Sunday, May 29, 2011

aRt Studio

Back iN tHe aRt Studio again... soRtiNg out my Life's JourNey through my cReAtioNs while speNdiNg tiMe with tHe faMily. YOU aRe alWays welcoMe to look aRouNd witHiN the gaRdeN.
tHe {} liNk which is the oRigiNal establishment iNto the Craft~Scrapbook GeNre; takes YOU iNto a moRe 3D peRspectiVe of wHeRe tHe oRigiNal portfolio caMe fRoM.
~Blessed Be fRoM the 'hobbit house' of

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

peRsoNal Dedication

wHeN tHe WoRld is daRker tHaN I can uNdeRstaNd
wHeN notHiNg turns out the way I planned
wHeN the sky turns grey and theres no eNd in sight
wHeN I caN't sleep through the loNely night

I turn to YOU
Like a floWer leaNiNg toWaRd the sun
I turn to YOU
Because YOU aRe the oNly oNe
{Who} can turn ME around when i'm upside down
I turn to YOU

wHeN my insides are wracked with aNxiety
YOU have the touch that will quiet me
YOU lift my spirit. You melt the ice
wHeN I need iNspiRatioN, wHeN I need advice

I turn to YOU
Like a floWeR leaning toWaRd the sun
I turn to you
{Because YOU aRe the oNly oNe}
Who CAN turn me around when i'M upside doWn
I turn to YOU

wHeRe would I be? What would I do?
If YOU never helped me through
I hope someday if YOU lost your way
YOU could turn to ME like I turn to YOU
I turn to YOU
Like a floWer leaning toWaRd the sun
~soNg by Melanie C

copyrights of aNd to my HeaVeNly FatHeR

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Through the Looking Glass

I've had to take a few days off aNd giVe myself soMe aloNe tiMe; wRitiNg iN the wiNdow aboVe the door, tRyiNg to uNdeRstaNd... it's a tRustiNg soRt of motion i'M goiNg tHrougH. CaN't eVeN seem to wRite what I really waNt to. NotHiNg good, bad or iNdiffeReNt, let me tRy to explain...
I should haVe announced the gaRdeN wiNneRs fRoM the 'MotHeRs Day' tEa paRty by now but fouNd myself haViNg to put 'life' oN pause for a moMeNt aNd speNd soMe quality tiMe with my kids. The siMple tHiNgs... mom iN the kitchen cookiNg, while the souNd of Harry Potter is playiNg in the back gRouNd. I needed to eNjoy this, the eVeRyday stuff. EatiNg diNneR at the table together, heAriNg tHeM chat about life... beiNg a faMily together.
So wHeRe does the tRustiNg paRt coMe iN? woNdeR wHy I eVeN wRote that woRd to begiN with...
TrustiNg moRe iN the daily moMeNts iN life, ratHeR tHaN woNdeRiNg what coMes next, what I haVe to do tomorrow or the next day or eVeN the week or year after that. TrustiNg moRe iN the quiet {heRe aNd now moMeNts} of life. TrustiNg iN lettiNg go of the {what if's} iN life.
I need to soRt my feeliNgs out moRe but fiNd myself feeliNg like tHeRe is a tiMe coNstRaiNt of wHeN I should haVe all these eMotioNs figuRed out. YOU would tHiNk between eVeRytHiNg I do eVeRy day, I would haVe it coNcise aNd doWn to an exact scieNce by now but I doN't aNd not suRe if I eVeR will, not suRe if I waNt to. I tHiNk for now, I just waNt to tRust iN tHe {heRe aNd now} moRe... So for now heRe is wHeRe I will be, iN the wiNdow aboVe the door, wRitiNg with the RaVeN iN my aRt JourNal... aNd I pRoMise I will keep YOU posted oN wHeN I do figuRe soMe of those tHiNgs out.
~aRt JourNal of

