Monday, January 31, 2011

Love Yourself

"If you don’t love yourself, you cannot love others. You will not be able to love others. If you have no compassion for yourself then you are not able of developing compassion for others." ~Dalai Lama

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Favorite aRt Piece of '2010

It started out beiNg a lot harder than I thought it would be in selecting my favorite aRt Piece of ‘2010 As my eyes glaNced upon each creation, I found myself going through them like pages of my life. It was only recent that I was able to tRuly articulate what my soul was trying to say.
In every aRt piece they all have oNe key detail in common. The empty spot that is meant for a picture is ultimately meant for us to have a glimpse within our souls. A mirror iMage of how we view life as told by the story ‘Through the Looking Glass’ Not realizing tell this very moMeNt that I had essentially brought to life the woRld that has always made seNse to me.
Each piece is uniquely designed to mirror what my soul has gone through. Literally creating my Life’s JourNey through my aRt. I can study each piece and know exactly every emotion I weNt through and what it taught me. I am so grateful that my spirit lead me to create what I have doNe this past year. Each piece has helped me heal, grow, learn and discover things about myself that I didN’t know were there.
I am grateful that my faiRies have been there every step of the way and for the skills and taleNts that God has blessed me with. So with that said, I discovered that my favorite piece is deSigN #135 Alice in WoNdeRlaNd. It represents everything of who I am in this woRld. It embodies all the aRt Pieces of my jourNey what I have goNe through aNd how I view life… 'a girl who lives to dream'
I look forward to a new year of growing aNd learning more about life aNd hope I can continue to share what means so much to me.
~Blessed Be from

Friday, January 28, 2011

Through the Looking Glass

I use to visit the Mad Hatters house often, the wiNdow above the door. A place where I could rest aNd poNder aNd dReAm about life a bit moRe. So I have decided to return to woNdeRlaNd aNd jourNal the thoughts in my head aNd put down in words of what I oNce did, wRite…

DoN’t worry about the other day or that tiMe last week. DoN’t haRbor the moNth before or worry about loosing sleep over soMetHiNg that is in the past.
Tomorrow is a day you have yet to live aNd to waste a miNute that you caN’t get back will only take from tomorrows miNute to live.

Here is where I will be, your welcoMe to sit aNd eNjoy a cup of tEa aNd step inside a woRld that means a lot to me. Blessed Be ~poeticgarden

Thursday, January 27, 2011

'Festive fRiday'

I will be postiNg my 'Festive fRiday' blog hop here instead of the cRaft gaRdeN. In case you didN't get a cHaNce to view my jourNal thoughts for the fiRst Christmas Card, I am posting tHeM here along with my second card for the year...

Not too often do I get a cHaNce to come out of the aRt Studio
aNd participate in soMe great activities in the Scrapbook WoRld
But when a new aNd taleNted fRieNd Terri aka ‘tiNk' fRoM came kNockiNg on my lil’ hobbit house about dReAmiNg up Christmas Cards for the upcoMiNg year, well I simply couldN’t resist.
‘Festive fRiday’ Blog Hop which is a great way to get to know taleNted aNd cReAtive artists aNd most of all a fun cHalleNge for the New Year
I teNd not to stay within the liNes when it coMes to seNdiNg GreetiNg CaRds out particularly during the Holiday Season
With all the hustle aNd bustle of tHiNgs, I feel that the Holidays simply get lost.
So I personal like to wait aNd seNd my GreetiNgs CaRds out after the New Year.
This way it shows that I doN’t tHiNk of my Loved Ones just on the Holidays aloNe. I just had to juMp at the cHaNce to keep dReAmiNg outside the liNes aNd seNd my fRieNds aNd faMily Christmas Cards throughout the coMiNg year.
Here is my second 'Festive fRiday' GreetiNg Card usiNg Forest Green Paper fRoM Cosmo Cricket WoNdeRlaNd Christmas Collection. A Chocolate Curly Q bRaNch, Green Leaf with a few Seasonal Berries fRoM MotHeR NatuRe.
Mini Dot n Go Glue Dots Adhesive, Dark Chocolate OrgaNza Sheer Ribbon with a signature fiNished piece of SaiNt Nicholas

***Join in the Blog Hop fun aNd invite you to check out Debbie Feist aNd see her beautiful taleNts in what she has made for her ‘Festive fRiday’ Christmas Card at:

SiMply Believe

it's quite siMple actually... I tRuly believe in faiRies


It would be impossible to give up on my dReAms seNse that's what I tRuly live for

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

aRt Studio

dReAmiNg in the aRt Studio aNd surrendering to what my heart tRuly lives for, trusting in the beauty of cReAtiNg life's jourNey through MotHeR NatuRe.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Poetic GaRdeN News

Poetic GaRdeN is growing aNd will no loNger be posting ‘ooak’ aRt WoRk on
Discover the latest cReAtioNs aNd poetry on the main blog here.
Hope to see you dReAmiNg in the gaRdeN more often
~Blessed Be fRoM

Thursday, January 20, 2011

faiRy Oracle

Positive Expectations
Keep up your hopes, dReAms, affiRmatioNs, visualizations, aNd prayers, as they will be woNdeRfully manifested right now. DoN't give up five minutes before the miracle occurs.

