Monday, May 9, 2011

Gift to a MotHeR

iN a caRd that was cReAted was a message made for YOU...
The Card I chose for "MotHeRs Day" is my gift I wRite to YOU.
The gift that HE has giVen is the gift I giVe to YOU.
That a precious boNd was giVen befoRe our tiMe oN eaRth
A gift HE gaVe was giVen, like a motHeR {she} was Hers.
What a GraNdMotHeR gaVe, was giVen in a message deSigNed for YOU...

{faiRies I see aRe aNgels Dressed~up iN Butterfly wiNgs}

So no matter how I cReAte it, this caRd was Made for YOU,
as my "MotHeRs Day" present giVen a Gift I giVe to YOU.
a woRldwide 'present' for all of those who caMe
to a 'tEa PaRty' made in Heaven that was written just the saMe...

{Every MotHeR has a 'Story Book', a place for her to dReAm.
A place wHeRe faiRies can fLy like aNgels Dressed~up iN Butterfly wiNgs}

'GreetiNg CaRd' dedicated to my Heavenly Father
"Happy MotHeRs Day"