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MotHeRs Day CoNtest

tEa tiMe moMeNt~
i'Ve been goiNg tHrough so maNy mixed eMotioNs the past few days, that seemed to haVe taken me off guard. I didN't tHiNk "MotHeRs Day" would iMpact me the way it did.
Usually it's customary to aNnouNce wiNneRs on the day of a coNtest but how do YOU eNd a 'tEa paRty' that was made fRoM heAveN? Let me explain...
I cReAte {for} the faiRies. So eVeN in my daily routiNe of life, it is who I am, it is who I woRk for. After all {they} haVe tRuly helped me out iN my life aNd haVe blessed me moRe tHaN I can put iNto woRds. So eVeN if YOU doN't belieVe in faiRies, the question still reMaiNs the saMe, Why? why did I choose this caRd for YOU?
Here I was, so focused oN YOU receiving tHis 'GreetiNg CaRd' fRoM the faiRies, that I foRgot about me. What I mean is... "Oh botHeR" let me tRy to explaiN this aNotHeR way...
wHetHeR YOU woRk for facebook {blogger} or 'twitter' or peRhaps YOU doN't, the fact still reMaiNs the saMe. I just waNted to say "Happy MotHeRs Day" to YOU.

I will post the wiNneRs fRoM the "MotHeRs Day" coNtest sHoRtly
eNjoy your GreetiNg CaRd fRoM a 'tEa PaRty' Made iN HeAveN
~Blessed Be fRoM Poetic GaRdeN

Monday, May 9, 2011

Gift to a MotHeR

iN a caRd that was cReAted was a message made for YOU...
The Card I chose for "MotHeRs Day" is my gift I wRite to YOU.
The gift that HE has giVen is the gift I giVe to YOU.
That a precious boNd was giVen befoRe our tiMe oN eaRth
A gift HE gaVe was giVen, like a motHeR {she} was Hers.
What a GraNdMotHeR gaVe, was giVen in a message deSigNed for YOU...

{faiRies I see aRe aNgels Dressed~up iN Butterfly wiNgs}

So no matter how I cReAte it, this caRd was Made for YOU,
as my "MotHeRs Day" present giVen a Gift I giVe to YOU.
a woRldwide 'present' for all of those who caMe
to a 'tEa PaRty' made in Heaven that was written just the saMe...

{Every MotHeR has a 'Story Book', a place for her to dReAm.
A place wHeRe faiRies can fLy like aNgels Dressed~up iN Butterfly wiNgs}

'GreetiNg CaRd' dedicated to my Heavenly Father
"Happy MotHeRs Day"

Thursday, May 5, 2011

MotHeRs Day CoNtest

On December 2nd, 2010 wrote the fiRst eVeR
'liVe' GreetiNg CaRd on Facebook.

"A giRlfRieNd is oNe of the best eMbellisHmeNts
you can have to a cReAtive woRld"

the gaRdeN is haviNg it's {2nd Annual} facebook 'liVe' tEa PaRty coNtest
in HoNoR of MotHeRs Day
hidden beneath the wRitiNgs aNd riddles fiNd the {message} that was written
in the StoRy Book of Poetic GaRdeN this past week.
StaRt at the {tiMe of Gratitude} page below aNd READ your way up
DoN't foRget to check facebook aNd 'twitter' The White Rabbit has wRitteN a lot of clues to help YOU discover what's iNside the 'GreetiNg CaRd'

What do you tHiNk the next Poetic GaRdeN 'GreetiNg CaRd' will Read?
Post your aNsWeR by May 9th, 2011 on aNyoNe of our oNliNe gaRdeN liNks
{blogger, twitter or facebook}
The fiRst TWO gaRdeN fRieNds that POST their aNsWeRs of what the
{message} Reads
will receive Priceless 'ooak' aRt Pieces fRoM the Gallery Vault
Winners will be announced
{CoNgRatulatioNs to KaReN aNd tHe Mercik's}

~wHeRe iMagiNatioN aNd Discovery CoMe aliVe

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Through the Looking Glass

eNricHed is how i've been feeliNg this week, didN't tHiNk I would get much tiMe to wRite my thoughts doWn. Well heRe I am up in my {wiNdow above the door} wRitiNg in my aRt JourNal. I fiNd myself cHaNgiNg moRe each day UpoN how I SEE 'liFe' How I actually 'tHiNk' aNd 'liVe' YOU SEE a WoRld for how it is. I SEE a WoRld of how it should be... YOU see?
Oh Rats, ok let me tRy to explain this aNotHeR way. Why is a Raven like a wRitiNg desk? for the saMe reason that a wRitiNg desk is like a Raven. YOU SEE? Precisely My poiNt Exactly! which is why there is no better way tHeN to say just this...

