Tuesday, May 24, 2011

peRsoNal Dedication

wHeN tHe WoRld is daRker tHaN I can uNdeRstaNd
wHeN notHiNg turns out the way I planned
wHeN the sky turns grey and theres no eNd in sight
wHeN I caN't sleep through the loNely night

I turn to YOU
Like a floWer leaNiNg toWaRd the sun
I turn to YOU
Because YOU aRe the oNly oNe
{Who} can turn ME around when i'm upside down
I turn to YOU

wHeN my insides are wracked with aNxiety
YOU have the touch that will quiet me
YOU lift my spirit. You melt the ice
wHeN I need iNspiRatioN, wHeN I need advice

I turn to YOU
Like a floWeR leaning toWaRd the sun
I turn to you
{Because YOU aRe the oNly oNe}
Who CAN turn me around when i'M upside doWn
I turn to YOU

wHeRe would I be? What would I do?
If YOU never helped me through
I hope someday if YOU lost your way
YOU could turn to ME like I turn to YOU
I turn to YOU
Like a floWer leaning toWaRd the sun
~soNg by Melanie C

copyrights of poeticgarden.com aNd to my HeaVeNly FatHeR