Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Poetic GaRdeN News

aRtist RestiNg
Poetic GaRdeN is takiNg a ‘seasonal’ restiNg peRiod aNd will be back soon.
In tHe meAntiMe, YOU aRe welcoMe to view tHe 3D Scrapbook aRt woRk aloNg with aN iN depth look iNto each cReAtioN heRe oN tHe main website blog or at:
~Blessed Be aNd tHaNk YOU to all who haVe left their coNtiNued kiNdNess
iN tHe gaRdeN this year.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Through the Looking Glass

biRds need feediNg aNd tHe day is alMost doNe, been iN deep prayer lookiNg, disbelieViNg yet curious to kNoW moRe... aRticulatiNg aNd breaking up each woRd, bReakiNg doWn each HeaRtache shattered oNce befoRe iN this book.
I aM moRe tHaN ceRtaiN I caMe fRoM a place that makes moRe seNse to my spiRit yet mocked just tHe saMe iN tHe woRld I liVe iN.
Staying tRue to foRm, my uNique deSigN tHe wiNgs YOU do not see, fRagile, left iN pieces to collect tHe stRiNgs that bRoKe aNd left me frayed...

Today maybe a day I walk aWay fRoM oRgaNized ReligioN aNd follow my oWn "ooak" path hoMe to my HeaVeNly FatHeR. I kNoW he loVes me, tHe issue all my life is accepting aNd loViNg ME. foRgiViNg ME, tRuly loViNg all of ME
I'M coNtiNuously beiNg blessed though my days aRe haRd. For eVeRy step foRwaRd, he tRuly listeNs fRoM tHe HeaRt.
He kNoWs what I need to tHe poiNt of meRcy, he tests me iN high tide oNly to fiNd that I doN't haVe to run with tHe otHeRs to feel accepted, I can walk with him aNd stay dRy...
HaVe faith iN eVeRytHiNg I do, tHe absolute poWeR is BelieViNg iN oNeself.
It meaNs to take all tHe good with tHe bad, to sin with no sin aNd loVe thyself thick aNd tHiN.
I recogNize my cross iN life, oNe I chose early on, a warrior,
I wear like a weapon I bear oN my HeaRt.

Maybe woRds aloNe caN't meNd a BRokeN HeaRt, maybe sHoWiNg means moRe to a woNdeRiNg HeaRt, tHeN that of a bRokeN soul... LoVe!

aRt jourNal of

Monday, August 8, 2011

tiMe of Gratitude

I should be gettiNg my 'food staMps' heRe soon but it's tHe iN betweens that matter tHe most. Grateful for tHe oppoRtuNity to get up eVeRy siNgle day aNd woRk. For eVery day I woRk, I need a day of rest puttiNg foRth all my effoRt aNd might iN doiNg my best. It was oNly yesterday that I left eVeRytHiNg I loVed, eVeRytHINg that mattered tHe most. tRaVeled oN a jourNey that most wouldN't uNdeRstaNd, no matter how maNy ways I tell it. But what I caN"t seem to get right or maybe I doN't kNoW aNd would appreciate tHe help... oh do let me tRy to explain

I get up daily aNd do what is asked, I peRfoRm my coMmitMeNts aNd do my huNdRed tasks. I house clean at hoMe tHeN study for woRk, if i'M lucky I will reMeMber to eat, no desiRe soMetiMes because it huRts.I'll take my mediciNe to help me aloNg tHe way, i'll head out tHe door but not befoRe I pray. GiViNg tHaNks to all of those who help me, fRoM a car to reNt aNd food. For helpiNg me get back oN my feet again fRoM liViNg iN a suitcase or tWo.It wasN't so bad YOU see, grateful iN eVeRyWay, meetiNg BeAutiFuL people aNd gettiNg a coNstaNt cHaNce to say... "tHaNk YOU" for all tHe support they gaVe.

If iM lucky my wiNgs will flutter aNd my days tuRn iNto weeks, of beiNg able to staNd each day aNd do my tHousaNd tHiNgs.I will giVe to aNotHeR what has been sHoWn to me, it may not be as Big as gift but they aRe tRuly meaNiNgful to me.Each day I aM grateful to wake aNd see tHe woRld, be able to gaRdeN still iN my life aNd do tHe tHiNgs I loVe. No matter tHe lack of rest I get, it matters just tHe saMe, to coNstaNtly giVe back for all YOU help me with iN soMe old fashion way.

But my effoRts to show my appreciation I caN't seem to coNvey, not eVen a siMple woRd has aN iMpact these days. Sadden by tHe tHiNgs I leaRn aNd see that aRe not tHe saMe to me. I'M tRyiNg to keep up with all of my might but my might is not eNough YOU see? My pace is always sloWer but my effoRts aRe just tHe saMe, grateful always for those who paVe tHe way for me. I may haVe to wRite it or cReAte it through my aRt aNd wHeN i'M stRoNg eNough to fly, i'll woRk iN soMeoNes yaRd. I'll eVen make a saNdwHicH or tWo at a deli shop doWn tHe street.

I'll eNd my days iN pRayeR tHaNkful for each of YOU. For helpiNg me get back oN my feet aNd tHe ability to suRviVe. Most of all for helpiNg me keep my dReAms aliVe!

~Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn
Benjamin Franklin

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

aRt in Review

"Grateful for tHe lil' tHiNgs that neVer seem to go aWay, tHe oNes that aRe loyal that neVer seem to fade. They're wHeN YOU need tHeM aNd neVer break stride, tHe oNes that liVe deep iNdside. WoRds not often spoken that can iMpact a life, yet forgotten so maNy tiMes. When we need tHeM tHe most, they soMehow appear reMiNdiNg us of tHe siMple tHiNgs we hold dear..."

oNe of tHe fiRst oRigiNals cReAted fRoM tHe 'Life's JourNey' liNe. A peRsoNal faVoRite, as I began to let go aNd tRust iN me moRe. I recall exactly wHeRe I was aNd how I was feeliNg at this moMeNt iN tiMe. MissiNg fragile pieces, loNgiNg for loVed oNes, fiNdiNg a way to express what my heart was tRuly feeliNg iNside.
HappiNess iN meMoRies that coMfoRt, while seekiNg Joy iN daily life to make us grow stRoNgeR aNd press foRwArd. A tiMe that tRuly tested my faith aNd eNduRaNce, neVer to giVe up aNd to coNstaNtly fiNd hope through woRds of MotHeR NatuRe aNd tHe aRt that's iMpRiNted oN my heart.

8x8 'ooak' Scrapbook aRt WoRk
copyrights of
deSigN #110 'Grateful'
Original Issued Date: April '2010
*PeRsoNal Dedication
Poetic GaRdeN faiRy StoNes~ tiMeless woRds
MakiNg MeMoRies {Note WoRthy} Brads
PriMa floWeRs