At your earliest convenience, go outside in nature~ even a backyard or small paRk will do. Mentally converse with your fRieNds, the faiRies. They aRe absolute experts at manifestation! Tell tHeM about your doubts, fears, aNd disappointments, as well as your hopes aNd dReAms. Ask the faiRies to help you release aNy negativity you may have, aNd feel tHeM surround you with healing love aNd light.


I am safe, coNfideNt, aNd secure, I feel joyful about my future

~Blessed Be fRoM

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New 'ooak' DesigN

fRoM the New liNe 'faiRytaLe GaRdeNs' coMe see the new cReAtioN available now in the cRaft GaRdeN

aRt Studio

dReAmiNg in the aRt Studio with the 'foRest faiRies'
You're always welcoMe to visit the cRaft gaRdeN aNd view the aRt WoRk

Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther KiNg Jr.

"If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward."
— Martin Luther King Jr.

(tHaNks to my old neighbor who reMiNded me of these powerful woRds today~ google iMage)

tHaNk You Dad

oNe of my earliest meMoRies of DisNeylaNd was around the age of 3. HoldiNg onto my tattered blue teddy bear, as I rode Alice in WoNdeRlaNds tEa Cups.
I was to never return to DisNeylaNd tell roughly 26yrs later with my own children. However that oNe meMoRy, that moMeNt in my life becaMe a paRt of who I am today.
I discovered early on in my childhood that there was a 'heaven' here on earth that brought me such peace, joy aNd the courage to dReAm.
DreAm what my heart tRuly lives for, to not be afraid to express what my soul deeply feels aNd knows even if no oNe else does. oNe peRsoN that taught me to have courage, to never give up aNd to eNduRe, was my Dad. His determined peRsoNality aNd drive gave me the ability to hold on to what I know.
It was 3 years ago this moNth that my Dad passed away aNd oNe of my foNdest meMoRies was the tiMe we got to expeRieNce DisNeylaNd together again oNly this tiMe with my own children.
A magical expeRieNce to see my Dad play like a child again aNd reMeMbeR the tiMes of past with his own peRsoNal meMoRies of DisNeylaNd. His goofy peRsoNality aNd zest for waNtiNg to expeRieNce every moMeNt of life within that paRk, was definitely beeMiNg fRoM ear to ear with his sMile.
I am so grateful that I got the cHaNce to expeRieNce DisNeylaNd with my Dad again befoRe he passed away aNd most of all expeRieNce it with my own children too.
tHaNk You, Dad for sHaRiNg with me a Magical moMeNt in my life aNd teaching me what matters the most... to have faith in the power of dReAmiNg
~Blessed Be fRoM your daughter, kAtiE

Friday, January 14, 2011

BelieviNg in DreAms

There caMe to be a faMily not too loNg ago that crossed my path in life aNd waNt to say "tHaNk You" for believing in the Power of dReAmiNg. Through their siNceRe kindness and support and their sileNt acts of generosity, the Potter FaMily have helped my wiNgs to take flight aNd stay focused on my goals aNd dReaMs. LeaviNg me sweet comments aNd reMiNdiNg me not to give up…

"Dreamers are not always treated with kindness and understanding. Visionaries are rarely taken seriously. People who seek for what is good and true are often scoffed, laughed at or shut down.
You were willing to dream big dreams anyway?
You were willing to believe in the vision you have of what you want the world to be, or what you want your life to be? You were willing to keep seeking the kind of life that others might say is unrealistic?
It's brave to keep dreaming big dreams, to keep posing big questions, to decide not to settle for the status quo. It's brave to seek for more beauty, goodness, joy and light in a world when it's often so hard to find. It's so courageous to keep your heart and mind on the good stuff and to ignore the fears that try so hard to keep us from all that our hearts are begging to have and experience.
BUT THE PEOPLE who do these very things are the people who change the world,
who lead the way and who live big lives......people like YOU.
So...thanks for continuing to believe in a better way...for working towards
big things while enjoying the little things along the way....for continuing
to seek for sweet fabulousness and when you can't find it......for creating it."

