Friday, April 22, 2011

tEa tiMe

Good MorNiNg... Vanilla tEa Cup in haNd with a dash of Peach Medley aNd a haNdful of suNshiNe. So much to do in the NEW gaRdeN aNd not suRe wHeRe to begiN. This might take a while to get just right but i'm suRe I can fit it all in. There aRe fields to be haRvest aNd tHiNgs to make... oh what will I ever do?
I've been fluttering about tRyiNg to get tHiNgs doNe with so very little tiMe. I had hoped to have told you but please uNdeRstaNd, that I oNly have oNe tiNy list in my haNd. I'm 3" tall aNd my shoes doN't fit. SoMe aRe too small aNd soMe aRe too big. I tRy to get tHiNgs so that they aRe just right. But I fiNd that my gaRdeN is getting too tight. No tiMe to spare so little sleep, I wish I could sluMbeR aNd couNt my sheep.
Too much too do, too much to sow, haRvest of pleNty aNd a bouNty to grow. A place where the faRies all woRk like a bee, all woRkiNg together... to see what I SEE.
There's tRiNkets of pleNty aNd baskets aRe full, of all the bouNtiful haRvest we'll grow.
Oh the day has just begun with tEa in my haNd. Just talkiNg about it, not suRe wHeRe to begin. For now I will sluMbeR, tweeter aNd sleep, dReAmiNg of all that I envision aNd see...