Saturday, April 30, 2011

Twig Collecting

One of the tHiNgs I eNjoy doiNg is exploRiNg uNique aNd out of the way places. This is where I teNd to fiNd iNspiRatioN fRoM the faiRies. A few years ago I discovered a produce staNd not too far fRoM me aNd often fouNd myself day dReAmiNg of wHeN I could go back. I receNtly had a cHaNce to do just that aNd what I fouNd was a well loved faRm with such rich history aNd soMetHiNg you would fiNd out of a Story Book.
CalliNg him the 'stick guy' for maNy years, Lyle Dabb established his laNd in 1972 aNd seNse tHeN he's been producing aNd selliNg everything fRoM Willow BraNches, Wreaths fResh Produce aNd moRe. Nestled iNto the couNtRy side of Ogden, Utah, Lyle's produce staNd iNvites people of all ages to explore not just the fResh produce but for soMetHiNg a bit moRe Magical.
A place where faiRies loVe to live...
Old Red BaRns still staNd the test of tiMe while years worth of haRd woRk aNd deteRmiNatioN aRe collected iNto thousaNds of buNched bRaNches fRoM Lyle's near by faRm.
I love using hoMegRoWn bRaNches in my floRal deSigNs but most of all I love coMiNg to Lyle's Produce StaNd to be iNspiRed by his aMaziNg ability to bRiNg natuRe to life in it's truest foRm, a pRiMe spot for faiRy 'twig collecting' iNdeed.
I caN't wait to go back aNd discover a moRe detailed look beHiNd Lyle Dabb's Produce as he takes me on an adveNtuRe exploRiNg the couNtry side in a way you've never seen it befoRe. tHaNk You, Lyle for your aMaziNg taleNts with MotHeR NatuRe aNd for beiNg such an iNspiRatioN to me.

Lyle Dabb Produce
Ogden, Utah
Vegetables, Dry Flowers aNd Wreaths coNtiNued featuRe

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Discover Your gaRdeN

“Capture a Magical MoMeNt in Your gaRdeN”

Adorable gaRdeNs aRe popping up all over in the community this year aNd couldN't resist in sHaRiNg with you what the faiRies aNd I have discovered.
A Seasonal featuRe capturing local gaRdeNs in a Magical Storybook SettiNg.
Discover the iMpoRtaNce of dReAmiNg aNd see YOUR gaRdeN coMe aliVe like you've never seen before. The fiRst gaRdeN will be feAtuRed the beginning of next week. Hope you will join me on a Magical AdveNtuRe capturing special moMeNts not often seen quite like this...

photography by
"Sneak Peak" of the fiRst feAtuRed gaRdeN
In Appreciation of Angel Crossing Neighborhood

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Star Gazing

I weNt star gazing last night. The air crisp but you could tell that spRiNg was here. The ice cycles aRe goNe now but I always coMe back to this picture because it reMiNds me of how beautiful the night sky liNe can be aNd of all the places that the stars can take me.
ImagiNiNg that my spRiNg gaRdeN has just been nourished, barefoot in a pair of diRty holy jeaNs. Table set with an endless bouNty of fRieNds, flickering dRagoNfly lights fRaMe the patio, swaying in the soft breeze.
Evergreens greet me into the night sky where everything seems to staNd still. CaNdle lights fade aNd laughter seems to go on for hours.
I clutch my aRms to shield myself fRoM the cold, it's late. Quick to iMagiNe aNotHeR place in the night sky,igNoRiNg the harsh spRiNg frost between my toes.
One last look upwards, tRyiNg to couNt the layers in the daRk jeweled sea. WishiNg that I could be up there soaring.
Socks aRe soaked fRoM the cold water that seemed to settle in the outdoor mat. Reality kicks in to tell me that it's freezing outside. My gaRdeN paRty will have to wait for aNotHeR tiMe.
For now I can at least dReAm aMoNgst the stars each night. For that is what i'm tRuly grateful for the most. My very own sky to gaze into, an eNdless sea of iMagiNatioN aNd possibility, even if it's on a tiNy lil' water logged back patio aNd a frozen outdoor mat. ~aRt jourNal of Poetic GaRdeN

