Thursday, December 8, 2011


With viNtage jeWeled glasses in tow, this 6x6 Paper Bag Scrapbook 
is suRe to sHoW your loVe for NatuRe.  All wrapped~up iN a buNdle of cReAtiVe eaRth toNed colors aNd pRiNts.  Collective iNspiRatioNal woRds aNd quotes,
distinctively expressing a BeAutiFuL way to display those special Life moMeNts.  

{Look deep iNto NatuRe aNd tHeN YOU will uNdeRstaNd eVeRytHiNg better}
siMple aNd tRue WoRds to liVe by iN life.
~  ~  ~
14 page layout packed full with diaMoNd glaze tipped silk floWeRs,
sigNatuRe Poetic GaRdeN glass faiRy stoNes.
MiNatuRe Charms, OrgaNza aNd Satin Ribbons iN Chocolate aNd Butter CreAm.
Unique page tabs iN assorted WoRds, 22 Photo aNd Keepsake placeMeNts, note tages for jourNaliNg aNd 8 stoRage pockets to add those additioNal keepsakes iN.  
Iridescent PeArl PiN, Upholstered jeWeled Brads, foRest braNches aNd BeRries. 
Epoxy clips, Sugar Coated Butterflies tipped with Dew Drops aNd Swarovski Crystals
Real Pressed HeRbs iN Lavender, Sage aNd Cat MiNt with tHeMed gaRdeN ChaRms.

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tHis ScRapBook is no loNgeR aVailable

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dedicated to my HeaVeNly FatHeR, my children aNd my faiRies
~Blessed Be fRoM my gaRdeN to yours