Sunday, February 23, 2014

oRigiNal {Faith}

wHat tHe LDS Church fails to recognize, is tHat a lot of tHe Lost tRibe MeMbeRs weRe not running fRoM feAr or split aWay because tHey did not BelieVe. tHey weRe leAviNg fRoM a fallen aNd corrupt peRiod of tiMe wHeRe Religion aNd old Government would not take oWneRsHip of tHeiR internal admitted cRiMes aNd siNs oN tHose tHat were persecuted for tHeiR oRigiNal {faith} in God or discriminated against, tHeRefoRe not all wHo split fRoM tHe main pack weRe cast out oR foRgotteN. tHey had becoMe displaced because of deNied wickedNess tHat was beiNg coVeRed up oN all leVels UpoN tHe eArth both by all Church aNd Government. It states iN tHe last days tHat a 'seperate woRtHy bRaNch' of God would rise up UpoN tHe eArth. Still tHougH eVeN today, tHe system is so manipulated, fRoM local Church t.v. stations, to news aNd local Government for tHe saMe reAsoN, tHey waNt YOU to bear their siNs so it leAves uNaccouNtability oN tHeiR oWn acknowledged "fallen state" aNd cRiMiNal iNteNt to DO haRm. I kNoW tHis to BE tRue because I aM sloWly recovering out of LDS toRtuRe aNd abuse through Church aNd State aNd old ex lineage. "your foRgiVeN aNd fRee, kAtiE aNd YES wHat has happened to YOU is wRoNg, but WE will not help YOU obtain coMplete Justice because our LDS Religion ran Government, caN't paRticipate iN our oWn cRiMes" So to eVeRyoNe out tHeRe reAdiNg tHis... doN't eVer, eVeR BelieVe iN aNy Religion tHat adMits to cRiMe aNd wHo foRces YOU through toRtuRe to choose Religion over basic HuMaN Civil Disability Rights or your God giVen right to Medicine! 
 kNoW tHe hidden tRutHs aNd stoRies tHat were kept out of all scripture! 
 aRtist aNd activist
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Saturday, February 22, 2014


Doctors aNd pHaRmacies aRe dRug dealers wrapped up with aN outdated aNd peRveRted Government. tHey just doN't caRry tHeiR wads of cash aRouNd aNd suRely woN't sHaRe tHeir beNefits while stealing fRoM YOU! Make suRe your doctor really caRes about your well~beiNg befoRe tHey recklessly dish out deadly 'MaN Made' syNtHetics dRugs aNd tHeN run aNd hide wHeN sHit goes doWn aNd tHe zoMbies return!

fRoM a WaRrioR MotHeR aNd WoMaN tHat is not afRaid to BE a 'wHistle BloWeR'
to Political aNd Religious acts of cRiMe! aRtist aNd HuMaN Civil Disability Rights Activist aNd DefeNdeR
for God's REAL KiNgdoM oN EaRth aNd tHe right to Marijuana!

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Lets never foRget tHe Girl, tHe WoMaN, MotHeR Earth
 aNd wHat sHe too endured oN tHe cRoss for {LoVe}
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Saturday, February 15, 2014

tRaNsfoRmed {LoVe}

'tRaNsfoRmed {LoVe}

waNted to sHaRe a BeloVed piece of aRt WoRk
if aNyoNe kNoWs tHe reAl meAniNg aNd title of tHis,
pleAse msg ME through facebook, I tRuly adoRe 'tHaNk YOU' facebook katie poeticgarden aNd

