Friday, May 30, 2014

Terrorism on the Disabled

Patrick J. Kennedy, "tHaNk YOU" for admitting aNd explaining tHe ongoing terrorist attacks that local Church aNd State aNd your Nations 'in house' activity does on ME aNd the disabled for their Human Civil Disability Rights aNd torturing WOMEN aNd Children for their true medicine of marijuana! 'Pro Life ~ for True Healthcare ~ 420 Activist aNd Artist

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother Earth

Happy 'Mothers Day' to 'Mother EaRth'  for beiNg the bravest MotHeR of ALL!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Friday, May 9, 2014

Standing~Up to Abuse


WALKING MY TRUTH WITH ABUSE! this Woman Fay Jorgenson belongs in Prison... what's is sick is when the State of Utah allows an ex~abusive LDS Mother to get away with crime so it also covers the bRoKeN systems shit from having to own up to what they did to a REAL and true disabled Daughter, Woman and Mother! Present in some of the court dates... Fay Jorgensen, my lifelong abuser, flew right under the perverted court systems radar, looking all sweet, it was scarier than shit! I had to just stand there and take it! At one point I even went to jail for my abusive LDS ex Mother because she lied to the Orem Police about purchasing my true Medicine of Marijuana for me and she didn't want to get caught! Funny, the Orem Police actually knew she did too, it was a fake set~up hoping they could torture ME more. I was cornered iN Orem, Utah for a period of time, under her abusive care while bits of controlled unlawful hate crimes and court hearings were going on by her and by the State of Utah. "I wish YOU were dead! Your a mistake" aRe the words she would say many times. A Home Teacher of the LDS Church in Highland Utah, cornered ME in his car aNd told ME not to hang out with black people particularly with dreadlocks. My daughter is African American and Caucasian, YOU fuck tard, plus my ex abuser LDS Mother is so racist that when I actually did give birth to my BEAUTIFUL daughter, she slapped ME across my face and said "No one will ever loVe YOU or want to date or Marry YOU!" funny because I have a BEAUTIFUL son too! So when that line of BS came out of the Bishops mouth, all I could do was say, GOD get ME out of this HELL hole! This was during the time that I had to protect myself from a crazy shit ass ex LDS sister Roberta from Avidere from her complete denial of her Bi~Polar because it would hurt her T.V. image all while carry an unlicensed fully loaded gun in her Highland, Utah home with a child and blamed ME and threatened to pit people against ME because she wouldn't admit her involvement of abuse! Meanwhile she uses my 'truth' to build her T.V. image up through facebook. My ex abusive LDS Mother would bring home fake and abusive literature from her Orem, Utah Ward in the Timpanogos Village Mobile Home Park, what she went around telling everyone was to her "Vacation Home~ Under the Radar" with her additional home in California This sick and demented abusive Ex~ LDS Mother would bring home Political aNd Religious BS saying from the Church leaders, "if YOU do not eat meat, YOU are not from God" as she strings herself out and is addicted to Laxatives well into her 60's aNd abuses ME behind closed doors, and tells the court system to pit against ME for my true and required medicine. Trapped under Radar by the sick and demented Orem, Utah Police. She used and played her LDS Republic second husband on ME because, HE has a lot of clout in Orem and money and power, so it would protect herself from openly admitting that she only married him for his money and waited for the first woman to die... TRUTH, she told ME this and used her LDS Republic Husband to gang up on ME! using ME, her disabled daughter as the blaMe so she could avoid abuse charges, she placed my name on her "so called Orem vacation Home" to make herself look good, but TRUTH be told, she did it so she could fly up from California and avoid her husband for major sick stories she was making up about him.  She did the saMe tHiNg to my Father before HE passed forward. This WOMAN is running! I have witnessed first hand and have seen her and the Church and tHe perverted System pull the biggest BS crime ever! hoping everyone would Believe her sick and twisted lies. What's sicker is when an ex~abusive LDS Mother admits she does it on purpose and doesn't care! and tHe biggest crime of all is deceiving a disabled Daughter, Woman and Mother out of her Basic Human RIGHTS! particularly when the ex abusive LDS Mother aNd Church know they are BULL FACE lying right now! YOU CAN'T HIDE! if the demented perverted Utah LDS Government Church ran system won't do anything about it. I WILL! Because I know who I AM! If YOU SEE this Woman, Fay Jorgenson, it's not tHe best picture she's running and hiding from her crimes. SHE truly belongs in Prison! and have her and President Monson on trial and her Church membership removed ASAP, which is another reason why I was so tortured and ganged up on by the State of Utah as a single disabled Daughter, Woman and Mother! They knew my REAL truth would hurt Mitt Romney, the LDS Church and their corrupt and fake image so they took my Rights, through ME in jail several times and Politically and Religiously tortured ME and expect ME to get over it! they even went as far as covering up the Sexual Assault crime that the State was involved in because they knew they got caught!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

True 'Manwhores' of Religion

Will the REAL 'Manwhore' step forward, PLEASE!

