Thursday, October 16, 2014

'Black Sheep'

Whatever YOU aRe BE a good oNe HE said...
so I stayed the 'Black Sheep'
sang my LOVE soNg aNd turned the dark into light
with his grace

~ ~ ~

ooak Art Tag fRoM tHe 'tiNy Collection' album
using a fairy glitter dipped Black Rose
ooak vintage keys~glass fairy stoNe, dew drops
printed paper flowers, boxwoods, tiNy fall leaves aNd white berries
coMplete with a pearl jeweled charm aNd swarovski crystals

 {facebook~ katherine galbraith/katie poeticgarden}
to view additional ooak Art Work fRoM tHe 'tiNy Collections' album

dedicated to my Heavenly Father MotHeR NatuRe... not the son of perdition 
by 'Green Pro Life 420 Activist' aNd Designer