds, 22 Photo aNd Keepsake placeMeNts, note tages for jourNaliNg aNd 8 stoRage pockets to add those additioNal keepsakes iN.  
Iridescent PeArl PiN, Upholstered jeWeled Brads, foRest braNches aNd BeRries. 
Epoxy clips, Sugar Coated Butterflies tipped with Dew Drops aNd Swarovski Crystals
Real Pressed HeRbs iN Lavender, Sage aNd Cat MiNt with tHeMed gaRdeN ChaRms.

For price aNd availability of 'ooak' Collectors aRt WoRk, please sigN~up to 
{Poetic GaRdeNs Facebook} or eMail {} to view tHe coMplete details aNd page layouts of this 'ooak' Paper Bag ScRapBook or view tHe liNk below 

tHis ScRapBook is no loNgeR aVailable

copyrights of aNd associated archives
dedicated to my HeaVeNly FatHeR, my children aNd my faiRies
~Blessed Be fRoM my gaRdeN to yours

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kNoWledge is PoWeR

"LeaRniNg is tHe discovery that soMetHiNg is possible" ~Fritz Perls
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SiMply BeAutifuL

'SiMply BeAutiFuL' is a new Blog eNtRy added to tHe Poetic GaRdeNs website, pRoVidiNg a basic aNd easy scieNtific way to fall iN loVe with eAtiNg natural.  Breaking foods doWn iN a puRe aNd siMple way that pRoVides BeAutiFuL insight aNd aWaReNess of how iMpoRtaNt it is to eat right for your 'teMple'  ShaRiNg ideas aNd tips iN aN oRgaNic aNd fuNdaMeNtal approach, opeNiNg up a woRld of iMagiNatioN iN cReAtiNg clever aNd delicious ways iN eAtiNg that eVeRyoNe can eNjoy.
TakiNg tHe tiMe to feAtuRe NatuRal Foods, will hopefully enlighten YOU to make cReAtiVe aNd healthier choices tHat can make a woRld of diffeReNce iN your Life.
~  ~  ~
I couldN't resist iN staRtiNg off with a Biblical fRuit... tHe {Apple} makiNg this a veRy teMptiNg~guiltless aNd delicious food to eAt.
One of my faVoRite apples is tHe 'HoNeycRisp' coNsideRed tHe most peRfect dessert apple,
which meAns YOU caN eNjoy dessert for bReAkfast, LuNch aNd DiNneR without aNy guilt.
TakiNg tHe stress out of what to eat at what tiMe of tHe day all together.
My faVoRite way of eAtiNg this forbidden fRuit, is drizzling hoNey oVer crisp sliced apples aNd soMetiMes adding a dollop of AlMoNd Butter.
Less sugar coNteNt, alMoNd Butter is better oN tHe digestive system aNd adds a cReAtiVe tWist to a delicious aNd teMptiNg fRuit.

NutritioNal JourNaliNg aNd iMage by

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Poetic GaRdeN News

it's been a veRy loNg road iNdeed, a lot of cHaNges haVe happeNed iN tHe gaRdeN.  A season woRth reMeMbeRiNg aNd jourNaliNg about.  Had to establish soMe Me tiMe so I could teNd to eVeRy aspect of NoN~Profit this year.  SoMe poWeRful aNd meMoRable expeRieNces happeNed but tHey did not coMe without haRdsHips to say tHe leAst aNd pRofouNd lessoNs to me leArNed fRoM.  DeteRmiNed to reMaiN stRoNg, Poetic GaRdeN has stayed steadfast iN cReAtiNg uNique
oNe of a kiNd 3D scRapBook aRt WoRk iN additioN to New GreetiNg CaRds
fRoM tHe 'Life's JourNey LiNe.  
BriNgiNg to life a cReAtiVe way of reAdiNg aNd leArNiNg through tHe aRtist eyes.  
OpeNiNg a door iNto aN iNdepth ScieNtific Research aNd DiscoVeRy blog
called {} education iN Nervous System Diseases which in turn helps aid iN a NoN~Profit ChildReNs ReAdiNg ProgRaM.  
There's a New look iN aRchiViNg aNd docuMeNtiNg as well, pRoVidiNg pleNty of oppoRtuNities to exploRe aNd get to kNoW tHe aRtist beHiNd tHe faiRy cottage...

