Monday, May 2, 2011

aRt in Review

DeSigN #123 GraNdMas faiRy GaRdeN

My eyes gAzEd across the GoLdEn HuEs a WoNdErLanD of color cream, white and shades of blue. Touching every thistle, every blade of grass, smelling the sWeeT aiR and feeling the morning dew in between my TiNy ToEs.
I reached to catch the ButteRfliEs and poNder the thought of riding on dRaGoNfly WiNgS as they DaNcEd around my head. I looked to the sky to follow their sHimMeRy trails noticing the big puffy white clouds rolling by leaving a soFt bReEze on my TeNdEr cheeks and a gEnTLe wHiSper in my ear.
The sWeet sCeNt of wildflowers mixed with an orchard of granny smith apples was my HeArts awakening to a mAgiCal place not often seen. For the faiRies had come to play with me in gRaNdmAs gArDeN for the day leaving my soul with such pEaCe.

8x8 'ooak' Scrapbook aRt WoRk
copyrights of
Original Issued Date: JuNe '2010
K&CoMpaNy, BoBunny, My MiNds Eye
Poetic GaRdeN faiRy StoNes
MakiNg MeMoRies, Prima Flower Collections

"tHeRe aRe two oRigiNal aRt Pieces that I did that left me feeliNg like I had tRuly woRked with my gRaNdMotHeR. FeeliNg the waRmth of her slight nudge for me to do soMetHiNg just peRfectly. SuRe it's oNe tHiNg to cReAte with diffeReNt eleMeNts but it's aNotHeR wHeN you aRe beiNg guided of wHeRe to put tHiNgs.
All the way down to the deSigN of the paper, I was re cReAtiNg a moMeNt in my life. A moMeNt that brought me such peace aNd claRity. Early moRniNg rise to a crystal blue sky with the taRt sMell of Granny Smith apples. Just those details aloNe always brought me back to my gRaNdMotHeRs backyard. The actual pRiNt of this paper by My MiNds Eye, helped me visually show a pattern that was so common on my gRaNdMotHeRs dresses. The White Flowers syMboliziNg the puffy white clouds that caMe rolliNg in by mid day, air so crisp, clean aNd fResh. As I set out on my moRniNg adveNtuRe searching for faiRies in my gRaNdMotHeRs gaRdeN. " ~Poetic GaRdeN aRt JourNal