Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I'll Knock YOU OUT!

I caN knock YOU out with a really good set of wiNgs, Boots aNd a fiNe sHaRp Pixie WaNd, so doN't mess with ME... K? I MeAn BusiNess with my dReAms... tHis is how I roll for {LoVe} 

"To seNd ligHt iNto tHe daRkNess of MeN's HeaRts ~ such is tHe duty of tHe aRtist."
-Robert Schumann
I pay HoMage to MaRtiN LutHeR KiNg, Jr. tHaNk YOU, moRe tHaN WoRds can say
 DefeNdeR of HuMaN Civil Disability Rights