LookiNg foRwArd to shaRiNg notes aNd ideas fRoM tHe aRt JourNal iN:
SiMple aNd BeAutiFuL Foods to eat, ScieNce aNd NatuRe, 
to iNspiRatioNal poetry wRitiNgs aNd collective 'ooak' scRapBook aRt WoRk.
With a gaRdeN that is alWays evolving aNd cHaNgiNg, I aM tRuly "tHaNkfuL" to those wHo haVe coNtiNued to show tHeiR hoNesty, coMpassioN aNd LoVe iN leNdiNg a haNd to gRoWth aNd education.  Appreciate all tHe 'sNail mail' caRe packages aloNg with tHe kiNd aNd BeAutiFuL suppoRtiVe woRds YOU leaVe oN this gaRdeNs doorstep.
~May PeAce alWays fiNd YOU oN your jouRney
Blessed Be fRoM

Friday, December 2, 2011

NeVeR Doubt

NeVer doubt tHat a sMall gRoup of thoughtful, coMmitted citizens can cHaNge tHe woRld. Indeed, it is tHe oNly tHiNg tHat eVer has. ~MaRgaRet MeAd
 Us aNthRopologist & populaRizer of aNthRopology (1901-1978) 
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Friday, November 25, 2011

DeSigN #154 'MotHeR'

A MotHeRs LoVe is sHoWn tiMelessly through tHe fRuits of her {teNder} labor.
DeSigNed is sHe, iN uNique sHades, her aNgelic hope aNd {faith}  
SileNt as her wiNgs may fly iN all her Blessed Days.  tHe {hope} sHe holds witHiN heR heArt, aRe tHe gifts sHe giVes aWay.
ColoRful as her 'patchwork' quilt, heR bouNty full of caRe; eNduRiNg through tHe test of tiMe, sHe weaves her sileNt pRayeRs.  

PeAceFuL aRe tHe days goNe by, tHe seAsoNs stitcHed with tWiNe,
a MotHeRs LoVe iN eNdless BeAuty, her BouNtifuL HeArt diViNe ~

'ooak' ScRapBook aRt WoRk DeSigN #154 'MotHeR'
GreetiNg CaRd aNd Glass faiRy StoNes
iN HoNor of aMmas Day of Sabbath 

{For Price aNd Availability of 'ooak' Collectors aRt WoRk coNtact}
this aRt Piece is no loNgeR available

copyrights of aNd associated archives
dedicated to my HeaVeNly FatHeR, my children aNd my faiRies
~Blessed Be fRoM my gaRdeN to yours Happy ThaNks GiViNg

aRt Studio

...aNd soMetiMes tHeRe aRe days wHeRe JourNaliNg aNd ReseArcHiNg tuRns iNto scRapBookiNg. Nestled iN tHe aRt Studio, cReAtiNg a new collectioN of "ooak" aRt WoRk for tHe Holiday SeasoN
~Blessed Be fRoM

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

oRgaNic aNd fuNdaMeNtal

Basic aNatoMy 101: oRgaNic aNd fuNdaMeNtal ~ tHe tRee is tHe laRgest oRgaNisM iN tHe woRld to a SpiNal CoRd of a NeRvous SysteM.  A fRactuRed bRaNch is like a bRokeN CoRd 

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Monday, November 21, 2011

SpiRituaL LeAdeR

boRn Sudhamani, SepteMber 27th, 1953:  is aN Indian SpiRituaL LeAdeR reVeRed as a SaiNt by her folloWeRs, wHo also kNoW her as "Amma", "Ammachi" or "Mother".  She is widely respected 1) for her huMaNitaRiaN 2) actiVities aNd is kNoWn as "tHe HuggiNg SaiNt".

wRitiNgs aNd iMage by flickr aNd google aNd by {tHe Gifts of Autism} oN facebook


Our lips speAk tHe woRds but our heArts tell tHe stoRy ~wRiteR uNkNoWn 
facebook post by Nova Spear aNd DiaNa WaRd

