Thursday, January 30, 2014

aRt Studio

Back iN tHe aRt Studio dReAmiNg up Scrapbooks 
aNd ACEO Collectors aRt CaRds
discover tHe latest SneAk Peeks oN facebook uNdeR or discover tHe collection heRe throughout tHe blog
~Blessed Be fRoM my gaRdeN to yours

Friday, January 24, 2014

sHuttiNg tHe door

sayiNg NO aNd sHuttiNg tHe door oN a few people caN BE a wicked experience soMetiMes aNd can suRe stRetcH tHe faith, but my dReAms aRe iMpoRtaNt to ME aNd I doN't haVe tiMe for BS no matter how BIG your pyramid scheme pocket book is. So check yourself at tHe door befoRe YOU roll iN my saNdbox with a shady HeArt because I haVe no pRobleM slicing it apaRt aNd telliNg YOU like it is

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I'll Knock YOU OUT!

I caN knock YOU out with a really good set of wiNgs, Boots aNd a fiNe sHaRp Pixie WaNd, so doN't mess with ME... K? I MeAn BusiNess with my dReAms... tHis is how I roll for {LoVe} 

"To seNd ligHt iNto tHe daRkNess of MeN's HeaRts ~ such is tHe duty of tHe aRtist."
-Robert Schumann
I pay HoMage to MaRtiN LutHeR KiNg, Jr. tHaNk YOU, moRe tHaN WoRds can say
 DefeNdeR of HuMaN Civil Disability Rights

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Strong WoMaN

¸.·´… ¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´ ¸¸.·¨¯`·♥ A strong woman is a woman determined to do something others are determined not be done ~woRds by Marge Piercy Wingless Angel takiNg back a stolen 'Book of Life'

Monday, January 13, 2014

fReedoM of Speech

fReedoM of Speech

wHeN tHey say tHat tHey aRe goiNg to close aNd restore my case fRoM both sides of the courtroom, does tHis meAn I will fiNally get tRue medicine aid support or does tHis meAn tHat I will BE deceptively drop kicked again for tHe secoNd tiMe? I left messages with both Public DefeNdeRs fRoM tHe Orem 4th District Court aNd tHe American Fork Court tHis past week, but naturally tHey neVer returned my call, I rarely call tHeM aNyWay, aNd tHese aRe tHe defeNdeRs tHat say I neVer deserved to go to jail iN tHe fiRst place but DO YOU tHiNk I will get my moNey back for jail fiNes? of course not, tHe Government saw ME as a disabled 'meal ticket' able to profit fRoM my newly distributed disability fuNds wHile sittiNg iN jail for HuMaN Civil Disability Rights aNd for cRiMes coMmitted oN my 'Book of Life' tHat span way back seNse tHe dust of tiMe. 
It suRe does bRiNg tHiNgs hoMe wHeN YOU kNoW tHat your life aNd disabilities meAn jack sHit to aN LDS Government ran State tHat prides tHeMselVes oN so much...
YOU haVe LDS faith based WoMeN heRe oN tHe news iN Utah figHtiNg for cannabis oil for tHeir cHildReN but bad mouth BeAutiFuL MotHeRs like ME, tHat oNce was hoMeless aNd Religiously, Medically aNd Politically toRtuRed, raped, abused aNd deceptively tuRned aWay 
for tHe marijuana seed tHat makes tHeir oil. 
I NEED THE STATE OF UTAH TO WAKE~UP TODAY, NOT YESTERDAY! tHis is so wRoNg! quit teAchiNg ME about foRgiVeNess oR say tHat YOU aRe soRry or tHreAteN ME wHeN I speAk up paRticulaRly to coVer up a cRiMe tHat YOU woNt oWn by sayiNg YOU caN't paRticipate iN couRt because your Religion woNt allow it! defeNdeR of HuMaN Civil Disability Rights