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

aRt in Review

oNe of the veRy fiRst aRt Pieces I ever did, still does not have a nuMbeR issued to it aNd it is the oNly aRt Piece I kept out of the eNtiRe collection.
It reMiNded me of a period I was oNce goiNg through. Uncertain of myself, uncertain of my abilities. FeeliNg absolutely volnarable to what the woRld might tHiNk.
I wRote a poem to this aRt Piece, but i'm afraid that it's tucked away aNd I always believe that tHiNgs stay tucked away for a reason.
In the poem it expressed my sadness that no oNe tRuly believed. Yet after gettiNg the poem down on paper, I realized that it was me that didN't believe. Taking soMe tiMe to get over my fear, I decided to let go aNd just tRust in liViNg moRe. To not hold back on what I believe in... to cReAte this piece.
Taking what I learned fRoM my gRaNdMotHeR, I felt compelled to staRt showing to the woRld a small glimpse of how I see Life.
Slowly to eMeRge fRoM the daRkNess, realizing that sHaRiNg my woRld with others is a paRt of liViNg, it's a paRt of giving aNd expeRieNciNg life.
I keep this aRt Piece as a reMiNdeR of so maNy tHiNgs in my life but most of all a reMiNdeR to stay believing in myself.

Issued '2009-'2010 ooak aRt WoRk by
iNspiRed by "Begin"
aNd Angel GreetiNgs iMage (facebook)

Monday, April 25, 2011

faiRy StoNes

"Touch soMeoNe with your wiNgs... you may help tHeM dReAm today"
faiRy StoNes by CoMiNg Soon to a NEW GaRdeN...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

MoMeNt in tiMe

Ok this is 4 tiMes now that I have tRied wRitiNg about my Easter WeekeNd with my kids. This will probably eNd up beiNg the 5th atteMpt of docuMeNtiNg this paRt of my jourNey on blogger. None the less I feel a bit out of sorts with my woRds. Pressuring myself to jourNal about soMetHiNg so that I could get soMe of what i've been feeliNg out. FiNdiNg aNy music to help express how I feel.
GoiNg through the iMages aNd viewing the pictures that we took at RaiNbow GaRdeNs; I kept fiNdiNg myself stuMbliNg for woRds to wRite or say. DeletiNg over aNd over again. SearchiNg for a soNg aNy soNg just soMetHiNg that can help me say what I waNt to say.
I just wRote a whole paragraph of David Gilmour's Lyrics to the soNg 'Smile' oNce again deleting the woRds. I know there is a reason why I keep repeating this paRticulaR soNg but I caN't coMpletely figuRiNg it out yet.

I tHiNk my kids were embarrassed to be seen with me at tiMes... but we had so much fun aNd it was great to see tHeM sMile. I was like a kid in a caNdy stoRe, there were so maNy tHiNgs to look at. tRyiNg to take in every moMeNt I possibly could. ReMiNisciNg on the very fiRst tiMe I visited this particular gaRdeN with tHeM. Would everything be exactly how I iMagiNed it to be?
As the days aNd seasons past, it was all I could do to day dReAm of a moMeNt in tiMe like this but never did I iMagiNe that it would happen so quick or fall on Easter Weekend, of all days out of the year.
I tRied every which way to analyze aNd aRticulate, fiNdiNg myself balaNciNg out a new layer of my 'Life's JourNey'
LookiNg back to what I had just receNtly goNe through in my life, I realized how much I had not been forgotten by my Heavenly Father aNd how much he never let go of me. He knew how iMpoRtaNt it was to my heart aNd how much my spiRit dReAmt of this day. He gave me the courage to not give up, gave me stReNgth in my wiNgs that I didN't know I had aNd the ability to eNduRe aNd to him I am tRuly grateful for the sacrifices he made for me.
Still stRuggliNg to fiNd all the woRds, I keep hearing an old sayiNg, "If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever..."
Happy Easter to my woNdeRful kids aNd tHaNks for lettiNg me be your MoM

tHaNk You, for helping me make a dReAm coMe tRue with my kids. An Easter WeekeNd I will never forget.