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Through the Looking Glass

It's been a while seNse i'Ve had a cHaNce to wRite aboVe tHe door or sit aMoNgst mad people aNd discuss tHe eNdless possibilities yet to be exploRed.
My most receNt fiNdiNgs iN life haVe validated aNd coNfiRmed that iN tHe midst of coNteMpt coMes cuRiosity to leaRn.  I'Ve seen feAr aNd coNfusioN, uNceRtaiNty aNd moRe, so I coNfide with tHe RaVeN aNd let my thoughts soRe.  Is it eVeR possible to fiNd peace aMoNgst a mad society, of those who liVe to hate, who eNcouRage disbelief?  I'm not suppose to dRaw outside tHe liNes, scorNed for beiNg cReAtiVe aNd mocked for beiNg cuRious of waNtiNg to leaRn moRe.
"Seek aNd ye shall fiNd" but be weAry oN tHe path YOU choose to follow.  Question eVeRytHiNg but neVer tRust uNless it's by your oWn woRds aNd not that of aNotHeR aNd alWays disceRn tHe middle space between Tweedledee aNd Tweedledum to fiNd tHe tRuth, wHeN faced with peculiar situations...
I haVe heaRd couNtless bRoKeN woRds fRoM LaNd LaW to Religion but tHe oNe place I fiNd tHe most babble, aRe tHe woRds that go uNwRitteN.  To haRm with such foRce or iNteNt to distRoy, oNly sHoWs actioNs of weAkeNess witHiN a sMall voice.  So I coNtiNue to press foRwaRd as I tHuMb through tHe pages, researching aNd hopiNg to fiNd facts aNd figuRes.  It must be fact if fouNd iN a Book but wHeN pReseNted with authoRity beyoNd what i'Ve leaRned, i'M not alloWed to resource or discover aNd ceRtaiNly neVer to discern.  Crazy aM I to tHiNk such a thought, to be iNtelligeNt fRoM life's expeRieNces for oNce.  Who aM I to tHiNk that wHeN giVeN aN open caNvas iN life, that i'M not allowed to be faithful iN what I belieVe iN.  Such noNseNse aNd coNtRived woRds is tHe laNguage I heAr, of voices lost iN a maddeNiNg woRld.  UnceRtaiN yet so quick aNd coNfideNt to destroy fRoM a place of feAr. 
PeRhaps liViNg aNd wRitiNg outside tHe liNes is tRuly best to be seeN by tHe naked eye.  Maybe tHeN can woRds be exposed iNto actioNs rarely heArd, wHeRe tHiNgs uNdiscoVeRed can be taught or leaRned, wHeRe sileNce can be bRoKeN by aN uNbRokeN woRd.

aRt jourNal of

Saturday, November 19, 2011

WiNteR WoNdeRlaNd

it's a liNe YOU haVe to follow wHeN YOU waNt to fly...
aka ~Wicked 'Kathy Smalls' was my playground naMe iN oNe of tHe gReAtest woNdeRlaNds of all, Solitude  A place wHeRe tHe higher YOU cliMbed, tHe moRe giaNt puffed clouds of whip cReAm tHeRe was to soar oN a peRfect 'Blue BiRd' day.  
By tHe eNd of tHe season I was racing with my fRieNds aNd cReAtiNg new meMoRies with my kids.  G~foRce is what I called it, aiMed to catch low gRaVity air.  The faster I soaRed tHe moRe butterflies I had fun flyiNg with.  GlisteNiNg diAmoNds spRayed beNeAth my PaNdoRa LiNes cReAtiNg spaRkles iN tHe saNd... 
it was just aNotHeR day iN paRadise in my StoRyBook woNdeRlaNd. 
~dReAmer, skieR, wRiter, seeker...

Friday, November 4, 2011


He saw tHiNgs in a diffeReNt way.........♥

"He saw tHiNgs iN a way tHat otHeRs did not, so tHat a city I had liVed iN all my life seeMed a diffeReNt place, so tHat a woMaN becaMe BeAutiFuL with tHe light oN her face."

~ wRitteN by Tracy Chevalier (GiRl with a PeaRl EaRriNg)
posted oN facebook by ChRistiNe

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


"People often say tHat ‘BeAuty is iN tHe eye of tHe beHolder,’ aNd I say tHat tHe most libeRatiNg tHiNg about BeAuty is reAliziNg that YOU aRe tHe beHolder. This eMpoWeRs us to fiNd BeAuty iN places wHeRe otHeRs haVe not daRed to look, iNcludiNg iNside ourselves."
Salma Hayek ~


wHeN YOU BelieVe iN a tHiNg, BelieVe iN it all tHe way, iMplicitly aNd uNquestioNable..........

~with Shiju Thiruvalla aNd Shibin John Tvm
MEF's EmpoWeRiNg WoMeN aNd MoRe

Sunday, October 30, 2011

FeeliNg Wicked

I haVe had tHe opportunity to get to kNoW a veRy special woMaN aloNg my Life's JourNey aNd couldn't resist iN sHaRiNg her adoRable taleNts as my way to say "tHaNk YOU" for stReNgth aNd couRage she has taught me to haVe.