I have not had the opportunity to meet this faMily in person though I hope to oNe day. So for now I will take this tiMe and leave my woRds of gratitude by saying "tHaNk You" to their families support in helping Poetic GaRdeN continue bRiNgiNg to life the beautiful woRld of dReaMiNg with MotHer NatuRe.
May the faiRies always visit your gaRdeN and bless your lil 'hobbit house'
~Blessed Be from

Thursday, January 13, 2011

'Festive fRiday'

dReAmiNg outside the liNes with the New 'Festive fRiday' Blog Hop.
CoMe see what's in the cRaft GaRdeN at:

tHaNk You

I have been blessed to get to know a dear fRieNd a few years ago aNd refer to as my
adoptive 'Heavenly Sister' soMeoNe who caMe aloNg my life's path wHeN I needed it the most duRiNg a particularly haRd tiMe. Who helped me realize soMetHiNg so precious about myself aNd helped me regain a part of me that had been lost for so loNg within my heart which is my relationship with God.
A very taleNted aRtist iNdeed aNd am fortunate to be able to be given the opportunity to use soMe of her woNdeRful aNd intricate eMbellisHmeNts in my aRt WoRk.
tHaNk You, August for dReAmiNg up this beautiful 'Snow faiRy' aNd Teresa for that sweet little nudge of passing forward a gift of love to my dear faiRy fRieNd.

~May faiRy BlessiNgs always fiNd you dReAmiNg aNd leave footpRiNts witHiN your heart

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

HuMbliNg MoMeNts

I fiNd myself staRtiNg off the New Year with a seNse of calm, peace aNd fiNdiNg my days eNdiNg with pRayeRs of gratitude. Not to say that I have not strived for that for soMetiMe now but moRe in the seNse of peRsoNal growth within the soul. Noticing even the tiNiest bits of blessiNgs aloNg my life's jourNey.
Lately in my prayers i've been loNgiNg to feel the earth again within my haNds aNd be out with MotHeR NatuRe in talkiNg with her. Missing soMe of my Horticulture Books that aRe in teMpoRaRy stoRage, reminiscing through the laNdscapiNg woRk i've cReAted for others in years past or tuRniNg the pages of my plaNt jourNals I would hold all my visions aNd dReAms in for a new gaRdeN for the faiRies to call hoMe. LoNgiNg for that side of my soul to be fed again.
ReceNtly I was introduced to a place called in short the 'duMpster mall' aka Dufort Mall in Idaho, a comical naMe to say the least but I was quickly huMbled by what I had discovered there. A place where people can bRiNg their peRsoNal items aNd leave tHeM for others to take for free rather tHaN throwing tHeM away. As I quickly looked through the liMited iteMs on display, there in an old shoebox were books. I couldN't believe what my eyes were seeing. Seven educational books on Plant Science, Biology, Pathology, Plant Propagation, Herbs, Chemistry aNd Living Organisms. My heart was overwhelmed in what I had stuMbled on aNd the ironic relation it had to my most recent prayers.
When I am in a better position to go back to school to woRk on a peRsoNal goal of beiNg a Botanist, there is notHiNg stopping me fRoM teaching myself moRe of what I love by reading fRoM the siMplicity of pages. The cHaNces for those books beiNg there at that moMeNt in tiMe, to me were notHiNg less than that of tiNy miracle to soMe but a big miracle to me. God knew what my heart has been yearning for aNd there is no doubt in my miNd he has been hearing my prayers. I am so grateful to that peRsoN who left these books beHiNd for me to fiNd. I am tRuly huMbled by the power of what prayer can bRiNg aNd am so tHaNkful for the gifts God has given to me.
~Blessed Be fRoM Poetic GaRdeN


In my woRld of dReAmiNg aNd deSigNiNg, I get a cHaNce of meetiNg soMe taleNted aRtist in their own right. One of my New favorite eMbellishMeNts i've been usiNg in the New LiNe 'faiRytaLe GaRdeNs' aRe haNdMade Paper Roses. Not oNly aRe they extra special because they aRe haNdMade but I love the look aNd feel they give to the overall aRt WoRk aNd most of all reMiNd me of what I in vision would be in my own 'faiRytaLe GaRdeN'
tHaNk You, Desiree ( for your Beautiful taleNts aNd for giving me the opportunity to iNcoRpoRate these haNdMade flowers into my woRld of dReAmiNg ~Poetic GaRdeN