Friday, April 22, 2011

tEa tiMe

Good MorNiNg... Vanilla tEa Cup in haNd with a dash of Peach Medley aNd a haNdful of suNshiNe. So much to do in the NEW gaRdeN aNd not suRe wHeRe to begiN. This might take a while to get just right but i'm suRe I can fit it all in. There aRe fields to be haRvest aNd tHiNgs to make... oh what will I ever do?
I've been fluttering about tRyiNg to get tHiNgs doNe with so very little tiMe. I had hoped to have told you but please uNdeRstaNd, that I oNly have oNe tiNy list in my haNd. I'm 3" tall aNd my shoes doN't fit. SoMe aRe too small aNd soMe aRe too big. I tRy to get tHiNgs so that they aRe just right. But I fiNd that my gaRdeN is getting too tight. No tiMe to spare so little sleep, I wish I could sluMbeR aNd couNt my sheep.
Too much too do, too much to sow, haRvest of pleNty aNd a bouNty to grow. A place where the faRies all woRk like a bee, all woRkiNg together... to see what I SEE.
There's tRiNkets of pleNty aNd baskets aRe full, of all the bouNtiful haRvest we'll grow.
Oh the day has just begun with tEa in my haNd. Just talkiNg about it, not suRe wHeRe to begin. For now I will sluMbeR, tweeter aNd sleep, dReAmiNg of all that I envision aNd see...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

'faiRy Keeper'

my 'faiRy Keeper' took me on a walk, he did, to show me aNotHeR way aNd in the process of showiNg me gaRdeNs, he had to flutter away. It made me sad to see him go aNd had so much to say. If I could take oNe day with him aNd give it all away. Hoping that he would heRe my prayers aNd coMe back to me oNe day

my 'faiRy Keeper' took me on a walk, she did, to show me aNotHeR way aNd in the process of showiNg me gaRdeNs, she had to flutter away. It made me sad to see her go aNd had so much to say. If I could take oNe day with her aNd give it all away. Hoping that she will heRe my prayers aNd coMe back to me oNe day

my 'faiRy Keeper' walked with me aNd placed my haNd in his, to hold him tight aNd feel his love aNd know that he tRuly LiVes

my 'faiRy Keeper' walked with me aNd placed my haNd in hers, to hold me tight aNd feel her love aNd know that HE was hers

a boNd that oNce was bRoKeN NEVER gave away the stReNgth it took to hold your haNd aNd retuRn to him soMeday ~by

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Through the Looking Glass

I saw this quote the other day while woRkiNg in oNe of my iNteRnet gaRdeNs (Facebook)
GoiNg through soMe huge gRowiNg pains recently, I fouNd myself returning to this quote.

"The PURPOSE of life is to discover your gift. The MEANING of life is to give it away."

BeiNg held captive to what I was readiNg, I slowly began to siNk into each woRd written aNd woNdeR how it applies to me.
Trusting in my Heavenly Father moRe tHaN ever on my 'Life's JourNey' I have faced a lot of challenges that have tested my faith. At tiMes feeliNg so bRoKeN with my wiNgs, struggling to fly. What I realized is that I forgot to believe in myself, which soMetiMes takes a lot of eNduRaNce aNd courage. To tRuly followiNg my heart aNd not be afRaid... lettiNg go aNd tRust in the discovering process of knowing who I AM... Faith in ME.
Learning that if I didN't believe in myself, that's wHeN I noticed I was no loNgeR flyiNg. A paRt of believing in myself means that I have to give of my taleNts aNd not be scared. I tHiNk oNe of the gifts I am discovering about flyiNg is that it iNspiRes me to not be so afRaid of what the woRld might tHiNk, that soMetiMes lettiNg go of soMetHiNg means you aRe williNg to sacrifice for soMeoNe elses needs through the gifts we aRe given by Heavenly Father in short our (natural taleNts.)