~FeeliNg a bit Wicked~

Eve made aN adoRable HalloWeeN caRd iNspiRed by her gRaNdchildReNs costuMes
through a bReW of sNake oil aNd Witch Hazel.
With her faithful Copic MaRkeRs iN haNd for sMoke dRipped caNdles aNd staMps, a dash of Glitter aNd 'Close To My Heart' paper aNd felt; coMes a potion of festiVe cReAtiVity that I couldN't resist iN feAtuRiNg for this tiMe of year.
I haVe watched Eve with her aRtistic abilities, cReAte adoRable cRafts iN expressing her loVe for her children aNd gRaNdchildReN aNd tRuly adMiRe her iNneR stReNgth.
A woMeN I will alWays look up to with a haNdful of 'Wicked LoVe'

Happy HalloWeeN fRoM

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pretty Soul

~quote by deSigNeRbRaNds

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

aRt in Review

Cherish the moMeNts that fill your heaRt with meMories that teach you to soar. Take fRoM those precious tiMes aNd be huMbled to waNt to learn moRe. A faMily can give you stReNgth in ways that you never iMagiNed. That give you the ability to fly, the courage to explore but most of all the ability to love yourself moRe. Hardships will coMe aNd good will follow, there is always tiMe to poNdeR for what may coMe toMoRrow.
Hold those you loVe dear to your heart aNd draw stReNgth fRoM the past. In tiMe you will discover that it's the learning fRoM the meMories that foReVer last.
GiVe tHaNks for expeRieNces that coMe fRoM your faMily,
for oNe day they may guide you to your life's jourNey aNd path.

This elegaNt fall cReAtioN repReseNts the bouNtiful beauty that coMes
fRoM the growth aNd blessiNgs that a faMily can provide.
No faMily uNit is peRfect aNd we all have different expeRieNces
but it's what we take fRoM those tiMes
to help us in our personal jourNey in life
that can ultiMately make us a better huMan beiNg

8x8 'ooak' Scrapbook aRt WoRk
copyrights of
deSigN #144 FaMily MeMoRies
oRigiNal Issue Date: October '2010
*PeRsoNal Dedication
MakiNg MeMoRies Upholstered Brads
Poetic GaRdeN Baubles
Prima Script FloWeRs

FalliNg iNto ChaNge

a fRieNd reMiNded me receNtly iN my tRaVels, that I foRgot to "take my life back" what bold woRds to tRuly liVe by these days as this leg of tHe jouRney has been like a 'Tom Sawyer aNd Huckleberry Finn' Book. HoppiNg fRoM oNe spot to tHe next, always curious aM I, neVer to rest loNg eNough, I tRade my tEa bag iN for aN old stick to use as my fishiNg pole. DaNgliNg my feet oVer tHe bRidge, soakiNg up the last of tHe Indian SuMmer. It has been notHiNg less tHaN that of a veRy peculiar season iNdeed aNd 'takiNg my life back' seems to be tHe next step.
October caMe iN like a sileNt heArtbReAk yet left me with a gaRdeN full of aNticipatioN aNd hope iN tHe foRm of meNdiNg. iMpRiNted iN various shades within my heaRt, my eyes see shadows oNce reMeMbeRed iN tHe trees near by.
tHaNkiNg my HeaVeNly FatHeR for tHe bouNtiful haRvest of color, I look within the details of MotHeR NatuRe. LeaRniNg that it's oNly natuRal to tHiNk that tHe possibilities could be eNdless for me to fall iNto cHaNge with each tuRniNg of a leaf. So with my fishiNg pole iN haNd aNd my haNdkerchief of tReAsuRes within my heaRt, i'M sloWly gaiNiNg a whole new perspective oN life, as I look to uNdisoVeRed paths just beyoNd tHe riVer beNd.
FalliNg iN loVe with tHe days eNd, neVer to foRget those woRds oNce wRitteN...

"Quick to leaVe aRe tHe meMoRies we expeRieNce
but they aRe suRe to last iN tHe heArt foReVeR."

ChaNge is good aNd so is aWaitiNg uNexploRed expeRieNces. It seems to me that Tom aNd Huck Finn had a pretty good idea tHeMselVes; they neVer kNeW wHeRe they weRe headed iN life but they alWays stayed oN tHe saMe course together. It's kiNd of like this... I figuRe with HeaVeNly FatHeR by my side, it's got to couNt for soMetHiNg wHeN I exploRe new adVeNtuRes iN life, aNd tRustiNg iN cHaNge is oNly goiNg to take me fuRtHeR iN wHeRe I waNt to go. "Blessed Be aNd Marry PaRt" to a season filled with cHaNge.

iMages aNd wRitiNgs by

Monday, October 3, 2011


as suMmeR begiNs to fade iNto a daRk light of new begiNniNg, cHaNgiNg of tHe seasons eMeRge aNd so does tHe woNdeRiNg spiRit who loVes to dReAm...
iNcased iN a sHadoW of sileNce coMes a beauty of uNique deSigN,
fRagile fRoM a woRld left beHiNd.
RaptuRed iN a moMeNt iN tiMe, displaying stReNgth within tHe spiRit beNeAtH her wiNgs. Delicate staiN glass wiNdoWs reflect with claRity
as she prepares to soar iNto a new hoRizoN.

