Sunday, July 24, 2011

GaRdeN feAtuRe

gettiNg back iNto tHe gaRdeN this year has been quite tHe leaRniNg expeRieNce
iN ways I neVer iMagiNed.
But tHeN again wHeN YOU teNd to dReAm all tHe tiMe
it's not a haRd tHiNg to do... iMagiNe that is.
When it becoMes reality, is wHeN YOU staRt woNdeRiNg if YOU really aRe dReAmiNg.

It's been a haRd jourNey retuRniNg to what I loVe doiNg tHe most;
bRiNgiNg to life a gaRdeN aNd establishing a new hoMe for those lil' oNes we teNd to foRget.
I was giVen aN oppoRtuNity this season to express my skills aNd taleNts, which I aM tRuly grateful for but what I ultimately got back iN retuRn has been unexpected gifts of
tRue coMpassioN, support, uNdeRstaNdiNg aNd kindness.
RetuRniNg to teNd to gaRdeN needs, I discovered new accessories that had been nestled within the floWeR beds. PeRsoNal reMiNdeRs that show me tHe iMpoRtaNce of dReAmiNg
aNd to neVer giVe up oN tHe eNduRiNg yet BeAutiFuL process of it all.

"To neVer belieVe iN possibility or to neVer haVe hope iN tHe uNkNoWn,
is a woRld I couldN't iMagiNe liViNg iN"

"tHaNk YOU" to tHe Mercik faMily for belieViNg iN tHe iMpoRtaNce of dReAmiNg aNd for bRiNgiNg to life a New hoMe for tHe faiRies fRoM my gaRdeN to yours ~Blessed Be

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