And through that process...
fiNdiNg out that the meaNiNg of life is to give towards others aNd there you will fiNd your greatest gift of all

Monday, April 18, 2011


"And Charity suffereth long, and is kind, and envieth not, and is not puffed up, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil, and rejoiceth not in iniquity but rejoiceth in the truth, beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things." ~fRoM The Book of Mormon


Through the Looking Glass

I've been goiNg through a rough patch recently in my life aNd fouNd myself retracing my steps on the jourNey i've been on by takiNg a deeper look into my 'aRt WoRk' aNd all I can say is "man this is not easy"
I tHiNk I am actually afRaid to expose aNotHeR layer of what these cReAtioNs mean to me. As I type these woRds I question whether or not I have the courage to sHaRe all the layers. I've been stRuggliNg for several moNths on whether or not I waNted to do the latest website news 'aRt in Review'
I didN't realize it tHeN on my jourNey, that the path I chose to walk on was goiNg to be the haRdest aNd the most painful but never has aNy otHeR path I have chosen make me feel like I am LiviNg even if it hurts really bad soMetiMes...

that I'm afraid to say what I waNt to say but feel like I am staRviNg myself if I doN't...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

aRt in Review

deSigN #126 faiRy Blossom Delight
coMe fly away high above the tree tops where the faiRies fly all day
coMe away with me and dReAm of a place far far away
blossoms as big as candied apples as far as the eye can see
coMe dReAm a little dReAm aNd fly away with me...

8x8 'ooak' Scrapbook aRt WoRk
copyrights of
Original Issued Date: June, 2010
K&Company Candied Baubles & 3D SpRiNg Baby Bugs
Prima Flower Collections
Bear by Stacey Ninberg Taylor~faiRy embellishments by Poetic GaRdeN

aRtist jourNal MeaNiNg
I stuMbled upon a site I had oNce discovered before but forgot about aNd how I caMe upon the site again was a miracle in itself. You see at that particular tiMe in my life I was goiNg through a growing period within my soul. Struggling with so maNy eMotioNs, not really knowing what I was searching for but knew my spiRit was aching for coNtiNued iNpiRatioN aNd cReAtivity. There I was oNe night not beiNg able to sleep as usual aNd the forces of nature took me back to a place I oNce had been before but coMpletely forgotten about. FiNdiNg Pixie Hollow was iMpoRtaNt for me not oNly for iNspiRatioN but a child like woNdeR of a place wHeRe I could step into a woRld that my soul dReAms of everyday aNd tRuly believes in. A place wHeRe I could iMagiNe my soul to live aNd be...

Flying fRoM oNe Cherry Blossom bRaNch to the next, sitting aNd visiting with other faiRies. As the sweet smell of nectar fills the air, sparkly new buMble bees aNd butterflies emerge fRoM a loNg wiNteRs nap.
Like a spiRit that is forever evolving fRoM oNe stage to the next, evolving into a new jourNey, a woRld of beauty aNd self discovery. I knew my spiRit had blossomed oNce again aNd fouNd myself filled with such gratitude of what a new season of life can bRiNg.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Those who dream by day are cogNizaNt of maNy tHiNgs that escape those who dream oNly at night. ~Edgar Allan Poe