~fRoM a dRagoNfly to a faiRy, whatever your heart may see,
it's tHe coNstaNt faith iN belieViNg that will alWays help YOU see your dReAms.

a faiRy she does appear, perched upon a bRaNch or peRhaps a dRagoNfly iN waitiNg, eNduRaNce aNd faith of a bRaNd new staRt. A season full of gRoWiNg, a cHaNce to discoVer new jourNeys ahead...

iMage aNd wRitiNgs by

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Poetic GaRdeN News

aRtist RestiNg
Poetic GaRdeN is takiNg a ‘seasonal’ restiNg peRiod aNd will be back soon.
In tHe meAntiMe, YOU aRe welcoMe to view tHe 3D Scrapbook aRt woRk aloNg with aN iN depth look iNto each cReAtioN heRe oN tHe main website blog or at:
~Blessed Be aNd tHaNk YOU to all who haVe left their coNtiNued kiNdNess
iN tHe gaRdeN this year.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Through the Looking Glass

biRds need feediNg aNd tHe day is alMost doNe, been iN deep prayer lookiNg, disbelieViNg yet curious to kNoW moRe... aRticulatiNg aNd breaking up each woRd, bReakiNg doWn each HeaRtache shattered oNce befoRe iN this book.
I aM moRe tHaN ceRtaiN I caMe fRoM a place that makes moRe seNse to my spiRit yet mocked just tHe saMe iN tHe woRld I liVe iN.
Staying tRue to foRm, my uNique deSigN tHe wiNgs YOU do not see, fRagile, left iN pieces to collect tHe stRiNgs that bRoKe aNd left me frayed...

Today maybe a day I walk aWay fRoM oRgaNized ReligioN aNd follow my oWn "ooak" path hoMe to my HeaVeNly FatHeR. I kNoW he loVes me, tHe issue all my life is accepting aNd loViNg ME. foRgiViNg ME, tRuly loViNg all of ME
I'M coNtiNuously beiNg blessed though my days aRe haRd. For eVeRy step foRwaRd, he tRuly listeNs fRoM tHe HeaRt.
He kNoWs what I need to tHe poiNt of meRcy, he tests me iN high tide oNly to fiNd that I doN't haVe to run with tHe otHeRs to feel accepted, I can walk with him aNd stay dRy...
HaVe faith iN eVeRytHiNg I do, tHe absolute poWeR is BelieViNg iN oNeself.
It meaNs to take all tHe good with tHe bad, to sin with no sin aNd loVe thyself thick aNd tHiN.
I recogNize my cross iN life, oNe I chose early on, a warrior,
I wear like a weapon I bear oN my HeaRt.

Maybe woRds aloNe caN't meNd a BRokeN HeaRt, maybe sHoWiNg means moRe to a woNdeRiNg HeaRt, tHeN that of a bRokeN soul... LoVe!

aRt jourNal of

Monday, August 8, 2011

tiMe of Gratitude

I should be gettiNg my 'food staMps' heRe soon but it's tHe iN betweens that matter tHe most. Grateful for tHe oppoRtuNity to get up eVeRy siNgle day aNd woRk. For eVery day I woRk, I need a day of rest puttiNg foRth all my effoRt aNd might iN doiNg my best. It was oNly yesterday that I left eVeRytHiNg I loVed, eVeRytHINg that mattered tHe most. tRaVeled oN a jourNey that most wouldN't uNdeRstaNd, no matter how maNy ways I tell it. But what I caN"t seem to get right or maybe I doN't kNoW aNd would appreciate tHe help... oh do let me tRy to explain

I get up daily aNd do what is asked, I peRfoRm my coMmitMeNts aNd do my huNdRed tasks. I house clean at hoMe tHeN study for woRk, if i'M lucky I will reMeMber to eat, no desiRe soMetiMes because it huRts.I'll take my mediciNe to help me aloNg tHe way, i'll head out tHe door but not befoRe I pray. GiViNg tHaNks to all of those who help me, fRoM a car to reNt aNd food. For helpiNg me get back oN my feet again fRoM liViNg iN a suitcase or tWo.It wasN't so bad YOU see, grateful iN eVeRyWay, meetiNg BeAutiFuL people aNd gettiNg a coNstaNt cHaNce to say... "tHaNk YOU" for all tHe support they gaVe.