Saturday, January 11, 2014

SouNdiNg tHe trRuMpet of Justice


tHus far tRutH BE told, all I see is talking iN ciRcles still aNd no reAl action or cHaNge for tHe better. Court System waNtiNg to moVe to close my case doesN't close tHe fact tHat tHey still daMaged my 'mustard seed' violated so maNy HuMaN CiVil Disability Rights, put ME through HELL aNd back twice iN uNdeR 3yrs with Religious aNd Political Violence oN a disabled MotHeR aNd WoMaN, all wHile I haVe been cleAniNg up tHeiR perverted system aNd ChuRch aNd tHey kNoW it! Still waitiNg for back pay disability so I can obtain my required disability needs iN oRdeR to moVe foRwaRd iN life, but it's been alMost 6yrs which meAns tHe loNger tHey sit tHe loNgeR tHey doN't haVe to taKe accountability. 
At tHis moMeNt my HeArt still has no tRust iN tHe matter... 
Utah Justice System, pleAse doN't tHiNk YOU caN resolVe your diRty woRk beHiNd close doors, usiNg aNd polluting a MotHeRs 'Book of Life' aNd tHiNk YOU caN get aWay with it.
My HeAveNly FatHeR kNoWs wHat YOU do iN tHe daRk, eVeN wHeN I atteNd Church! 
{Eye for aN Eye} a MotHeR has to protect her aRk of LoVe!

I AM not afraid to say tHis aNd to staNd up aNd coNtiNue bRiNgiNg moRe aWaReNess to soMetHiNg tHat is so wRoNg!... tHe LDS Church aNd tHe bRoKeN Government heRe can adMit to doiNg cRiMe yet tHey excuse tHeMselVes fRoM doiNg tHe tiMe or respond to pRopeR aid tHat is needed.  LDS Church keeps telliNg ME tHat I can pRess cHaRges, but tHey caN't iNvolVe tHeMselVes iN couRt for tHeiR cRiMes within tHe Church. 
No woNdeR tHeRe is such a high leVel of MeNtal Illness iN tHe State of Utah. 
 I tHiNk a WoMaN of tRue {faith} has a CoNstitutioNal Duty aNd Right 
to souNd tHe tRuMpet of tRue Justice NO MATTER WHERE SHE STAKES HER HEART!

Roughly 3 SuNdays ago iN tHe Provo 1st Ward I had to coNfRoNt tHe Bishop on a cRiMe tHat was happeNiNg within tHe body of tHe Church aNd iN tHeiR waRd. Bishop tells ME it's tHe fiRst tiMe heAriNg of tHe paRticulaR matter, which is false!!!  I haVe seen tHis tiMe aNd again, tHe moMeNt tHe matter happeNed, I addressed aNd weNt to a Man tHat holds tHe Priesthood iN tHe WaRd, my verbal 911 S.O.S call should haVe been brought to tHe Bishops atteNtioN ASAP! CoMe to fiNd out my voice was sileNced for aN oNgoiNg issue tHis waRd has had for soMetiMe. Bishop suggests to ME to pRess cHaRges, tHeN I AM told tHe saMe tHiNg last night by tHe Relief Society President to pRess cHaRges. She too has been aWaRe of tHe issue. As a wHole tHe eNtiRe WaRd is aWaRe of tHe issue, loNg befoRe I eNteRed tHe neigHboRhood. Admits to beiNg apaRt of cuRreNt cRiMe aNd otHeR open case issues at haNd. Yet wHeN I address my Case to tHe State oN all leVels, I AM igNoRed, violated as a WoMaN aNd oNce again tuRned aWay for tRue Justice. tHe Government heRe woNt tRuly defeNd my case or pRess cHaRges oN tHe Church, tHey adMit tHe Government heRe is ran by tHe LDS Church. The Provo Police aRe coMpletely aWaRe aNd yet I AM still igNoRed for basic aNd fuNdaMeNtal HuMaN Civil aNd Disability Rights. 
Now do YOU uNdeRstaNd wHy LoVe aNd tRust is bRoKeN?

I haVe witnessed aNotHeR leVel of DeHuMaNizatioN heRe tHat I caN't eVeN place iNto WoRds, LDS Church, Medical, Law aNd Government, YOU haVe blood oN your haNds
so I say BE daRiNg aNd williNg to show your face iN tHe eyes of daNgeR, walk iNto a perverted teMple aNd tuRn it upside doWn aNd bRiNg it to it's kNees because a HeArt aNd aRk aNd dReAms matter! 

google aNd wikipedia photo of tHe Salt Lake City LDS TeMple