I'm a Real Estate AgeNt for faiRies (cRicket moMeNt, I know just hear me out)

I cReAte actual HoMes for faiRies. I also go in search of existing hoMes wHeRe faiRies like to liVe. Ok now that I have that written doWn... let me see, if my woRds doN't becoMe riddles fiRst, I will do my best to explain... fRoM how I wRite to how I speak, I iNteRpRet what the faiRies tHiNk. SoMe see tHeM as aNgels aNd I SEE tHeM with wiNgs, iMagiNe if WE all just saw tHeM as just oNe tHiNg. iMagiNe if you liVed in a faiRy WoRld, NOW iMagiNe what this woRld would look like...
How would you describe it? How would you SHOW soMeoNe what your 'faiRy WoRld' looks like to you? Would you use cRayoNs aNd staRt dRaWiNg or pick up a paiNt bRush aNd staRt paiNtiNg? or maybe a pen to wRite it all down or seNd a message by text? Take a picture aNd seNd it by eMail or peRhaps 'twitter' it all iNstead...
I've been 'BloggiNg' on Blogger aNd even 'iNstaNt Message' a few, woNdeR if all that modern technology will do...

To Show YOU my StoRy Book i've cReAted for YOU

fRoM a caMeRa to a coMputeR or fRoM a paper to a pen, my haNds I giVe in giViNg, it is how I tRuly liVe. So if it's fRoM a Picture, Greeting Card or two or fRoM a 'quote' on Facebook it's my Scrapbook Gift to YOU.
Now that i'm doNe wRitiNg, oh I do hope you uNdeRstaNd, why a Raven is like a wRitiNg Desk like a pen beneath my haNd...
YOU will always fiNd me woRkiNg with my faiRies, soMe see aNgels iNstead, I SEE tHeM with wiNgs of guidance of how to tRuly liVe. ~fRoM the aRt JourNal of

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ViNtage Cupcake

tHeN tHeRe aRe days wHeRe all I CAN do is jourNal aNd pRay.
WoNdeRiNg what to say...
I staRt reMeMbeRiNg the fiRst tiMe I met my Best fRieNd TiffaNy, 7yrs is a loNg tiMe. To have met her wHeN she was a MotHeR of oNe to her daughter Kylie, now a motHeR of two boys, Braxton aNd Mason. Such a woNdeRful day we had gettiNg caught up on life at ViNtage Cupcake this past week. With her two boys in haNd, we weNt about our day gettiNg what we needed doNe; wHeN it coMes to life sorts aNd such "business as usual" of beiNg Best fRieNds, I guess you can say.
She has seen me go through quite a jourNey in my life aNd has always been there through thick aNd tHiN. At tiMes I fiNd myself tHiNkiNg that there is no way I could have goNe through moMeNts without her as my side~kick paRtNer in cRiMe. She iNspiRes me as a motHeR, fRoM her hoMeMade recipes, to her adoRAble modeRn day Betty Crocker approach on life. She seems to make beiNg a MotHeR siMply effortless aNd tiMeless. If she is not teNdiNg to the Chickens for fResh eggs, she's teNdiNg to her faMily in a hoMe grown soRt of way.
Discussing life, woRk, faMily aNd meMoRies over scrumptious tEa aNd Cakes. Like woRds out of a StoRy Book page...

"A giRlfRieNd is oNe of the Best eMbellisHmeNts you can have to a cReAtive woRld."
Here's to 'bRoKeN down toasters' of beiNg a Mom, tEa tiMe with a fRieNd aNd sHaRiNg our Life's JourNey together in a viNtage kiNd of way.
(I was good, No cupcake was harMed in the makiNg of this day)
~aRt JourNal of Poetic GaRdeN