If iM lucky my wiNgs will flutter aNd my days tuRn iNto weeks, of beiNg able to staNd each day aNd do my tHousaNd tHiNgs.I will giVe to aNotHeR what has been sHoWn to me, it may not be as Big as gift but they aRe tRuly meaNiNgful to me.Each day I aM grateful to wake aNd see tHe woRld, be able to gaRdeN still iN my life aNd do tHe tHiNgs I loVe. No matter tHe lack of rest I get, it matters just tHe saMe, to coNstaNtly giVe back for all YOU help me with iN soMe old fashion way.

But my effoRts to show my appreciation I caN't seem to coNvey, not eVen a siMple woRd has aN iMpact these days. Sadden by tHe tHiNgs I leaRn aNd see that aRe not tHe saMe to me. I'M tRyiNg to keep up with all of my might but my might is not eNough YOU see? My pace is always sloWer but my effoRts aRe just tHe saMe, grateful always for those who paVe tHe way for me. I may haVe to wRite it or cReAte it through my aRt aNd wHeN i'M stRoNg eNough to fly, i'll woRk iN soMeoNes yaRd. I'll eVen make a saNdwHicH or tWo at a deli shop doWn tHe street.

I'll eNd my days iN pRayeR tHaNkful for each of YOU. For helpiNg me get back oN my feet aNd tHe ability to suRviVe. Most of all for helpiNg me keep my dReAms aliVe!

~Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn
Benjamin Franklin

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

aRt in Review

"Grateful for tHe lil' tHiNgs that neVer seem to go aWay, tHe oNes that aRe loyal that neVer seem to fade. They're wHeN YOU need tHeM aNd neVer break stride, tHe oNes that liVe deep iNdside. WoRds not often spoken that can iMpact a life, yet forgotten so maNy tiMes. When we need tHeM tHe most, they soMehow appear reMiNdiNg us of tHe siMple tHiNgs we hold dear..."

oNe of tHe fiRst oRigiNals cReAted fRoM tHe 'Life's JourNey' liNe. A peRsoNal faVoRite, as I began to let go aNd tRust iN me moRe. I recall exactly wHeRe I was aNd how I was feeliNg at this moMeNt iN tiMe. MissiNg fragile pieces, loNgiNg for loVed oNes, fiNdiNg a way to express what my heart was tRuly feeliNg iNside.
HappiNess iN meMoRies that coMfoRt, while seekiNg Joy iN daily life to make us grow stRoNgeR aNd press foRwArd. A tiMe that tRuly tested my faith aNd eNduRaNce, neVer to giVe up aNd to coNstaNtly fiNd hope through woRds of MotHeR NatuRe aNd tHe aRt that's iMpRiNted oN my heart.

8x8 'ooak' Scrapbook aRt WoRk
copyrights of
deSigN #110 'Grateful'
Original Issued Date: April '2010
*PeRsoNal Dedication
Poetic GaRdeN faiRy StoNes~ tiMeless woRds
MakiNg MeMoRies {Note WoRthy} Brads
PriMa floWeRs

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Through the Looking Glass

it's a day late aNd a dollar short... my biRthday, that is ~lol. NoNe tHe less I will take this day for what it's woRth as I fiNd myself writing with tHe raVen oN my old wooden desk, tRying to make seNse of so maNy tHiNgs at this age.
{tHe MoMe Raths sigN says, "we aRe not to know eVeRy twist aNd tuRn of life..." Yet tHe Dodo BiRds say that I haVe to run with tHe otHeRs}
A lot to process aNd aRticulate, gettiNg absolutely no wHeRe running with tHe otHeRs, yet feeliNg suRe of tHe yesterdays for eVery toMmoRrow I liVe, iN tHe diRectioN I seek to go.
Perhaps my babble has tHe best of me, let me see if I can bRiNg a bit of claRity...