I want the LDS church to BE called out to a Inquisition Style trial! and truly placed in Prison for the HELL they put ME and so many Disabled Single Women and Mothers through!

What happens when the LDS Church leads YOU on to pay 10% tithing when YOU are not even a member, then preys upon your disabilities and Legal Will in such a sick demented way and being homeless and disabled fighting for your basic Human Civil Disability Rights and lies to YOU when they said they would defend YOU and protect your Rights, then seNds YOU into a fake 'dark age war' only to BE violated even more and lied to by their fake Jesus in their fake system and then bullies and runs and hides! This is your REAL addict who is in complete denial! WAKE~UP PEOPLE they aRe the true sick oNes and they will use YOU as slaves, particularly single Women aNd Mothers! 

Being Single and walking aloNe, is much better than being lied to or married to a Church or any Religion and these deceivers that know they have been caught at their own sick gaMe! YOU want to know what else is true? My ex~ Abusive LDS Mother that gets away with Murder! Believes that Catholics and Blacks are bad people! this too is why she wants ME dead, because they knew the Cannabis Bill would have to pass and they would one day half to BE held accountable and truly pay for peoples natural God given Right to Marijuana for their medicine for the rest of their lives!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, aRe not worthy to BE Baptizing people on the Earth in this tiMe period today and they know it, they got caught! They NEED to BE held accountable and quit using young Missionaries to go out and cover up their own SINS and Crimes on Single and Disabled Women and DO their dirty work! In fact this is why they tortured and cornered and abused ME to get Baptized. TRUTH! now they have abandon their daMage and woN't coMe cleAn aNd they leave us to suffer and BE in slaved because WE THE PEOPLE stood up to the narcissistic abuse!

Religion can cheat oN YOU aNd abuse YOU too, like tHe LDS Church Government ran State! Shame on YOU President Monson!

 Wasatch Mental Health went as far as calling ME delusional for defending and protecting my Disability Rights in order to cover up their perverted and sick twisted ways of the crimes the Church and State of Utah admit doing and being apart of. Child Abuse, Sexual Assault, Rape, Murder, Medical Abuse and Political and Religious torture, abusing and trafficking disabled people particularly single disabled Women and Mothers through the State and denying them of any REAL true Justice and did not truly protect or defend.  motto: Serving Utah, my ASS! it's called modern day slavery of Single Disable Women and Mothers! Controlled by perverted Republic LDS Government ran 'Manwhore' of a State!

Walking iN Truth!

tHe Court System aNd bRoKeN medical system is willing to toss disabled people aside to cover up tHeiR oWn cRiMes... it happen to ME. Child Abuse scars aNd Political, Religious, Medical abuse, neVeR goes aWay! The peRveRted system heRe iN Utah allowed my abusers to walk aNd tHey kNoW it because tHey tHeMselVes weRe also tHe abuser!
wHeN someone forces tHeiR bRoKeN Religious aNd perverted Commandments oNto YOU to coVer up tHeiR Crimes, tHat is breaking Law!
How DO YOU sue Church aNd State for putting YOU through a fake daRk Age 
to coVer up tHeiR oWn BS?! 
WalkiNg iN Truth!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jesus 'fRieNd'

YES, pleAse Help HiM, I caught HiM aNd tHe Utah Government at tHeiR oWn gaMe right iN tHe HeArt of Utah aNd Orem... so befoRe YOU tRy to label up a disabled WOMAN iN your next Political aNd Religious bRoKeN pRoMises Warfare 'Medicaid Scam' or coNtiNue to abuse aNd belittle tHe WOMAN as tHe prostitute iN tHe gaMe of 'LoVe, War aNd Sacrifice' to hide admitted cRiMes? make suRe YOU kNoW wHo tHe REAL 'manwhore' iN tHis REAL 'Book of LIfe' is... a lot of KiNgs had moRe tHaN oNe 'MaRy' fRieNd back tHeN aNd moRe tHaN oNe wife. Manwhore: is a male tHat has several {key} attributes. a MASTER of manipulating women, and makes it his personal mission to sleep with as maNy different woMeN as possible qualifies as a manwhore, paRticulaRlly wHeN HE adMits it aNd doesn't caRe! He also has virtually no eMotioNal attachment to aNy of his victims, wHicH aRe WoMeN aNd tHeN uses tHe bRoKeN peRverted court system to place fear iN tHe WoMaNs heArt to coNtRol her fRoM wHat sHe kNoWs! HE goes by tHe naMe of Jesus or your 'fRieNd' aNd HE goes aRouNd makiNg suRe eVeRyoNe kNoWs HE's your 'fRieNd' iN oRder to pRotect hiMself fRoM his oWn cRiMes. The reputation of manwhore makes gaining new potential victims somewhat difficult... NOT ANYMORE!
so most manwhores are forced to switch territories aNd stoMpiNg grounds frequently, yeah HE tRied tHis a few tiMes uNtil I told tHe bRoKeN court system I had ENOUGH of tHe abuse. However, even in familiar environments, many manwhores can continue to get laid by playing the "im misunderstood, or "Im just pissed and acting out over a bad breakup" card. A true master in both deception and cunning, eVeN makes pRoMises HE caN't keep aNd leads YOU oN eVeN uNdeR tHe nose of tHe peRverted Government. a manwhore is any "good girls" worst nightmare coMe true. Well I say, "NO MORE RUNNING TO THE CROSS TO MAKE YOURSELF LOOK GOOD DUDE! tHat old stoRy woNt woRk aNyMoRe iN my Fathers KiNgdoM! sHoW~UP aNd play tHe paRt of a REAL LOYAL MAN, BELOVED LOVE aNd KING because REAL WOMAN aReN't afRaid to look YOU square iN tHe eye, each aNd every tiMe, eVeN iN court aNd call YOU out at your oWn gaMe! NOT afraid anymore to staNd up to tHis narcissistic abuser aNd not afraid to staNd up to tHe State of Utah or tHeir well kNoWn dirty LDS Political aNd Religious Rape aNd Sexual Assault aNd tHe 'Child Abuser' ex MotHeR Fay Jorgensen, either! YOUR IN MY GARDEN, MY HOUSE, MY LEGAL WILL, MY dReAM AND MY FATHERS KINGDOM!!!  
I haVe NO problem cracking tHe whip to get REAL sHit doNe oN tHis eArth iN protecting 'MotHeR EaRtH aNd MY GARDEN, NOT YOURS! STOP leading WoMeN oN to hide your War cRiMes! seNse my 'Jesus fRieNd' got caught sleeping at tHe wheel, playing his oWn political religious gaMe, dRuNk off his ASS aNd alcoholic! aNd had to blaMe tHe WoMeN oN tHe cross to cover up his oWn addictions. So tHey weNt after tHe siNgle WoMaN/MotHeR, abusing aNd toRtuRiNg her for her Disability Rights aNd Medicine of Cannabis, hoping sHe would go aWay! So suck it up aNd pucker up! BOY before YOU call a REAL WOMAN oN tHe eArtH a prostitute ever again, wash HER feet, or cover up your sick cRiMes by calliNg HER a HERO aNd SaiNt. REMEMBER MY NAME!!! because YOU will always BE tHe 'manwhore' iN tHat old stoRy aNd gaMe!  

True defeNdeR aNd activist for WOMANS HuMaN Civil aNd Disability Rights {facebook: katie poeticgarden} 

Saturday, May 3, 2014



Disabled aNd terminally ill young and old should have full coverage, benefits and access to their natural organic and fundamental medicine of cannabis aNd should not BE labeled, suppressed, held in modern day slavery or separated in society to tHe point that it effects their daily quality of living or limits one's ability to have eye or dental or the ability to have proper financial means to sustainable clean and healthy food, not to meNtioN, cleAner environment, less toxins even iN tHe Constitution, cleaner air, i.e. Hemp Farms... clean water, etc. By supporting aNd sustaining true natural, organic and fundamental ways, YOU aRe actually turning the Universe around for tHe better cause of Humanity as a whole aNd healing 'MotHeR Earth' saving peoples lives, which is apart of tHe symbol of the Cross, truly healing the Cross through LoVe aNd by ways of LoVe that is for all of Humanity and to all as a better whole. Please Congress, WAKE~UP! We should never have to go to War for the most basic Human Rights only to BE segregated and deceitfully labeled once more. YOU expect for tHe people to cHaNge tHeir ways, yet it's tHe system tHat woN't cHaNge theirs. Apart of feeding your state, your flock, your city, your town, your community, is beiNg bRaVe iN stepping up, WAKE~UP! aNd BE present! where did WE go wrong, when a person young or old has to BE placed on a waiting list for God given right of true medicine or BE denied sufficient sustainability to a better quality of living or haVe to go to court for basic fuNdaMeNtal rights to Life?!!! YOU caN't feed tHy sheep oN manmade, processed, fake and synthetic or oN old dogma BS! Synthetic Manmade is not normal or natural! which is the huge root of deaths and decline in overall health aNd needless aNd stupid violent wars.

Artist aNd Human Civil Disability Rights Defender aNd Activist

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