Saturday, February 22, 2014


Doctors aNd pHaRmacies aRe dRug dealers wrapped up with aN outdated aNd peRveRted Government. tHey just doN't caRry tHeiR wads of cash aRouNd aNd suRely woN't sHaRe tHeir beNefits while stealing fRoM YOU! Make suRe your doctor really caRes about your well~beiNg befoRe tHey recklessly dish out deadly 'MaN Made' syNtHetics dRugs aNd tHeN run aNd hide wHeN sHit goes doWn aNd tHe zoMbies return!

fRoM a WaRrioR MotHeR aNd WoMaN tHat is not afRaid to BE a 'wHistle BloWeR'
to Political aNd Religious acts of cRiMe! aRtist aNd HuMaN Civil Disability Rights Activist aNd DefeNdeR
for God's REAL KiNgdoM oN EaRth aNd tHe right to Marijuana!

{credited source of photo aNd quote oN facebook}