A spRite youNg heart with woRn out wiNgs, wiser by tHe day; that wHeN I do what is right for me, it eNds up beiNg tHe right way... to what it is I aM searching for.
CoNfused by eVeRyday woRds, Church doctriNe, law, scieNce , phylosophies, maNkiNd. So quick to waNt to coNfoRm my ideNtity.
{Ruled oVer by tHe Mad Queen of HeaRts, "we aRe not alloWed to be iNdiViduals"}
FiNdiNg myself soul searching eVeN moRe now, perplexed, I tuRn to
16yrs of coMpressed research iNto a 2yr kaleidoscope {aboVe tHe door} oNly to fiNd that tHe woRld I write makes moRe seNse these days tHeN tHe coNfoRmed oNe I liVe iN.
An opportunity to follow my oWn heart aNd do what is right for me.
LiViNg tHe oNe 'stoRybook' wHeRe I get to tHiNk for myself for oNce, use my heart to navigate. Using my yester~years as a stepping stoNe for what my toMmoRrows may bRiNg.
A new seNse of faith, a whim, doesN't matter, it feels all tHe saMe.
RealiziNg that I neVer missed tHe boat iN life after all.
IM right wHeRe I should be... flippiNg through tHe pages already written. Grateful for tHe wiser years giVen, while discovering aNd dReAmiNg of tHe new path of my veRy oWn toMmoRrows.

aRt JourNal of

Sunday, July 24, 2011

GaRdeN feAtuRe

gettiNg back iNto tHe gaRdeN this year has been quite tHe leaRniNg expeRieNce
iN ways I neVer iMagiNed.
But tHeN again wHeN YOU teNd to dReAm all tHe tiMe
it's not a haRd tHiNg to do... iMagiNe that is.
When it becoMes reality, is wHeN YOU staRt woNdeRiNg if YOU really aRe dReAmiNg.

It's been a haRd jourNey retuRniNg to what I loVe doiNg tHe most;
bRiNgiNg to life a gaRdeN aNd establishing a new hoMe for those lil' oNes we teNd to foRget.
I was giVen aN oppoRtuNity this season to express my skills aNd taleNts, which I aM tRuly grateful for but what I ultimately got back iN retuRn has been unexpected gifts of
tRue coMpassioN, support, uNdeRstaNdiNg aNd kindness.
RetuRniNg to teNd to gaRdeN needs, I discovered new accessories that had been nestled within the floWeR beds. PeRsoNal reMiNdeRs that show me tHe iMpoRtaNce of dReAmiNg
aNd to neVer giVe up oN tHe eNduRiNg yet BeAutiFuL process of it all.

"To neVer belieVe iN possibility or to neVer haVe hope iN tHe uNkNoWn,
is a woRld I couldN't iMagiNe liViNg iN"

"tHaNk YOU" to tHe Mercik faMily for belieViNg iN tHe iMpoRtaNce of dReAmiNg aNd for bRiNgiNg to life a New hoMe for tHe faiRies fRoM my gaRdeN to yours ~Blessed Be

iMages aNd gaRdeN deSigN by

Sunday, July 17, 2011

faiRy StoNes

iNtroduciNg a New Season of Poetic GaRdeN
faiRy StoNes

{a gift of iNspiRatioN a tiNy bit of hope a place of woNdeR
a spaRk of Magic for the Soul
tReAsuRes left unseen, tRiNkets nestled aMoNgst the forest floor...

the faiRies took me to a place I remember a place I have been before
visions and iMages kept within my dReAms, a place within my HeaRt I have seen
never to forget or part from what I know
an oRdiNaRy Miracle a seed of wisdom I will always have
for what my gRaNdMotHeR taught me and what I will forever hold
faiRy StoNes left behind a gift to me was left to fiNd
as a reMiNder of what my HeaRt can see
a gliMpse of the wiNgs she has given to me}

Glass {faiRy StoNe} Baubles, captuRiNg dReAmy iMages
that can be used iN aNy aRt, ATC, ACEO, Craft, Scrapbook Project

Details & ListiNg NuMber: {out of stock}

*fall collection available for a short tiMe

copyrights of aNd associated archives
Dedicated to HeaVeNly FatHeR, my children aNd my faiRies

SuNday Music

a new gaRdeN fRieNd caMe by receNtly aNd left this soNg oN my doorstep. I waNted to sHaRe this with YOU. Great woRds to reMeMbeR aNd liVe by...

Friday, July 15, 2011

deSigN #153 'Colors of tHe HeaRt'

a HeaVeNly BeAuty oNce foRgotteN, she looks within herself
bRoKeN iN a beAutifuL mess, colors written within her heart
of woRds she oNce read...

