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My hope aNd wish is tHat oNe day, foRmal education will pay atteNtion to wHat I call “education of tHe heart.” Just as we take for gRaNted tHe need to acquire pRoficieNcy iN tHe basic academic subjects, I aM hopeful tHat a tiMe will coMe wHen we can take it for gRaNted tHat cHildRen will leaRn, as paRt of the curriculum, tHe iNdispeNsability of iNner values: loVe, coMpassion, justice, aNd foRgiVeNess. 
~Dalai Lama

Thursday, December 8, 2011


With viNtage jeWeled glasses in tow, this 6x6 Paper Bag Scrapbook 
is suRe to sHoW your loVe for NatuRe.  All wrapped~up iN a buNdle of cReAtiVe eaRth toNed colors aNd pRiNts.  Collective iNspiRatioNal woRds aNd quotes,
distinctively expressing a BeAutiFuL way to display those special Life moMeNts.  

{Look deep iNto NatuRe aNd tHeN YOU will uNdeRstaNd eVeRytHiNg better}
siMple aNd tRue WoRds to liVe by iN life.
~  ~  ~
14 page layout packed full with diaMoNd glaze tipped silk floWeRs,
sigNatuRe Poetic GaRdeN glass faiRy stoNes.
MiNatuRe Charms, OrgaNza aNd Satin Ribbons iN Chocolate aNd Butter CreAm.
Unique page tabs iN assorted WoRds, 22 Photo aNd Keepsake placeMeNts, note tages for jourNaliNg aNd 8 stoRage pockets to add those additioNal keepsakes iN.  
Iridescent PeArl PiN, Upholstered jeWeled Brads, foRest braNches aNd BeRries. 
Epoxy clips, Sugar Coated Butterflies tipped with Dew Drops aNd Swarovski Crystals
Real Pressed HeRbs iN Lavender, Sage aNd Cat MiNt with tHeMed gaRdeN ChaRms.

For price aNd availability of 'ooak' Collectors aRt WoRk, please sigN~up to 
{Poetic GaRdeNs Facebook} or eMail {} to view tHe coMplete details aNd page layouts of this 'ooak' Paper Bag ScRapBook or view tHe liNk below 

tHis ScRapBook is no loNgeR aVailable

copyrights of aNd associated archives
dedicated to my HeaVeNly FatHeR, my children aNd my faiRies
~Blessed Be fRoM my gaRdeN to yours

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

kNoWledge is PoWeR

"LeaRniNg is tHe discovery that soMetHiNg is possible" ~Fritz Perls
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SiMply BeAutifuL

'SiMply BeAutiFuL' is a new Blog eNtRy added to tHe Poetic GaRdeNs website, pRoVidiNg a basic aNd easy scieNtific way to fall iN loVe with eAtiNg natural.  Breaking foods doWn iN a puRe aNd siMple way that pRoVides BeAutiFuL insight aNd aWaReNess of how iMpoRtaNt it is to eat right for your 'teMple'  ShaRiNg ideas aNd tips iN aN oRgaNic aNd fuNdaMeNtal approach, opeNiNg up a woRld of iMagiNatioN iN cReAtiNg clever aNd delicious ways iN eAtiNg that eVeRyoNe can eNjoy.
TakiNg tHe tiMe to feAtuRe NatuRal Foods, will hopefully enlighten YOU to make cReAtiVe aNd healthier choices tHat can make a woRld of diffeReNce iN your Life.
~  ~  ~
I couldN't resist iN staRtiNg off with a Biblical fRuit... tHe {Apple} makiNg this a veRy teMptiNg~guiltless aNd delicious food to eAt.
One of my faVoRite apples is tHe 'HoNeycRisp' coNsideRed tHe most peRfect dessert apple,
which meAns YOU caN eNjoy dessert for bReAkfast, LuNch aNd DiNneR without aNy guilt.
TakiNg tHe stress out of what to eat at what tiMe of tHe day all together.
My faVoRite way of eAtiNg this forbidden fRuit, is drizzling hoNey oVer crisp sliced apples aNd soMetiMes adding a dollop of AlMoNd Butter.
Less sugar coNteNt, alMoNd Butter is better oN tHe digestive system aNd adds a cReAtiVe tWist to a delicious aNd teMptiNg fRuit.

NutritioNal JourNaliNg aNd iMage by

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Poetic GaRdeN News

it's been a veRy loNg road iNdeed, a lot of cHaNges haVe happeNed iN tHe gaRdeN.  A season woRth reMeMbeRiNg aNd jourNaliNg about.  Had to establish soMe Me tiMe so I could teNd to eVeRy aspect of NoN~Profit this year.  SoMe poWeRful aNd meMoRable expeRieNces happeNed but tHey did not coMe without haRdsHips to say tHe leAst aNd pRofouNd lessoNs to me leArNed fRoM.  DeteRmiNed to reMaiN stRoNg, Poetic GaRdeN has stayed steadfast iN cReAtiNg uNique
oNe of a kiNd 3D scRapBook aRt WoRk iN additioN to New GreetiNg CaRds
fRoM tHe 'Life's JourNey LiNe.  
BriNgiNg to life a cReAtiVe way of reAdiNg aNd leArNiNg through tHe aRtist eyes.  
OpeNiNg a door iNto aN iNdepth ScieNtific Research aNd DiscoVeRy blog
called {} education iN Nervous System Diseases which in turn helps aid iN a NoN~Profit ChildReNs ReAdiNg ProgRaM.  
There's a New look iN aRchiViNg aNd docuMeNtiNg as well, pRoVidiNg pleNty of oppoRtuNities to exploRe aNd get to kNoW tHe aRtist beHiNd tHe faiRy cottage...

LookiNg foRwArd to shaRiNg notes aNd ideas fRoM tHe aRt JourNal iN:
SiMple aNd BeAutiFuL Foods to eat, ScieNce aNd NatuRe, 
to iNspiRatioNal poetry wRitiNgs aNd collective 'ooak' scRapBook aRt WoRk.
With a gaRdeN that is alWays evolving aNd cHaNgiNg, I aM tRuly "tHaNkfuL" to those wHo haVe coNtiNued to show tHeiR hoNesty, coMpassioN aNd LoVe iN leNdiNg a haNd to gRoWth aNd education.  Appreciate all tHe 'sNail mail' caRe packages aloNg with tHe kiNd aNd BeAutiFuL suppoRtiVe woRds YOU leaVe oN this gaRdeNs doorstep.
~May PeAce alWays fiNd YOU oN your jouRney
Blessed Be fRoM

Friday, December 2, 2011

NeVeR Doubt

NeVer doubt tHat a sMall gRoup of thoughtful, coMmitted citizens can cHaNge tHe woRld. Indeed, it is tHe oNly tHiNg tHat eVer has. ~MaRgaRet MeAd
 Us aNthRopologist & populaRizer of aNthRopology (1901-1978) 
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