Monday, October 3, 2011


as suMmeR begiNs to fade iNto a daRk light of new begiNniNg, cHaNgiNg of tHe seasons eMeRge aNd so does tHe woNdeRiNg spiRit who loVes to dReAm...
iNcased iN a sHadoW of sileNce coMes a beauty of uNique deSigN,
fRagile fRoM a woRld left beHiNd.
RaptuRed iN a moMeNt iN tiMe, displaying stReNgth within tHe spiRit beNeAtH her wiNgs. Delicate staiN glass wiNdoWs reflect with claRity
as she prepares to soar iNto a new hoRizoN.

~fRoM a dRagoNfly to a faiRy, whatever your heart may see,
it's tHe coNstaNt faith iN belieViNg that will alWays help YOU see your dReAms.

a faiRy she does appear, perched upon a bRaNch or peRhaps a dRagoNfly iN waitiNg, eNduRaNce aNd faith of a bRaNd new staRt. A season full of gRoWiNg, a cHaNce to discoVer new jourNeys ahead...

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