Friday, December 31, 2010

BlessiNgs of MotHeR NatuRe

MotHeR NatuRe suRe has a gRaNd way of sHowiNg us how much she loves us
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

tReNd Setter

tHaNk You Gypsy Jo for featuring as a
Scrapbook aNd Photography 'Trend Setter'at:

In the GaRdeN can also be found in aNotHeR cReAtive gaRdeN at:

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Gift of WoRds

soMetiMes through all the hustle aNd bustle of the Holiday Season we teNd to forget even the smallest of gifts that life can bRiNg. fRoM the waRmth of a hoMe, the coMpaNy of faMily aNd fRieNds, a good deed of service, an act of kindness or the siMplicity of silence aNd reflection upon the years past but most of all woRds of gratitude.
A holiday should merely reMiNd us of the daily iMpoRtaNce of how we can bRiNg woRds of waRmth aNd kindness to soMeoNes woRld, rather tHaN the actual act of material goods to be given or expected that we so commonly associate with.

That we eNd each day by valuing aNd appreciating the siMple gift of woRds.

tHaNk You to those who have been so generous aNd kiNd, who have given of their services, good deeds aNd support. Who have loved aNd cared uNcoNditioNally without expectations. Who have left kiNd woRds of waRmth upon the door step of Poetic GaRdeN.
I give back in return my gratitude aNd tiMeless woRds of tHaNk You through the details aNd woRds left within the aRt WoRk aNd taleNts that God has given to me.
May this day aNd all the days to coMe fiNd you in peace. That we may always be iNspiRed to excHaNge the siMple act of kindness through the siMplicity of woRds.
Happy Holidays fRoM

Friday, December 17, 2010


“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.” ~Gail Devers

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


MotHeR NatuRe sure has a Magical way in showing us how Beautiful we aRe. Have a Peaceful Day fRoM

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Poetic GaRdeNs jourNal

TakiNg Flight

Inhale aNd believe what I see, what I feel aNd what I know. A soul cannot live without flying, it cannot grow. I cannot render to those who do not believe. They do not see what I see, they do not feel what I feel. What is more iMpoRtaNt, to prove myself to those who doN't believe or release my spirit to the wiNd aNd trust that it will carry me where my existence desires to be, where I feel free?
I cannot keep myself restrained aMoNgst those who aRe afraid to fly.
My wiNgs aRe meant to soar, to feel scared for a moment in tiMe. To have life take my breath away so I know that I am alive aNd feel the butterflies within my chest bursting to discover moRe.
A free spirit perhaps or that of what I have always known, that I am not flying aloNe aNd they aRe near by watching over me. MakiNg suRe I keep my wiNgs open to catch every experience that life has to offer. I will always honor what has kept me in flight...precious beiNgs, my precious faiRies that live aMoNgst the hidden crevices of MotHeR NatuRe. I am blessed to have tHeM in my woRld aNd will never be afraid to sHaRe what bRiNgs me absolute peace.

aRt Studio

In the aRt Studio dReAmiNg up a NEW LOOK for Poetic GaRdeN
you're always welcome to visit the cRaft gaRdeN and view the latest 'ooak' cReAtioNs at:

Monday, December 13, 2010

New "ooak" deSigN

Poetic GaRdeN invites you into the cRaft gaRdeN to view the NEW 'ooak' aRt WoRk aNd the meaNiNg beHiNg this cReAtioN at:


cHeRish the tHiNgs which bRiNg you peace aNd coMfoRt aNd you will discover that they becoMe the light upon your path

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Loving all of our layers wHeN life gets haRd bRiNgs out the Beautiful stReNgth we carry within our souls. Have a Peaceful Day
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Friday, December 10, 2010


I am in for the day but you aRe always welcome to stop in aNd visit the gaRdeNs... is the main blog for website
tHat provides the latest NEWS, LaNdscapiNg, 'Sneak Peaks' on 'ooak' cReAtioNs or a 'tid bit' of iNspiRatioN fRom the faiRies is the cRaFt blog tHat provides a brief feature of the latest 'ooak' cReAtioNs, selliNg iNfoRmatioN aNd the aRtist JourNal eNtRies beHiNd the aRt WoRk

eNjoy the gaRdeNs aNd Blessed Be

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Poetic GaRdeN News

It was so refreshing to get a cHaNce to explore other gaRdeNs in my recent travels aNd in doiNg so, discovered aNotHeR cReAtive side of Poetic GaRdeN.

On December 2nd, 2010 wrote the fiRst eVeR LiVe GreetiNg CaRd on Facebook.

Viola was the fiRst to discover the "fiRst eVeR LIVE GreetiNg CaRd"
She WON an adorable set of 'ooak' Poetic GaRdeN faiRy StoNe eMbellsHmeNts

"A giRlfRieNd is oNe of the best eMbellisHmeNts you can have to a cReAtive woRld"

On December 3rd, 2010 wrote the SecoNd eVeR LiVe GreetiNg CaRd on Facebook.

Ling So discovered the "SecoNd eVeR LIVE GreetiNg CaRd"
She WON an adorable set of 'ooak' Poetic GaRdeN faiRy StoNe eMbellsHmeNts

"When we speak of the 'Truth' tHeN we have no fear to the outcome"

You can fiNd moRe oRigiNal GreetiNg CaRd Quotes by
searching 'poeticgarden' on Facebook
tHaNk You to all who participated in the NEW launch of Poetic GaRdeN GreetiNg CaRds. I couldN't have doNe it without you.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I weNt on a recent jourNey aNd discovered new tHiNgs about life...
For now I am stayiNg quiet in the 'hobbit house' to articulate my experiences to jourNal.
Your always welcoMe to visit the cRaft gaRdeN at: or view the portfolio at
~Blessed Be fRoM Poetic GaRdeN