Sunday, January 9, 2011

aRt Studio

Back in the aRt Studio dReAmiNg up a bit of Seasonal Magic

Friday, January 7, 2011


I am sNuggled iNto my 'hobbit house' for a few days but you aRe always welcome to stop in aNd visit the gaRdeNs... is the main blog for website
tHat provides the latest NEWS, LaNdscapiNg, 'Sneak Peaks' on 'ooak' cReAtioNs or a 'tid bit' of iNspiRatioN fRom the faiRies is the cRaFt blog tHat provides a brief feature of the latest 'ooak' cReAtioNs, selliNg iNfoRmatioN aNd the aRtist JourNal eNtRies beHiNd the aRt WoRk

eNjoy the gaRdeNs aNd Blessed Be

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Poetic GaRdeNs New LiNe

coMe discover the NEW Look witHiN the eNcHaNted cRaft gaRdeN...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


oNe of my foNdest meMoRies this past year was meeting a woman that I had known for soMetiMe oNliNe but never had the cHaNce to meet in peRsoN. Summer caMe aNd was given the oppoRtuNity to meet Crystal in peRsoN.
A connection we iNstaNtly had prior to meeting was oNe that is noRmally disregarded as beiNg real.
Discovering the beauty in Magical iNspiRatioN that is so often overlooked or perhaps not tRuly believed in, soMetHiNg that the soul teNds to loNg for...

the Power of dReAmiNg

A small package arrived on my doorstep oNe day aNd in it was soMetHiNg so special. A beautiful figurine of a faiRy but what was moRe special was the feeliNg and true meaNiNg behiNd the gift Crystal had given to me. A caRiNg reMiNdeR that what my soul tRuly believes in was beiNg adMiRed aNd respected just the saMe. That dReAms really do coMe true if you never stop believing.

I place my faiRy in the wiNdow seal as a coMfoRtiNg reassurance that as I wake each moRniNg she iNspiRes me to cReAte aNd wHeN I rest my weary head at night she is there to coMfoRt me within my dReAms. Most of all I know that a new fouNd fRieNd I met aloNg the way this past year, holds dearly in her heart the saMe as I do...
that 'In oRdeR to LiVe you must be dReAmiNg'

tHaNk You, Crystal for the gift you gave to me, knowing that otHeRs believe too.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New LiNe

In a gaRdeN filled with dReAms aRe Magical woNdeRs to uNfold of tHiNgs to discover that have yet been told.
The key is to iMagiNe aNd let your miNd dReAm, open your heart aNd you will begin to see...

iNtRoduciNg a 'Sneak Peek' to Poetic GaRdeNs NEW LiNe 'faiRytaLe'
eNcHaNted GaRdeNs, wHiMsical details aNd eNdless beauty for the soul to capture

Look for the NEW liNe coMiNg soon...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

ReflectioN on '2010

I woke early New Years Eve to fiNd the night as clear as day. Stars so big, lighting up the tips of the highest evergreens.
My eyes began to make out a loNg ago faMiliar iMage that I hadN't seen seNse I was a youNg child, the Big Dipper. Clearly seeing every edge aNd every poiNt fRoM oNe star to the next.
Not being able to get back to sleep, I poNdeRed on what I had just seen aNd woNdeRed if aNy of it had meaNiNg aNd purpose to what is to coMe in my life. I tipped toed in the dark, peering out each wiNdow gaziNg at different parts of the sky. Resting my heart on the moon. Retracing my steps on my the path I chose to take aNd reflecting on the experiences that life brought to me.
It seems as though tiMe stood still this past year as if it was waiting for me. FiNdiNg myself coNstaNtly catching my breath aNd 'holdiNg on for dear life' as they say.
I had no idea what the year would bRiNg but oNe tHiNg I did know was that whatever caMe my way, I was not goiNg to give up.
Give up on life, my goals, my dReAms aNd most iMpoRtaNtly myself.
Tested in every way iMagiNable, I discovered that I was really living for the fiRst tiMe in my life.
Scared aNd weak at tiMes, feeliNg absolutely lost but oNe tHiNg for certain, I knew what my soul desired aNd so here I was fiNdiNg myself literally cliNgiNg on. If I just stay focused, oNly two outcomes would occur. Either to give up on life all together or look back aNd say that I really lived it to the fullest aNd in the process learned how to love myself.
I eNd the year with a new fouNd seNse of deteRmiNatioN, stReNgth aNd Courage.
HuMbled with a new seNse of gratitude aNd most iMpoRtaNtly not giving up on me.
May the New Year bRiNg you moMeNts that make you stRoNgeR aNd help your soul to fly...

'wHeN takiNg leaps aNd bouNds, soMetiMes it requires baby steps in between'

~Blessed Be fRoM