"Beauty is not iN tHe face, it is a light iN tHe heaRt" ~khalil gibran

Rich textures begin to eMeRge, lookiNg deep within these layers
bRaNded by a geNtle reMiNdeR of her HeaVeNly FatHeRs {loVe}
each color as aN eMotioN, as iNgRedieNts peRfectly deSigNed
to show tHe iNdiVidual BeAuty of oNe's HeArt ~ Soul & MiNd

'ooak' deSigN #153 'Colors of tHe HeaRt'
iNtroductioN to fall ~ New Season
{no loNgeR available}

copyrights of aNd associated archives
dedicated to my HeaVeNly FatHeR, my children aNd my faiRies
~Blessed Be fRoM my gaRdeN to yours

For tHe Birds

tHeRe is notHiNg moRe peaceful tHaN to listen to biRds siNg
aNd it would be haRd to iMagiNe a gaRdeN without lil' hoMes
for the musical feathered fRieNds
Perched oN tiMbeRs aNd Posts, a collection of aNy biRd houses will do
a peRfect nesting feature to haVe,
syMbolizes gratitude for MotHeR NatuRes cReAtuRes

plaNts: 'Globosa', Yew, Hosta, Delphiniums, MotHeR of Thyme
gaRdeN woRk cReAted by

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Captivated by the rooms within my heart,
I begin to explore the space between no tiMe.
Heartbroken yet loNgiNg to know moRe, placiNg eVeRy piece iN plainview.
Perched with my aRms wide open hopiNg to balaNce oN aNy ouNce of wiNd...
Weak, bRoKeN fRoM tHe yesteRdays, neVer to be uNgRatefuL for tHe uN toMmoRroWs that aRe still yet to coMe, tHe oNes that bRiNg soRroW, hope aNd uncertainty. NeVer kNoWiNg but cliNgiNg to tHe shear possibility of a new hoRizoN, liViNg iN tHe heRe aNd now, gRaspiNg for air to take flight. Butterflies stRiNg my wiNgs as I soar harmoniously within each breeze, haViNg faith iN the tReAsuRes I haVe yet to exploRe within tHe dReAms of my miNd
woRds aNd photograph by

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

{free falliNg} iNto tHe aRt studio for a while, your welcoMe to explore...
~Blessed Be fRoM my gaRdeN to yours

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Through the Looking Glass

fouNd myself wRitiNg with tHe RaVen today wHeN I should be woRkiNg iN tHe gaRdeN... so much to do. tHe eNtiRe day fRoM tHe moMeNt I woke up to this veRy moMeNt I post this aRt JourNal eNtRy at 5:47p.m. Utah tiMe.
A 'Yin~YaNg' kiNd of day has coMe oVer me {like a giaNt title waVe of life, neither Good Bad or in diffeReNt is tHe saMe as sayiNg... I feel like I grew up like a GiaNt Roller Coaster iN life} aNd as paiNful aNd scaRy that process was... I wouldN't cHaNge this moMeNt iN my life for aNytHiNg...
after seaRchiNg my trusted Wikipedia oNliNe, I discoVeRed this woRd that best describes what I aM feeliNg iN my life at tHe moMeNt

Surrealism is a cultural movement that began in the early 1920s, and is best known for the visual artworks and writings of the group members.

Surrealist works feature the element of surprise, unexpected juxtapositions and non sequitur; however, many Surrealist artists and writers[who?] regard their work as an expression of the philosophical movement first and foremost, with the works being an artifact. Leader André Breton was explicit in his assertion that Surrealism was above all a revolutionary movement.

Surrealism developed out of the Dada activities during World War I and the most important center of the movement was Paris. From the 1920s onward, the movement spread around the globe, eventually affecting the visual arts, literature, film and music of many countries and languages, as well as political thought and practice, philosophy and social theory.

haViNg a surreal moMeNt, ironic that it happens to fall oVer tHe 4th of July weekeNd aNd within tHe saMe moNth as my biRthday... I will take this surreal moMeNt for all that it has to offer aNd coNsideR it peRfect this day foRwaRd...

aRt JourNal of

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MeNtal Notes

I stepped outside oNto my poRch this moRniNg, greeting tHe moRniNg air, I fouNd myself takiNg {meNtal notes} of my surroundings aNd this is what oNe of those meNtal notes looked like...

"If I had waited for maybe aNotHeR secoNd, I tHiNk I would haVe captuRed tHe most peRfect paiNtiNg. I haVe been a photographer for as loNg as I can reMeMber that I was cReAtiNg scrapbook aRt WoRk. I liVe aNd see life aNd my surroundings iN 3D. YOU may see oNe shade of green oN trees, I see seVeRal. YOU may see just a typical moRniNg sky but I see soMetHiNg diffeReNt. UsiNg aN older model Cannon Power Shot aNd no iNhaNciNg fRoM aN old veRsioN of iphoto, I tHiNk I did a pretty good job seeiNg what God waNted me to see this moRniNg"

HeRe's to a BeAutiFuL Day of what YOU may see iN life aNd to 'MeNtal Notes'

PEACE fRoM {oNe heart} to aNotHeR facebook notes...