Monday, October 13, 2014

Well Spring

Well Spring ~ tHe 'White Horse Delusion'

I can tell that I AM still isolated in a very sick, cheating aNd lying aNd coNtrolled eNviRoNmeNt here. SaMe bRoKeN record, mechanical conversations aNd short visits with stRaNgeRs I doN't caRe to giVe my tiMe to aNd coNtiNued unlawful spying aNd interrogation. I stand aloNe because my tiMe for ME is certainly more iMpoRtaNt than sHaRiNg it with tHe lying 'orphans hand' with fake controlled chaos aNd instigating 'in house' bs, oNly to get a rise because they haVe nothing better to do aNd aRe still running froM their cRiMes. 

aNd lets not foRget tHe ongoing {'Red Herring Intentional Device'... often used in legal studies and exam problems to mislead and detract the person from reaching a correct conclusion about a legal issue} which is what the perverted lying cheating system here, coNtiNues to DO. Inflicting more daMage, distract, ignore, isolate, mind control brain wash, obstructing justice, coNtiNue to abuse aNd violate, particularly right around that 6-7yr expiration date, so the evidence is destroyed aNd the criminals aNd violators walk aNd the diversion to distract the oNe that has been violated aNd attacked, gets snuffed out, silenced aNd shuffled around on the systems perpetual lies. Each week aNd each moNth, right around political issues, I AM being used, abused aNd broken down in soMe way shape or form, whether by "in house" perpetual cRiMes by the perverted system aNd or tHe Land Lord that invades my rights aNd inflicts dRaMa so to fiNd a way out, escape aNd avoid. In other words, there is NO escaping the abuse heRe, aNd tHe attackers aRe never brought to justice, keeping so maNy "WE THE PEOPLE" they have violated, in an Intentional 'Red Herring' situation.

~ ~ ~
If I tell YOU I AM goNe, it doesn't mean YOU get to re enter my life, not even through the back door or using the corrupt aNd perverted system. Or coNtiNue to ask questions or fake that YOU caRed when YOU proved that YOU didn't, or cReAte more chaos because YOU aRe butt hurt that YOU got caught. YOU aRe dead to ME!!! that even includes fake fRieNds or abusive ex faMily or a lying cheating Church aNd State crooked system. To collect aNy ounce of sanity that was drained by those who faked their loVe, YOU aRe my past for a reason not my future aNd YOU doN't deserve to BE in it! I still feel like the State of Utah, it's eNtiRe system aNd LDS Church, is a 'bad cheating abusive delusional lying ex' that woN't go aWay aNd liNgeRs like a demented parasite. 
The 'Well spRiNg' here is no loNgeR aNd I AM not interested. 
I AM a 'SHAMEN' in my own ooak RITE aNd way aNd if YOU waNt to enter into my space... 
I charge for my tiMe! Seriously!!! I AM not your Free Therapist to a 'dead weight' ex of a toxic aNd perverted system. I have no problem telling YOU to go away, if YOU caN't pay. 
Wasatch Mental Health, I won't BE your FREE Babysitter or FREE in house therapist. I caMe not to BE saved but to live in Justice aNd RedeMptioN. Instead got haNded a giant lazy lying cheating adult baby. And for the loosing 'fraud Jesus fRieNd' that woN't go aWay aNd likes to relish in his sloppy 15 minutes of faMe... your 'White Horse' approach woN't work, EVER!... YOU still cheated aNd lied to ME aNd whole lot of people aNd can still SEE aNd observe that YOU aRe still chasing your own tail aNd running. Every face I SEE here aNd every word spoken out of the 'body' of your mouth is lazy aNd dead weight to ME aNd AM merely here to roll up the scroll in your history book, not miNe.

fRoM a Brave Warrior WoMaN, MotHeR aNd Green Activist 
~  aka 'poeticfairy' twitter