Sunday, October 30, 2011

FeeliNg Wicked

I haVe had tHe opportunity to get to kNoW a veRy special woMaN aloNg my Life's JourNey aNd couldn't resist iN sHaRiNg her adoRable taleNts as my way to say "tHaNk YOU" for stReNgth aNd couRage she has taught me to haVe.

~FeeliNg a bit Wicked~

Eve made aN adoRable HalloWeeN caRd iNspiRed by her gRaNdchildReNs costuMes
through a bReW of sNake oil aNd Witch Hazel.
With her faithful Copic MaRkeRs iN haNd for sMoke dRipped caNdles aNd staMps, a dash of Glitter aNd 'Close To My Heart' paper aNd felt; coMes a potion of festiVe cReAtiVity that I couldN't resist iN feAtuRiNg for this tiMe of year.
I haVe watched Eve with her aRtistic abilities, cReAte adoRable cRafts iN expressing her loVe for her children aNd gRaNdchildReN aNd tRuly adMiRe her iNneR stReNgth.
A woMeN I will alWays look up to with a haNdful of 'Wicked LoVe'

Happy HalloWeeN fRoM

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pretty Soul

~quote by deSigNeRbRaNds

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

aRt in Review

Cherish the moMeNts that fill your heaRt with meMories that teach you to soar. Take fRoM those precious tiMes aNd be huMbled to waNt to learn moRe. A faMily can give you stReNgth in ways that you never iMagiNed. That give you the ability to fly, the courage to explore but most of all the ability to love yourself moRe. Hardships will coMe aNd good will follow, there is always tiMe to poNdeR for what may coMe toMoRrow.
Hold those you loVe dear to your heart aNd draw stReNgth fRoM the past. In tiMe you will discover that it's the learning fRoM the meMories that foReVer last.
GiVe tHaNks for expeRieNces that coMe fRoM your faMily,
for oNe day they may guide you to your life's jourNey aNd path.

This elegaNt fall cReAtioN repReseNts the bouNtiful beauty that coMes
fRoM the growth aNd blessiNgs that a faMily can provide.
No faMily uNit is peRfect aNd we all have different expeRieNces
but it's what we take fRoM those tiMes
to help us in our personal jourNey in life
that can ultiMately make us a better huMan beiNg

8x8 'ooak' Scrapbook aRt WoRk
copyrights of
deSigN #144 FaMily MeMoRies
oRigiNal Issue Date: October '2010
*PeRsoNal Dedication
MakiNg MeMoRies Upholstered Brads
Poetic GaRdeN Baubles
Prima Script FloWeRs

FalliNg iNto ChaNge

a fRieNd reMiNded me receNtly iN my tRaVels, that I foRgot to "take my life back" what bold woRds to tRuly liVe by these days as this leg of tHe jouRney has been like a 'Tom Sawyer aNd Huckleberry Finn' Book. HoppiNg fRoM oNe spot to tHe next, always curious aM I, neVer to rest loNg eNough, I tRade my tEa bag iN for aN old stick to use as my fishiNg pole. DaNgliNg my feet oVer tHe bRidge, soakiNg up the last of tHe Indian SuMmer. It has been notHiNg less tHaN that of a veRy peculiar season iNdeed aNd 'takiNg my life back' seems to be tHe next step.
October caMe iN like a sileNt heArtbReAk yet left me with a gaRdeN full of aNticipatioN aNd hope iN tHe foRm of meNdiNg. iMpRiNted iN various shades within my heaRt, my eyes see shadows oNce reMeMbeRed iN tHe trees near by.
tHaNkiNg my HeaVeNly FatHeR for tHe bouNtiful haRvest of color, I look within the details of MotHeR NatuRe. LeaRniNg that it's oNly natuRal to tHiNk that tHe possibilities could be eNdless for me to fall iNto cHaNge with each tuRniNg of a leaf. So with my fishiNg pole iN haNd aNd my haNdkerchief of tReAsuRes within my heaRt, i'M sloWly gaiNiNg a whole new perspective oN life, as I look to uNdisoVeRed paths just beyoNd tHe riVer beNd.
FalliNg iN loVe with tHe days eNd, neVer to foRget those woRds oNce wRitteN...

"Quick to leaVe aRe tHe meMoRies we expeRieNce
but they aRe suRe to last iN tHe heArt foReVeR."

ChaNge is good aNd so is aWaitiNg uNexploRed expeRieNces. It seems to me that Tom aNd Huck Finn had a pretty good idea tHeMselVes; they neVer kNeW wHeRe they weRe headed iN life but they alWays stayed oN tHe saMe course together. It's kiNd of like this... I figuRe with HeaVeNly FatHeR by my side, it's got to couNt for soMetHiNg wHeN I exploRe new adVeNtuRes iN life, aNd tRustiNg iN cHaNge is oNly goiNg to take me fuRtHeR iN wHeRe I waNt to go. "Blessed Be aNd Marry PaRt" to a season filled with cHaNge.

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Monday, October 3, 2011


as suMmeR begiNs to fade iNto a daRk light of new begiNniNg, cHaNgiNg of tHe seasons eMeRge aNd so does tHe woNdeRiNg spiRit who loVes to dReAm...
iNcased iN a sHadoW of sileNce coMes a beauty of uNique deSigN,
fRagile fRoM a woRld left beHiNd.
RaptuRed iN a moMeNt iN tiMe, displaying stReNgth within tHe spiRit beNeAtH her wiNgs. Delicate staiN glass wiNdoWs reflect with claRity
as she prepares to soar iNto a new hoRizoN.

~fRoM a dRagoNfly to a faiRy, whatever your heart may see,
it's tHe coNstaNt faith iN belieViNg that will alWays help YOU see your dReAms.

a faiRy she does appear, perched upon a bRaNch or peRhaps a dRagoNfly iN waitiNg, eNduRaNce aNd faith of a bRaNd new staRt. A season full of gRoWiNg, a cHaNce to discoVer new jourNeys ahead...

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