Saturday, July 27, 2013

'dReAm Act'

'The Dream Act'

Abraham Lincoln 
CoNstitutioNaL Amendments 
...for LoVe to LiVe eternally

8x8 Shadow Box aRt Piece Title: 
Goddess of Vegetation 

dedicated alWays aNd foReVer to my HeaVeNly FatHer
aRtist oRigiNal by 

WE THE PEOPLE aRe tHe rightful Masters of both coNgRess aNd tHe courts, not overthrow tHe CoNstitutioN but overthrow tHe men who pReVeRt tHe CoNstitutioN...
tHis CouNtRy, with its iNstitutioNs, beloNgs to tHe PEOPLE wHo iNhabit it. WheNeVer tHey sHall gRoW weAry of tHe existiNg goVeRnMeNt, tHey can excercise tHeir coNstitutioNal right of  aMeNdiNg it or exercise tHeiR revolutionary right to overthrow it
~Abraham Lincoln 

Friday, July 19, 2013


“LiVe with iNteNtioN. Walk to tHe edge. Listen haRd. Practice wellNess. Play with abaNdoN. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Appreciate your fRieNds. CoNtiNue to leaRn. Do what you loVe. LiVe as if this is all tHeRe is.” ~ Mary Anne Radmacher
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Monday, July 15, 2013


...aNd back iN tHe aRt Studio cReAtiNg wHat I loVe... Scrapbooking!

a NEW collection of aWaRd WiNniNg 8x8 Photo Frames along with
PaperBag Scrapbooks will be feAtuRed here oN my cRaft aNd poetry blog 
available to purchase tHis seAson aNd invite you to check back for new updates 

tHaNk YOU to all who haVe BelieVed iN my cReAtioNs aNd helping me aloNg life's jourNey

~Blessed Be

{Google iMage aNd NEW aRt Studio faVoRite SoNg: Imagine Dragons~ Radioactive}