Friday, February 14, 2014

HAPPY ValeNtiNes Day

I kNoW it's ValeNtiNes Day but iN my WoRld aNd Galaxy, tHe oNe's I thought I could tRust, weReN't tHeRe iN tHe eNd. So heRe's to saViNg my oWn HeArt aNd Soul aNd leAviNg a whole lot of pixie dust beHiNd for YOU to eAt!!! HAPPY "FU" ValeNtiNes Day!!! Utah Church aNd State, YOU told ME i'M fRee tWice iN uNdeR 3yrs... which is a BULL face lie! I aM fRee with my GOD not your corrupt pyramid system tHat cared less for a disabled 
MotHeR aNd WoMaNs Basic Rights iN tHe CoNstitutioN!!!
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MotHeR, aRtist aNd Activist of Basic aNd fuNdaMeNtal HuMaN Civil Disability Rights

Sunday, February 9, 2014

DuMpiNg tHe State of Utah

I aM haViNg a haRd tiMe processing wHat tHe State of Utah has put ME through as a Disabled MotHeR aNd WoMan, aNd quite frankly doN't BelieVe iN tHe Government aNyMoRe iNcludiNg tHat of Religion! tHey dismissed my case but still with iNcoMplete HuMan Civil Disability Rights restored with iNcoMplete aNd unanswered questions aNd no Back Pay Disability, 
let aloNe not takiNg iNto account of tHe cRiMes coMmitted tHat tHey acknowledge
paRticipatiNg iN by both Church aNd State.  
I aM now beiNg told tHat Public Housing Assistance is now 'miraculously' oNly takiNg a 5 moNtH approval process iNsteAd of up to 2yrs, wHeN 3yrs ago I was told by tHe bRoKeN system tHat I would not be accepted for Public Housing nor get disability.  Can YOU say discrimination? Turned away by tHe system for a second tiMe aNd was left hoMeless for my disability rights.  Ogden Police Department, aNd tHe eNtiRe HoMeless Shelter System aNd Government watched aNd followed ME as I was beiNg exploited, abused aNd raped, clothes stolen off my back, with aN actual rape report tHat was turned iN aNd rejected aNd told to go aWay by tHe West Jordan Police Department.  I eVeN got tuRned aWay fRoM tHe YWCA because I was a siNgle disabled MotHeR aNd tHey didN't Believe I had disabilities. tHe Ogden Police also witNessed, watched aNd participated iN medical abuse tHat I recieved fRoM McKayDee Hospital as tHe nursing staff tHeRe wRoNgfully judged ME, duMped ME oN tHe cold wiNteR street iN a wheelchair with a catheter stuck iN my aRm.  I was pretty much abused by all tHe major Hospital iNcludiNg tHat of Davis, aNd University aNd Provo.  I tuRned iN aNd pulled tWo rapists off tHe street, all documented by Law Enforcement while hoMeless fighting for Human Civil Disability Rights, but was still tuRned aWay as a WoMan aNd rightful Disabled Citizen doiNg Law Enforcements job.
Dragged through tHe eNtiRe court system fRoM Salt Lake to Utah County spaNniNg seNse '2011 beiNg exploited, toRtuRed aNd abused iN eVeRy maNner.
tHis past year tHe Provo Hospital forced aNd medically abused ME against my Legal Notarized Will aNd Disabilities, tHreAteNiNg SyNtHetic Drugs upon ME aNd toRtuRed my disabilities aNd was beiNg coMpletely iNgNoRed by Orem Police Department
while beiNg abused uNdeR tHeiR tHuMb.  
tHe eNtiRe corrupt system here kNoWs tHat I consume my medicine of marijuana aNd tHey kNeW my Disabilities weRe tRue aNd tHey did not caRe tHat tHey weRe abusing aNd violating ME! In fact I was quickly reMiNded tHis past week tHat tHe system still does not caRe tHat my Disability Rights haVe not been fully restored nor fully aknowledged.  tHey doN't caRe tHat tHey tortured ME aNd still try through tHe back door at Wasatch MeNtal Health, to kNoW of my nutritional kNoWledge for CoNntectiVe Tissue aNd Central Nervous System aNd Cancer.  
I had to reMiNd tHe Counselor tHat I already disclosed iN a court of law my kNoWledge aNd it was  psychologically beaten out of ME through corrupt Government, Medical aNd of tHe LDS Church aNd meMbeRs of tHe Church.  tHe system took for granted my worth aNd {LoVe} aNd kNoWledge,
tHat was to help tHeiR State aNd Nation, aNd tHey kNoW tHis.  tHe State used ME aNd stole my 'Book of Life' aNd dReAms all while stilliNg virtue
tHe kicker, I haVe been told several tiMes now by LDS Church leAders aNd tHe Police Department tHat wHat has happened to ME is wRoNg, 
tHat I shouldN't haVe to BE expected to foRgiVe aNyMoRe. 
Afterall iN tHe eNd, I saVed myself aNd no Government or Church or MaN saved ME, 
tHey left ME literally for dead, didN't caRe aNd still exploit my medical disability case.  At tHis poiNt YOU becoMe a nuMbeR to tHe system aNd meNtally eVeRyday YOU get to reMeMber wHat injustice has been doNe.  I aM a tRue modern day witness to cRiMes against WoMeN!
It took over 35yrs for aNyoNe to listen aNd aNotHeR 3 plus years dragged out iN a bRoKeN Court System, excuses aNd now wHat has becoMe a 'cover up' system, ran oN bRoKeN promises 
aNd Methadone Clinics aNd Medical Disability CriMes aNd Doctors wHo prescribe deadly synthetic drugs aNd get away with Federal aNd State Crime
iNcludiNg Rape aNd Murder aNd tHey doN't caRe! 
So rather tHaN waiting tell Valentines Day to duMp tHe State of Utah, I would like to tell tHeM tHat tHey have lost my {LoVe} aNd doN't BelieVe iN tHeM,  It's too late! I already shut tHe door oN tHeM like a 'Dead Beat Deceptive Ex' loNg ago aNd haVe moved oN iN tHe HeArt.  So quit asking ME how YOU caN help, wHeN YOU cleaRly sHoW ME tHat YOU doN't caRe 
aNd neVer did caRe, YOU used ME aNd YOU kNoW it!  Torturing a WoMaN of faith Politically aNd Religiously aNd labeling ME to cover up your cRiMes tHat YOU adMit paRticipatiNg iN.
SayiNg "SoRry" aNd "I LoVe YOU" 
through tHe back door by Church aNd State is pretty much saying, 
"Hey tHaNks for lettiNg us screw YOU oVeR aNd exploit YOU aNd still watch YOU struggle each week aNd moNth for basic disability rights aNd basic needs while WE still doN't caRe"

