Saturday, January 21, 2012


i'M iN for a wHile, your welcoMe to haVe a look aRouNd tHe gaRdeN is tHe {maiN} blog for tHe Poetic GaRdeN website feAtuRiNg aRt WoRk, news~updates, NoN~pRofit, gaRdeN tips, deSigN, nutrition, education aNd moRe... is oNe of tHe oRigiNal pRoductioN aNd aRt Gallery blogs sHoWiNg tHe 'ooak' aRt WoRk through aN aRtist uNique 3~diMeNsioNal poiNt of view is tHe main website feAtuRiNg tHe
Life's JourNey StoRyBook Pages aNd LiNe, LaNdscapiNg aNd NoN~pRofit NeRvous System Disease Awareness 
jourNal aNd Medical Research blog for education aNd NoN~pRofit

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Blessed Be fRoM my gaRdeN to yours aNd may tHe wiNteR seAsoN 
fiNd YOU cozy aNd iN peAce 

Sunday, January 15, 2012


“It would be possible to describe eVeRytHiNg scieNtifically, but it would make no seNse; it would be without meAniNg, as if you described a Beethoven syMphoNy as a vaRiatioN of wave pressure.” ~Albert Einstein

Monday, January 9, 2012


Joy is sHaRiNg tHose moMeNts with a fRieNd tHat leAve aN iMpRiNt iN tHe HeArt foReVer~

Splashed with fResh PuRple HydRaNgeAs aNd ViNtage White tEa Roses, 
is a 6x6 Paper Bag fRieNdsHip ScRapBook filled with a gaRdeNers delight. 
{MME~Wild Asparagus 'fRieNds' Paper Pallet} aloNg with a few otHeR faVoRites:
MakiNg MeMoRies  Basic Grey K&CoMpaNy Classic Debbie Mumm aNd PriMa
adoRned with a BeAdlaNdiNg Silver Butterfly PeNdaNt, Pearl PiN aNd dReAm Bottle
Swarovski Crystals, Buttermilk CuRly Q BeRries, Tibetan GaRdeN ChaRms 
Poetic GaRdeN 'ooak' eMbellisHmeNt stoNes, adoRable side page tabs aNd stoRage pockets
fRieNdsHip quotes, 21 Photo PlaceMeNts with matcHiNg jourNaliNg tags
coMpletes a 'ooak' cReAtioN for tHat special fRieNd

CoMmissioNed ScRapBook aRt WoRk for {Joy} 
copyrights of
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Sunday, January 8, 2012

PlaNtiNg tHe Seed

viNtage~retRo stool of soRts, captuRed tHis past suMmer fouNd me tHiNkiNg of my gRaNdMotHeR.  aN iMpRiNt fRoM aNotHeR tiMe, feeliNg her coMfoRtiNg pReseNce as I begiN to iMagiNe of wHat's iN fRoNt of me.  WateRiNg caN full of fResHly picked puRple wild floWeRs, tHe kiNd sHe would stoRe iN her wiNdoW seal, 
a distiNct color of faded leMoN meRiNgue yellow with rusted woRn out steps iN a well woRn house; 
tiMes speNt iN her lil' kitcHeN, such loVe was plaNted tHeRe.  
It's tHose special moMeNts tHat alWays left such aN iMpRiNt oN tHe HeArt aNd seeM to re appear {repair} wHeN tHey need to iN life.
Those repeated iMages played out of her cookiNg iN her kitcHeN weRe tHe woRds wRitteN, of her selfless seeds of loVe.  Always caRiNg for my needs but most of all a seNse of hoMe to me.
Wild Blackberries aNd RaspbeRries hidden iN her fields for me to seArch out like a faiRy foRagiNg, stRaWbeRries by her back poRch gaVe me such a peAceful place to dReAm aNd to just be.
A fouNdatioN, tHe staples tHat giVe me a seNse of beiNg aNd to kNoW tHat I aM tRuly loVed by tHe meMoRies of her HeArt felt WiNgs

{meMoRies tHat aRe stitched with loVe leAve iMpRiNts for tHe HeArt to see}
 fRoM a gRaNdMotHeRs effortless HeArt tHat gaVe so much to me

~wRitiNgs aNd iMage of

Monday, January 2, 2012


caMe fRoM tHe daRk with a bRoKeN HeArt yet He loVes Me just tHe saMe
wiped my teArs took my feArs aNd held tHeM to tHe rain
gaVe Me stReNgth iN tiMe of need aNd washed aWay my paiN
He boRe my siNs so I could liVe aNd gaVe Me life to bReAth
unresolved I seArch my HeArt to feel tHat loVe agaiN
of aN iMage made just like miNe, a sacrifice so I could liVe
wHat loVe would do such a tHiNg with no coNditioNs or blaMe
a seArch tHat will foReVer last witHiN my HeArt iN tHaNkiNg hiM for wHat He did
A gift of {LoVe} He giVes to Me cHeRish faith iN all my dReAms
aNd to kNoW tHat He tRuly liVes...

to a NeW YeAr of Life, LoVe, PeAce, Hope aNd DreAms

Greeting CaRd copyrights of aNd associated archives
dedicated to my HeaVeNly FatHeR, my children aNd my faiRies
~Blessed Be