Monday, January 17, 2011

tHaNk You Dad

oNe of my earliest meMoRies of DisNeylaNd was around the age of 3. HoldiNg onto my tattered blue teddy bear, as I rode Alice in WoNdeRlaNds tEa Cups.
I was to never return to DisNeylaNd tell roughly 26yrs later with my own children. However that oNe meMoRy, that moMeNt in my life becaMe a paRt of who I am today.
I discovered early on in my childhood that there was a 'heaven' here on earth that brought me such peace, joy aNd the courage to dReAm.
DreAm what my heart tRuly lives for, to not be afraid to express what my soul deeply feels aNd knows even if no oNe else does. oNe peRsoN that taught me to have courage, to never give up aNd to eNduRe, was my Dad. His determined peRsoNality aNd drive gave me the ability to hold on to what I know.
It was 3 years ago this moNth that my Dad passed away aNd oNe of my foNdest meMoRies was the tiMe we got to expeRieNce DisNeylaNd together again oNly this tiMe with my own children.
A magical expeRieNce to see my Dad play like a child again aNd reMeMbeR the tiMes of past with his own peRsoNal meMoRies of DisNeylaNd. His goofy peRsoNality aNd zest for waNtiNg to expeRieNce every moMeNt of life within that paRk, was definitely beeMiNg fRoM ear to ear with his sMile.
I am so grateful that I got the cHaNce to expeRieNce DisNeylaNd with my Dad again befoRe he passed away aNd most of all expeRieNce it with my own children too.
tHaNk You, Dad for sHaRiNg with me a Magical moMeNt in my life aNd teaching me what matters the most... to have faith in the power of dReAmiNg
~Blessed Be fRoM your daughter, kAtiE