 I will never coMe to kNoW, BelieVe or feel of tRue Justice, Equality, Liberty or fReedoM heRe!
HuMaN Civil Disability Rights Activist aNd Artist

Friday, February 7, 2014


Put through soMetHiNg tHat I will neVeR foRget aNd will take foReVeR to recover fRoM. 
I will neVeR BE tHe saMe fRoM tHis Human Civil Disability Rights War. 
"So soRry, WE doN't waNt to BE meAn to YOU", weRe soMe of tHe woRds I reMeMbeR tHe Public DefeNdeR sayiNg iN court. As gRateFuL as I aM for tHe Hug HE gaVe ME, as gRateFuL I aM for tHe dismissal of my case, tHe daMage has already been doNe.  It's not like YOU can fix tHat glass plate tHat was thrown against tHe wall aNd shattered. Those kiNd of battle scars doN't go aWay.  I will never see tHe Justice aNd Medical System, Police or Fire Department symbols aNd colors tHe saMe way again. There aRe major {key} Political aNd Religious issues heRe tHat need to be addressed aNd i'M not about to lay doWn my sword!
YOU may not like my tribal approach oN how I adore protecting 'MotHeR EaRth', 
but I doN't plan oN cHaNgiNg my HeArts passion aNytiMe soon...
DefeNdeR of HuMaN Civil Disability Rights {google picture}