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

faiRy LaNdscapes

It's that tiMe of year again when I look to MotHeR NatuRe for haNds on iNspiRatioN aNd insight into a woRld that requires patience, uNdeRstaNdiNg aNd a moRe quiet way of viewing life.
One of the tHiNgs I like to do each spRiNg is to fiNd a location that I am drawn to aNd breath in the new spRiNg air, block out the back ground noise aNd focus my eyes on the details aNd different layers of the surrounding plaNts aNd trees. Noticing the different stages of life that aRe beginning to eMeRge aNd hearing the biRds siNg in the near by bRaNches above.
It's haRd for me to iMagiNe living on this planet without coNsideRiNg a 3 dimensional poiNt of view. My Heavenly Father as the 1st dimension, me as the 2nd dimension aNd 3rd is the Earth aNd what lives within it.
I have been blessed with aMaziNg opportunities to discover soMe of the most tiNy aNd delicate details that MotHeR NatuRe has to offer aNd couldN't go about my jourNey without showing my appreciation aNd love for what I have been given. I siMply cannot waver on the hidden woNdeRs that live beneath, that bRiNg such puRe joy to my soul. Teaching me about the most siMplest aNd peaceful ways to live my life.
I am truly grateful that I have the opportunity to give back to what my Heavenly Father has given to me. CreAtiNg aNd woRkiNg with MotHeR NatuRe that in a way would be coNsideRed unreal or unseen.
This is HIS gaRdeN aNd feel it is my duty to do my part in caRiNg for it. Which means loving aNd respecting all creatures great aNd small, providing hoMes for those who have been forgotten... my faiRies

Sunday, April 10, 2011


A Spiritual JourNey

Across from the mountains, A little house sits in the tree's,
I'm lost in tranquility, As my soul tries to breath.

White clouds moving slowly, The breeze a calm still,
I'm caught in the moment, As my heart starts to heal.
A piece of me, In the startling blue sky,
As I spread my wings, My soul starts to fly.

I fly to unknown places, Where pain and hurt once dwelled,
As the memories flow pass me, My eyes start to swell.
Tear drops drip slowly, Down my cheeks,
The wind wipes them dry, And gives me some peace.

Soaring so free, Over water and land,
My Spirit Guide gently, Takes me by my hand.

He shows me what was, And what's meant to be,
And why my life, Is so important it seems.

A long soar, Like the eagle high,
I bow my head, And I start to cry.
Back on the land, Across from the tree's,
I began to realize, What healing means.

It mean's not to forget, Let the past flow,
Of all the horrors, One soul had to go.
To take the strengths, And apply them to life,
Is a valuable lesson, I've learned this flight.

Alone in the sunset, I watch it go down,
When I finally realize, What peace I have found.

© Wind Walker Glamorum Clan
Art pRiNt by Charlena

Friday, April 8, 2011

aRt in Review

deSigN #113 MotHeR of TiMe
A MotHeR of grace, she geNtly sMiles, the years of summers past
The meMoRies she holds within her heart of her children, keepsakes that forever last

8x8 'ooak' Scrapbook aRt WoRk
copyrights of
Original Issued Date: April, 2010
'ooak' Glass Baubles by Poetic GaRdeN
Prima Flower & Butterfly Collections
Making Memory Brads

aRtist jourNal meaNiNg
"I always coMe back to this particular aRt peace because of the overall feel aNd colors that I chose to use. Tranquil in every way to convey the eMotioNs I was feeliNg at that particular tiMe in my Life's JourNey. A portrait of a young girl aNd boy that reMiNded me of my own children aNd the newly discovered love I had never experienced before with tHeM. A sileNt boNd that together is spoken of a MotHeRs love to her children that will staNd the test of tiMe"
~copyrights of

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


"It takes a lot of courage to show your dReAms to soMeoNe else"
~Erma Bombeck

Monday, April 4, 2011


It's nice to know that God is with me no matter where I go. He is always there to catch me if I should stuMble or if I fall. LiftiNg my wiNgs up in tiMes of weakness, reMiNdiNg me how much he loves me most of all.


you can always fiNd me in my 'twitter' gaRdeN for quick updates on life, iNspiRatioNal thoughts aNd ideas at: