Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Thriving Prosperity

the oNly way WE aRe going to truly reduce cRiMe aNd Poverty in this Nation, is by preserving our 'Well Spring' of basic resources of clean water, clean medicine, clean healthy affordable crops and food... truly putting health aNd healthcare first.  NuMber oNe Gospel "LOVE THY SELF" Corporate aNd Government greed has spent a lifetime controlling a forced poverty stricken society by feeding the miNd aNd body with toxic juNk synthetic processed food, juNk science 'false flag' candy man made pills, horrible un natural vaccines, aNd tHe list goes on, just to make YOU even more sick. If they can hide cures for Cancer, tHeN YOU kNoW they doN't caRe about YOU or tHe 'Tree of Life' which WE ALL know staNds for LOVE.
WE have become a MotHeR Earth plaNet of,  
"I caN't afford to literally live aNd eat healthy clean food... I caN't afford to keep myself alive" 
WE aRe meant to thrive and prosper in LoVe aNd BE healthy both mind body aNd spirit but tHe very system that feeds us these liNes of true living prosperity, aRe tHe saMe evil crooks that stab us in the back aNd waNt to delete our ability to liVe, loVe aNd prosper. This plaNet aNd Nation is goiNg through oNe giant meNtal break down, which is every more reason why WE aRe deserving of affordable natural, organic, fuNdaMeNtal healthy clean nutrition, clean water aNd medicine 
aNd access to 'Pro Life' living, thriving self reliant sustainability aNd TRUE LOVE!

420 'Pro Life' Activist aNd Artist ~poeticgarden aNd

Monday, October 27, 2014

tiMe for cHaNge

Fay Norton Jorgensen of the Mormon LDS corrupt church, doN't haVe a baby, abuse it Politically aNd Religiously torture aNd neglect aNd lie aNd obstruct 42yrs. of justice on your daughters disability rights aNd Legal Will, try to cReAte more lies aNd drag your daughter through more violence to cover up your eNdless 'mind control' abuse aNd abandon aNd run. This generation wont take your cRiMes aNd lies aNyMoRe. YOU admit to using cannabis to take care of your own health. YOU admit to your delusional aNd abusive religious practices and isolation and emotional abuse aNd ways... doN't blaMe tHe FatHer for your mess, pick up aNd grow~up REPUBLICANS! And for the abusive ex that couldn't clean up his cheating mess, taught my kids to lie to cover up his affair aNd still blaMe it on tHeir MotHeR that had tHe courage to walk fRoM the abuse all by herself... kids I LOVE YOU, never mistake that, but I still have a duty to stand up for my HeArt aNd my right to LIVE. YOU chose to stay with your Dad, doN't blaMe ME aNd tell a lie that I abandon aNd walked away wHeN YOU admit to lying for your Dad aNd put ME in harms way. I AM not a mean MoM for protecting my Human Civil Disability Rights. This murderous aNd toxic environment that LOVES to steal joy peace and happiness... I deserve better fRoM ALL OF YOU, for lying so bad aNd causing ME to go through such horrible Land Law Religion aNd Medical Abuse aNd Grief. Get tHe REAL TRUE story straight, POETICGARDEN had the courage and strength to divorce, walked away bRaVely fRoM abuse aNd the ex chose to dangle material goods aNd money in front of the kids to get tHeM to lie for him. I AM still having to pick up the mess of ALL those who deliberately terrorized aNd lied aNd ran in my 'Lambs Book of Life aNd Legal Will' aNd forced violent acts of sin upon my spirit aNd will so to blaMe tHe victim that survived your sick ways. DoN't tell ME I AM crazy aNyMoRe wHeN I AM tHe oNe walking out tHe door leaving YOU. I AM stRoNgeR aNd bRaVeR tHaN YOU could ever iMagiNe. My kids aRe not with ME because YOU slaughtered their disabled MotHeR, lied to my kids about REAL Human Civil Disability Rights, used ME for your own greed aNd propaganda aNd unjustly aNd violently abused soMeoNes dReAms, good Scrapbook Art naMe aNd Non~Profit. OWN UP, GROW~UP, GO BIG OR GO HOME!


420 activist aNd artist to 'Pro Life' REAL aNd true medicine

Sunday, October 26, 2014


For my part, I prefer my heart to BE broken
It is so lovely, dawn~kaleidoscopic within the crack
~D.H. Lawrence 

for this is tHe part where I embrace aNd let go of all of those hurtful notions that were never in tHe mirror in the fiRst place.  All those labels, aNd ALL this tiMe beiNg denied my rightful place to embrace True LoVe in ME myself aNd I, remaining foReVer 
faithfully kissed in HIS light aNd LoVe...
tucked away in the aRt Studio, loViNg tHe FALL in ME, I couldn't resist in
exploring with shades of pink, rusty chocolate aNd orange
autumn berries. I AM trending on the notion of pink in tHe Fall season... A LOVE color that always warms the HeArt, aNd I couldN't resist in using a faVoRite gaRdeN fRieNd of miNe... hand cut paper Butterflies tipped with fairy glitter aNd swarovski crystals
 ~ ~ ~
Discovering aNd LoViNg tHe Goddess within is a daily act of courage aNd self ~ loVe
ooak Gift Hang Tag Art Piece fRoM my 'tiny designs' collection 
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dedicated to my Heavenly Father, to my REAL TRUE LOVE aNd to my Goddess within
Blessed Be aNd Happy Fall fRoM  'Green Pro Life 420 Activist' aNd Designer POETICGARDEN.COM

Saturday, October 25, 2014

'Age of Truth'

Bringing Awareness aNd Exposing Truth 
 fiNdiNg my way through tHe wilderness, my Goddess instincts call ME to duty oNce again
I know I AM not the oNly oNe that has been gReAtly afftected by this through
evidence lost stolen aNd continuous aNd corrupt organized 
cRiMe of Government aNd Religion...  


bRaVe WaRrioR activist aNd artist ~poeticgarden/ 'poeticfairy' on twitter

Saturday, October 18, 2014


 Russia youtube

This is tHe 'False Flag' Jesus that is invading aNd terrorizing aNd stalking this plaNet aNd my Ark/TeMple, my House of Abraham, my Spirit aNd my Legal Disability Will aNd most iMpoRtaNtly my Garden of Eden aNd rightful HoMe. This is tHe iMage they aRe using on tHe Mormon LDS websites aNd facebook, show up on Youtube in Russia aNd stRaNgely enough, HIS 'SON OF PERDITION' image shows up on 60 Minutes. HE is not tHe true 'Beloved' This is tHe iMage that is haunting my WoRld aNd dReAms aNd 'Book of Life' 
this is tHe Monster aNd admitted cheater that appeared in American Fork aNd Orem Courtsystem with me in '2012. This is the Beast aNd my abuser aNd Ex MotHer Fay Norton Jorgenson of the LDS Mormon Church aNd President Monson aRe abusing aNd violating aNd torturing my Living Legal Disability Will. 42yrs of 'Obstruction of Justice' in Heaven aNd on Earth
for Human Civil Disability Rights
This iMage is tHe SON OF PERDITION on my DNA aNd SpiRit in my 'LaMbs Book of Life'
HE aNd tHe Mormon Church aRe using aNd violating my Spirit aNd Legal Will!!!
I AM the Living aNd Risen TRUTH that this man aNd image is a Fraud!

not just State wide but the 'White House' and the entire plaNet!!!
So much trouble with my DAD aNd my Founding Forefathers... Religion or not
it says in your 'man made' Bible, that drunk Man Whores would not receive the 
TRUE KINGDOM aNd would BE sifted aNd deleted aNd my Ex Cheating Husband Ryan Galbraith Photographer for the Salt Lake Tribune, should BE deleted aloNg with the False MotHeR aNd Deceitful WoMaN raising my children along with the LDS MoRmoN abusive lying MotHeR
Fay Norton Jorgenson aNd President Monson, should BE stoNed aNd deleted.
According to this on going 'FALSE FLAG' BS in my Legal Disability Will
tHe Goddess has oNce again been troden upon, lied to aNd tortured aNd lowered in society by tHe lying corrupt Man aNd Jesus tHat ran fRoM my TRUE Legal Disability Will aNd the
REAL aNd TRUE 'Lambs Book of Life' aNd fRoM tHe House of Abraham
The MoRmoN LDS Church is a 'GIANT RED HERRING FALLACY' aNd silence people out of their HuMaN Civil Disability Rights
HERE IN AMERICA.  Religion has lied aNd so has the Government aNd they aRe running fRoM my LIVE 'Lambs Book of Life' aNd coNtiNue to Spiritually Torture aNd violate

fRoM a Brave MotHeR, Warrior aNd Activist of Pro Life 420 Green that knows her shit!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

'Black Sheep'

Whatever YOU aRe BE a good oNe HE said...
so I stayed the 'Black Sheep'
sang my LOVE soNg aNd turned the dark into light
with his grace

~ ~ ~

ooak Art Tag fRoM tHe 'tiNy Collection' album
using a fairy glitter dipped Black Rose
ooak vintage keys~glass fairy stoNe, dew drops
printed paper flowers, boxwoods, tiNy fall leaves aNd white berries
coMplete with a pearl jeweled charm aNd swarovski crystals

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dedicated to my Heavenly Father MotHeR NatuRe... not the son of perdition 
by 'Green Pro Life 420 Activist' aNd Designer

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

WiNgs of Fire

Royal Compass of Prevailing WiNgs of Divine Fire
never dies with each season or turn of the earth
I was born in a flame, 
DO YOU think I AM running out?... 
I'M on fiRe aNd filled with HIS LoVe 
No matter the cHaNgiNg of tides or seasons

~ ~ ~
Fall Burns in my Belly
I AM the axis who spins the earth.
Forever pregnant with creation,
I AM WOMAN by Rite, by Birth. 
~Nancy Brady Cunningham

_ _ _

Sneak Peek of a 'NEW' Fall/Winter ooak Scrapbook Art Piece
by 'Green Pro Life 420 Activist' aNd Designer

Monday, October 13, 2014

Well Spring

Well Spring ~ tHe 'White Horse Delusion'

I can tell that I AM still isolated in a very sick, cheating aNd lying aNd coNtrolled eNviRoNmeNt here. SaMe bRoKeN record, mechanical conversations aNd short visits with stRaNgeRs I doN't caRe to giVe my tiMe to aNd coNtiNued unlawful spying aNd interrogation. I stand aloNe because my tiMe for ME is certainly more iMpoRtaNt than sHaRiNg it with tHe lying 'orphans hand' with fake controlled chaos aNd instigating 'in house' bs, oNly to get a rise because they haVe nothing better to do aNd aRe still running froM their cRiMes. 

aNd lets not foRget tHe ongoing {'Red Herring Intentional Device'... often used in legal studies and exam problems to mislead and detract the person from reaching a correct conclusion about a legal issue} which is what the perverted lying cheating system here, coNtiNues to DO. Inflicting more daMage, distract, ignore, isolate, mind control brain wash, obstructing justice, coNtiNue to abuse aNd violate, particularly right around that 6-7yr expiration date, so the evidence is destroyed aNd the criminals aNd violators walk aNd the diversion to distract the oNe that has been violated aNd attacked, gets snuffed out, silenced aNd shuffled around on the systems perpetual lies. Each week aNd each moNth, right around political issues, I AM being used, abused aNd broken down in soMe way shape or form, whether by "in house" perpetual cRiMes by the perverted system aNd or tHe Land Lord that invades my rights aNd inflicts dRaMa so to fiNd a way out, escape aNd avoid. In other words, there is NO escaping the abuse heRe, aNd tHe attackers aRe never brought to justice, keeping so maNy "WE THE PEOPLE" they have violated, in an Intentional 'Red Herring' situation.

~ ~ ~
If I tell YOU I AM goNe, it doesn't mean YOU get to re enter my life, not even through the back door or using the corrupt aNd perverted system. Or coNtiNue to ask questions or fake that YOU caRed when YOU proved that YOU didn't, or cReAte more chaos because YOU aRe butt hurt that YOU got caught. YOU aRe dead to ME!!! that even includes fake fRieNds or abusive ex faMily or a lying cheating Church aNd State crooked system. To collect aNy ounce of sanity that was drained by those who faked their loVe, YOU aRe my past for a reason not my future aNd YOU doN't deserve to BE in it! I still feel like the State of Utah, it's eNtiRe system aNd LDS Church, is a 'bad cheating abusive delusional lying ex' that woN't go aWay aNd liNgeRs like a demented parasite. 
The 'Well spRiNg' here is no loNgeR aNd I AM not interested. 
I AM a 'SHAMEN' in my own ooak RITE aNd way aNd if YOU waNt to enter into my space... 
I charge for my tiMe! Seriously!!! I AM not your Free Therapist to a 'dead weight' ex of a toxic aNd perverted system. I have no problem telling YOU to go away, if YOU caN't pay. 
Wasatch Mental Health, I won't BE your FREE Babysitter or FREE in house therapist. I caMe not to BE saved but to live in Justice aNd RedeMptioN. Instead got haNded a giant lazy lying cheating adult baby. And for the loosing 'fraud Jesus fRieNd' that woN't go aWay aNd likes to relish in his sloppy 15 minutes of faMe... your 'White Horse' approach woN't work, EVER!... YOU still cheated aNd lied to ME aNd whole lot of people aNd can still SEE aNd observe that YOU aRe still chasing your own tail aNd running. Every face I SEE here aNd every word spoken out of the 'body' of your mouth is lazy aNd dead weight to ME aNd AM merely here to roll up the scroll in your history book, not miNe.

fRoM a Brave Warrior WoMaN, MotHeR aNd Green Activist 
~  aka 'poeticfairy' twitter

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Liberty Crying!

doN't vote tWo paRty aNyMoRe, tHey aRe ALL in bed with each other. They aRe keeping your miNd busy with eNdless poiNtless wars aNd False Flags, while tHey aRe stealing your LIBERTY aNd basic resources including medicine aNd YES, killing the WoMeN aNd Children to cover up tHeir perverted cRiMes. All must take accountability, it's tiMe "WE THE PEOPLE" take the White House aNd perverted 'man made' Religion hostage! Rejecting Pro Life/Science aNd Cures for illness aNd improving the earths health aNd well beiNg aNd Rejecting 'MotHeR Earth' aNd MotHeR MaRy, goes coMpletely against aNy 'man made' Bible, Torah, Koran, Sharia Law, Book of Mormon or even aN athiest, etc. YOU go against Nature... YOU go against yourself aNd LOVE! Our DNA is rooted in Nature which is a main LOVE source to THE MAIN 'SPIRIT' VINE, not a 'man made' Religion or Government Corporate Vine! Religion is dead because they violated tHe very nature of LoVe aNd Life itself aNd perverted Government did tHe saMe tHiNg. Only Man keeps Science out of Organized 'man made' Religion. Religion is bankrupt, so is the old dogma Government, so Man goes looking for aNotHeR source to gaMble iN aNd gobble up, cReAtiNg perpetual wars to geNeRate in tern trauding ALL over tHe WoMaN aNd Child aNd Nature itself. A PERPETUAL GENOCIDE! It's tiMe to sever tHe perverted sNake head... BE A FREE THINKER... it's tiMe to storm tHe Castle aNd take tHe 'White House' aNd Organized Religion hostage!


Friday, October 10, 2014

Forgetting LoVe

Forgetting LoVe

... in laymen terms, basically I AM living in a tiMe period where it would BE like President Obama, tHe Bush FaMily, Clintons aNd Religion weNt against the true FouNdiNg FatHeRs Vine {Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Kennedy} aNd weNt against tHe fRaMiNg Father George Washington himself aNd my Father iN Heaven. ALL guilty for perpetual wars, obstructing justice, false flags, un accountability at the tRue Judgement Seat. Exploiting the disabled aNd poor for coNtiNued corporation greed, torture aNd NO true REAL LOVE aNd Life Sustainability Resources aNd not truly putting our nations Healthcare System first... tHat is REAL LOVE! aNd lets not foRget YOU put wars, guns, tobacco, alcohol, hard drugs, caNdy killer pills aNd the crooks aNd thieves aNd murders before LoVe. YOU literally forgot LOVE... Mother Nature herself... Liberty aka 'MotHeR MaRy' YOU ALL got caught RED HANDED! You put your dirty polluted greed oil aNd fracking before tHe WoMaN aNd Child, before 'MotHeR Earth'.  For tHe last tiMe, WE doN't need diRty polluted oil, wHeN YOU can get it fRoM a Life Sustaining PlaNt. They aRe just too afraid to switch over oN a fast 'CLEAN GREEN' rate aNd BE a true 'GaMe ChaNger' of Independence aNd Self Reliance. They caN't even walk what they preach... even in terms of REAL LOVE! aNd NO MORE LAZY ASS EXCUSES OF NO TIME NO MONEY, ETC! YOU THREW 'HER' LOVE OUT LIKE GARBAGE... YOUR NATION AND PLANET, THAT IS. They can cReAte False Flag Wars oN such aN epic scale, coNtiNue to blaMe tHe victim aNd or tHe disabled, but caN't switch over to a more Life LOVE aNd SiMple ~ Healthy Sustaining way. 
You put your greedful ways before preserving life itself. 

Sharks aRe born Swimming! WE didN't coMe to BE saVed, WE caMe for justice! A Revolution in Life, LoVe, Sustainability tRue aNd LiViNg Healthcare because "WE THE PEOPLE BELIEVE IN TRUE LOVE AND CARE" aNd truly defending 'MotHeR Earth' which involves wRitiNg aNd ruling out ALL the 'Wolves iN Sheep' ClotHiNg fiRst, fRoM tHe 'LaMbs Book of Life' including those who ran fRoM their post in the Constitution aNd for those who ran fRoM a metaphor of a cross... 
WE haVe NO MERCY for those who chose to put their greed of moNey aNd oil aNd wars before life aNd LOVE aNd LIBERTY itself.

This was never your GaRdeN to begin with...


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Stoning for Justice!

StoNiNg perverted 'man made' Religion aNd Government out of the system for good is not a cRiMe. Creating ongoing lies aNd unjust cRiMes on those who aRe suppose to BE FREE fRoM their violators, deserve stoning...

~ ~ ~

they weren't willing to 'stone' tHe deceitful woMan raising my kids or provide justice aNd protection fRoM aN evil adulterous ex fRoM the Salt Lake Tribune or photographs for Ballet West, that belongs in prison for lying to the system, or protect ME fRoM a 'train wreck' of an abusive ex LDS MotHeR that desired ME dead, literally trampling upon her daughters disability rights aNd obstructing justice upon her daughter for now going on 42yrs, contributing to ongoing Religious aNd Political attacks aNd torture, to date! It was ok for the Salt Lake Police to force aNd inflict a controlled Rape but not before being kicked out of the state of Utah for disability rights, oNly to bRiNg ME back to BE tortured all over again, Medically, Religiously aNd Politically. It was ok for tHe LDS Church aNd tHe perverted Government to attempt playing corrupt 'mind gaMes' in order to cover up their own admitted cRiMes on a MotHeRs true Disability Will... aNd yet at tHe eNd of the day, they were aNd still aRe blood thirsty eager to stone tHe REAL TRUE AND LIVING MOTHER that sacrificed, helped with true healthcare reform all while being violently tortured in the systems corrupt governments pathetic ways. I AM so grateful my Father taught ME about the woRd HATE... I doN't Believe in organized religion, particularly wHeN man uses it to get gain or to cover up their admitted cRiMes aNd literally get away with murder,  but wHeN YOU throw the Bible back at your 'haters', tHey seem to crumble aNd run aNd hide in caVes because they aRen't willing to face their cRiMes or the people they torture or murder aNd throw away. And even if you set aside a book called the Bible or the perverted Book of Mormon... basic Land Law is still so perverted aNd corrupt that the cRiMiNals still walk FREE even President Monson of tHe LDS Church or the perverted aNd corrupt Government aNd Law Enforcement that was apart of obstructing justice on a disabled WoMaN aNd MotHer, to the point of death, still walk FREE. It's beyond traumatizing to BE living next door, to BE literally surrounded by idiots that admit to such evil cRiMes aNd go oN liViNg like everything is normal aNd ok. Even after my last court case was closed aNd I was told I was FREE. I was aNd am still uNder unlawful house arrest by a very deceitful Land Lord aNd LDS Government aNd Church, being subjected to ongoing interrogation without justice aNd ALL talk aNd no action aNd still being unlawfully watched by their 'in house' fraud Jesus that got caught in his 'manwhore' ways aNd lies aNd attempting to extort moNey or coNtiNued evil ways aNd practices. In fact just recently the in active Mormon Land Lord that likes to play both sides, gushed with such flattery aNd kiNd woRds, waNtiNg ME to stay aNd sign a new lease for aNotHeR year or two, just barely attempted to cReAte on going abuse aNd fiNd ways to kick ME out unlawfully... He knew He had been caught 'Red Handed' with his deceitful behavior towards ME all this past year, in working with the perverted aNd evil Mormon Church aNd perverted Justice System. I knew oNce again that not oNly could I not trust in aNyoNe here or Believe in tHeM or trust in my environment, but that their perverted corrupt ways were still oozing out aNd tHey were aNd still aRe running. This past week prior to elections in November, tHe State caMe aNd attempted goiNg backwards with my disability case, looking to extort aNy moNey fRoM ME when my rights were still being obstructed, ignored, violated aNd they still were not honoring my medicine, let aloNe bRiNgiNg justice to cRiMes they obstructed aNd hid. I had to reMiNd the State that this disability case will never go away because it involves not just ME but "WE THE PEOPLE" of murder aNd other cRiMes that have yet been brought to justice. No oNe can truly move forward or spiritually grow or prosper or thrive in such a toxic aNd manipulative aNd unjust society. It's more like forcing the victim to coexist with their attackers aNd thieves aNd keeping the person in an unlawful perpetual prison and war, never truly allowing for Freedom aNd Justice to truly take place. So in my reality aNd of so maNy otHeRs, uNtil these cRiMinals aRe brought to trial, truly chaRged aNd truly placed in prison, no recent increase of 'Food Stamps' to cover aNd make up for true rightful medicine of cannabis, or 'Public Housing' assistance kicking in the saMe moNth of elections in November, will ever excuse the unjust acts that aRe still being played out today. Trust has been broken forever aNd the trauma is so deep that I doN't tHiNk prison on these people could BE enough for ME to ever feel safe in my space or environment again, not even the American Flag means a tHiNg to ME, nor DO I Believe in voting because my vote never mattered. Why should any huMaN BE beaten into such horrible submission for basic Human Civil Disability Rights aNd fighting for the right to liVe? So now what they aRe trying to DO is make up for it aNd fiNd ways to 'WIN' ME back aNd bribe like tHey did oNce before, but it woN't happen, I doN't trust in this Government or 'man made' Religion period! I mean lets BE REAL, why would I ever Believe in the very system that murders, aNd violates, steal dReAms aNd exploits, destroys aNd violates Legal Disability Wills aNd coNtiNue evil Religious practices aNd Government cRiMes?
In fact at this point, just living in Utah is pure HELL unto itself, they DO what they can to stub your ability to thrive aNd it's ALL controlled by the evil Mormon Church! Torn fRoM the oNes I LoVe oNly to BE left bReAtHiNg tHe saMe air of those who doN't beloNg on this soil or plaNet or for that matter even tHe lowest level of HeaVeN, who stole fRoM the poor, who inflicted violent perpetual cRiMes on the disabled aNd who lied so gReAt to the public, even at their very own perverted 'man made' cross!  Voting doesn't matter aNyMoRe, WE can vote tell the cows coMe hoMe aNd they still get away with murder. Whatever happened to tHe 'Lambs Book of Life'? The part where "WE THE PEOPLE" get to de clutter? Aren't WE allowed to filter out the cRiMiNals in our 'Book of Life'? Why would "WE THE PEOPLE" ever have to vote in the right to prosecute our perpetual violators?
'Eye for an Eye'


No oNe should have to fight for or give up their Liberty for an exchange of a false seNse of safety, security or a false 'Bill of Goods' I will always choose Liberty over false hope, false place to call hoMe, a false flag aNd false leadership
Activist aNd Mother by Rite!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

'Courage in WoMeN'

'Courage in WoMeN
is often mistaken for insanity'