Monday, May 2, 2011

tiMe of Gratitude

"It's that tiMe again in the gaRdeN to express our most huMbled tHaNk You's aNd gratitude for the coNtiNued support in seeiNg Poetic GaRdeN grow. The aMouNt of accoMplisHmeNts could not have happened without each aNd every oNe of YOU. Through haRdsHips, gRoWth aNd coNtiNued self~discoVeRy, YOU have helped this gaRdeN develop iNto a patcHwoRk of tiMeless meMoRies. If you have visited this gaRdeN at oNe poiNt in tiMe, your footpRiNts will still be left on our paths as a way to say "tHaNk You" for helpiNg our gaRdeN grow.
We have coMe a loNg way in such a short tiMe. A few updates that aRe takiNg place...
Poetic GaRdeN will be lauNcHiNg it's '2011 Collection fRoM the 'Life's JourNey' liNe aNd iNtroduciNg iNto the gaRdeN Three New faiRies. Both addiNg such a wHiMsical flare to aNy Magical StoRy Book.
Without all of YOU, Poetic GaRdeN wouldN't have grown so much aNd be where it is today. By your kiNd woRds aNd actions, YOU aRe helpiNg us rebuild our Non~Profit ReadiNg Program aNd would be appreciative of your coNtiNued support through out this new season as we striVe to bRiNg the Magic back iNto ReAdiNg.
We also have been given a great opportunity to connect with a few schools in Indonesia aNd look forward in sHaRiNg their progress with you as we dReAm woRlds apaRt.
We value aNd appreciate your coNtiNued geNeRosity aNd caRiNgNess. It's iMpoRtaNt that we coNtiNue to sHaRe with YOU the iMpoRtaNce of dReAmiNg. fRoM tiMeless moMeNts captuRed through 'ooak' cReAtioNs or disCoVeRiNg the magic in your own gaRdeN... we iNvite you to coMe aloNg with us on a New JourNey wHeRe iMagiNatioN aNd 'Self' Discovery coMe aliVe through MotHeR NatuRe.
tHeRe aRe always New tHiNgs sprouting up in the gaRdeN aNd caN't wait to sHaRe tHeM with you this coMiNg season. Here's to discovering your footpRiNts ~Blessed Be fRoM "

aRt in Review

DeSigN #123 GraNdMas faiRy GaRdeN

My eyes gAzEd across the GoLdEn HuEs a WoNdErLanD of color cream, white and shades of blue. Touching every thistle, every blade of grass, smelling the sWeeT aiR and feeling the morning dew in between my TiNy ToEs.
I reached to catch the ButteRfliEs and poNder the thought of riding on dRaGoNfly WiNgS as they DaNcEd around my head. I looked to the sky to follow their sHimMeRy trails noticing the big puffy white clouds rolling by leaving a soFt bReEze on my TeNdEr cheeks and a gEnTLe wHiSper in my ear.
The sWeet sCeNt of wildflowers mixed with an orchard of granny smith apples was my HeArts awakening to a mAgiCal place not often seen. For the faiRies had come to play with me in gRaNdmAs gArDeN for the day leaving my soul with such pEaCe.

8x8 'ooak' Scrapbook aRt WoRk
copyrights of
Original Issued Date: JuNe '2010
K&CoMpaNy, BoBunny, My MiNds Eye
Poetic GaRdeN faiRy StoNes
MakiNg MeMoRies, Prima Flower Collections

"tHeRe aRe two oRigiNal aRt Pieces that I did that left me feeliNg like I had tRuly woRked with my gRaNdMotHeR. FeeliNg the waRmth of her slight nudge for me to do soMetHiNg just peRfectly. SuRe it's oNe tHiNg to cReAte with diffeReNt eleMeNts but it's aNotHeR wHeN you aRe beiNg guided of wHeRe to put tHiNgs.
All the way down to the deSigN of the paper, I was re cReAtiNg a moMeNt in my life. A moMeNt that brought me such peace aNd claRity. Early moRniNg rise to a crystal blue sky with the taRt sMell of Granny Smith apples. Just those details aloNe always brought me back to my gRaNdMotHeRs backyard. The actual pRiNt of this paper by My MiNds Eye, helped me visually show a pattern that was so common on my gRaNdMotHeRs dresses. The White Flowers syMboliziNg the puffy white clouds that caMe rolliNg in by mid day, air so crisp, clean aNd fResh. As I set out on my moRniNg adveNtuRe searching for faiRies in my gRaNdMotHeRs gaRdeN. " ~Poetic GaRdeN aRt JourNal