Saturday, January 1, 2011

ReflectioN on '2010

I woke early New Years Eve to fiNd the night as clear as day. Stars so big, lighting up the tips of the highest evergreens.
My eyes began to make out a loNg ago faMiliar iMage that I hadN't seen seNse I was a youNg child, the Big Dipper. Clearly seeing every edge aNd every poiNt fRoM oNe star to the next.
Not being able to get back to sleep, I poNdeRed on what I had just seen aNd woNdeRed if aNy of it had meaNiNg aNd purpose to what is to coMe in my life. I tipped toed in the dark, peering out each wiNdow gaziNg at different parts of the sky. Resting my heart on the moon. Retracing my steps on my the path I chose to take aNd reflecting on the experiences that life brought to me.
It seems as though tiMe stood still this past year as if it was waiting for me. FiNdiNg myself coNstaNtly catching my breath aNd 'holdiNg on for dear life' as they say.
I had no idea what the year would bRiNg but oNe tHiNg I did know was that whatever caMe my way, I was not goiNg to give up.
Give up on life, my goals, my dReAms aNd most iMpoRtaNtly myself.
Tested in every way iMagiNable, I discovered that I was really living for the fiRst tiMe in my life.
Scared aNd weak at tiMes, feeliNg absolutely lost but oNe tHiNg for certain, I knew what my soul desired aNd so here I was fiNdiNg myself literally cliNgiNg on. If I just stay focused, oNly two outcomes would occur. Either to give up on life all together or look back aNd say that I really lived it to the fullest aNd in the process learned how to love myself.
I eNd the year with a new fouNd seNse of deteRmiNatioN, stReNgth aNd Courage.
HuMbled with a new seNse of gratitude aNd most iMpoRtaNtly not giving up on me.
May the New Year bRiNg you moMeNts that make you stRoNgeR aNd help your soul to fly...

'wHeN takiNg leaps aNd bouNds, soMetiMes it requires baby steps in between'

~Blessed Be fRoM