Saturday, April 30, 2011

Twig Collecting

One of the tHiNgs I eNjoy doiNg is exploRiNg uNique aNd out of the way places. This is where I teNd to fiNd iNspiRatioN fRoM the faiRies. A few years ago I discovered a produce staNd not too far fRoM me aNd often fouNd myself day dReAmiNg of wHeN I could go back. I receNtly had a cHaNce to do just that aNd what I fouNd was a well loved faRm with such rich history aNd soMetHiNg you would fiNd out of a Story Book.
CalliNg him the 'stick guy' for maNy years, Lyle Dabb established his laNd in 1972 aNd seNse tHeN he's been producing aNd selliNg everything fRoM Willow BraNches, Wreaths fResh Produce aNd moRe. Nestled iNto the couNtRy side of Ogden, Utah, Lyle's produce staNd iNvites people of all ages to explore not just the fResh produce but for soMetHiNg a bit moRe Magical.
A place where faiRies loVe to live...
Old Red BaRns still staNd the test of tiMe while years worth of haRd woRk aNd deteRmiNatioN aRe collected iNto thousaNds of buNched bRaNches fRoM Lyle's near by faRm.
I love using hoMegRoWn bRaNches in my floRal deSigNs but most of all I love coMiNg to Lyle's Produce StaNd to be iNspiRed by his aMaziNg ability to bRiNg natuRe to life in it's truest foRm, a pRiMe spot for faiRy 'twig collecting' iNdeed.
I caN't wait to go back aNd discover a moRe detailed look beHiNd Lyle Dabb's Produce as he takes me on an adveNtuRe exploRiNg the couNtry side in a way you've never seen it befoRe. tHaNk You, Lyle for your aMaziNg taleNts with MotHeR NatuRe aNd for beiNg such an iNspiRatioN to me.

Lyle Dabb Produce
Ogden, Utah
Vegetables, Dry Flowers aNd Wreaths coNtiNued featuRe