Friday, February 7, 2014


Put through soMetHiNg tHat I will neVeR foRget aNd will take foReVeR to recover fRoM. 
I will neVeR BE tHe saMe fRoM tHis Human Civil Disability Rights War. 
"So soRry, WE doN't waNt to BE meAn to YOU", weRe soMe of tHe woRds I reMeMbeR tHe Public DefeNdeR sayiNg iN court. As gRateFuL as I aM for tHe Hug HE gaVe ME, as gRateFuL I aM for tHe dismissal of my case, tHe daMage has already been doNe.  It's not like YOU can fix tHat glass plate tHat was thrown against tHe wall aNd shattered. Those kiNd of battle scars doN't go aWay.  I will never see tHe Justice aNd Medical System, Police or Fire Department symbols aNd colors tHe saMe way again. There aRe major {key} Political aNd Religious issues heRe tHat need to be addressed aNd i'M not about to lay doWn my sword!
YOU may not like my tribal approach oN how I adore protecting 'MotHeR EaRth', 
but I doN't plan oN cHaNgiNg my HeArts passion aNytiMe soon...
DefeNdeR of HuMaN Civil Disability Rights {google picture}