Friday, November 25, 2011

DeSigN #154 'MotHeR'

A MotHeRs LoVe is sHoWn tiMelessly through tHe fRuits of her {teNder} labor.
DeSigNed is sHe, iN uNique sHades, her aNgelic hope aNd {faith}  
SileNt as her wiNgs may fly iN all her Blessed Days.  tHe {hope} sHe holds witHiN heR heArt, aRe tHe gifts sHe giVes aWay.
ColoRful as her 'patchwork' quilt, heR bouNty full of caRe; eNduRiNg through tHe test of tiMe, sHe weaves her sileNt pRayeRs.  

PeAceFuL aRe tHe days goNe by, tHe seAsoNs stitcHed with tWiNe,
a MotHeRs LoVe iN eNdless BeAuty, her BouNtifuL HeArt diViNe ~

'ooak' ScRapBook aRt WoRk DeSigN #154 'MotHeR'
GreetiNg CaRd aNd Glass faiRy StoNes
iN HoNor of aMmas Day of Sabbath 

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dedicated to my HeaVeNly FatHeR, my children aNd my faiRies
~Blessed Be fRoM my gaRdeN to yours Happy ThaNks GiViNg

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...aNd soMetiMes tHeRe aRe days wHeRe JourNaliNg aNd ReseArcHiNg tuRns iNto scRapBookiNg. Nestled iN tHe aRt Studio, cReAtiNg a new collectioN of "ooak" aRt WoRk for tHe Holiday SeasoN
~Blessed Be fRoM

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

oRgaNic aNd fuNdaMeNtal

Basic aNatoMy 101: oRgaNic aNd fuNdaMeNtal ~ tHe tRee is tHe laRgest oRgaNisM iN tHe woRld to a SpiNal CoRd of a NeRvous SysteM.  A fRactuRed bRaNch is like a bRokeN CoRd 

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Monday, November 21, 2011

SpiRituaL LeAdeR

boRn Sudhamani, SepteMber 27th, 1953:  is aN Indian SpiRituaL LeAdeR reVeRed as a SaiNt by her folloWeRs, wHo also kNoW her as "Amma", "Ammachi" or "Mother".  She is widely respected 1) for her huMaNitaRiaN 2) actiVities aNd is kNoWn as "tHe HuggiNg SaiNt".

wRitiNgs aNd iMage by flickr aNd google aNd by {tHe Gifts of Autism} oN facebook


Our lips speAk tHe woRds but our heArts tell tHe stoRy ~wRiteR uNkNoWn 
facebook post by Nova Spear aNd DiaNa WaRd

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Through the Looking Glass

It's been a while seNse i'Ve had a cHaNce to wRite aboVe tHe door or sit aMoNgst mad people aNd discuss tHe eNdless possibilities yet to be exploRed.
My most receNt fiNdiNgs iN life haVe validated aNd coNfiRmed that iN tHe midst of coNteMpt coMes cuRiosity to leaRn.  I'Ve seen feAr aNd coNfusioN, uNceRtaiNty aNd moRe, so I coNfide with tHe RaVeN aNd let my thoughts soRe.  Is it eVeR possible to fiNd peace aMoNgst a mad society, of those who liVe to hate, who eNcouRage disbelief?  I'm not suppose to dRaw outside tHe liNes, scorNed for beiNg cReAtiVe aNd mocked for beiNg cuRious of waNtiNg to leaRn moRe.
"Seek aNd ye shall fiNd" but be weAry oN tHe path YOU choose to follow.  Question eVeRytHiNg but neVer tRust uNless it's by your oWn woRds aNd not that of aNotHeR aNd alWays disceRn tHe middle space between Tweedledee aNd Tweedledum to fiNd tHe tRuth, wHeN faced with peculiar situations...
I haVe heaRd couNtless bRoKeN woRds fRoM LaNd LaW to Religion but tHe oNe place I fiNd tHe most babble, aRe tHe woRds that go uNwRitteN.  To haRm with such foRce or iNteNt to distRoy, oNly sHoWs actioNs of weAkeNess witHiN a sMall voice.  So I coNtiNue to press foRwaRd as I tHuMb through tHe pages, researching aNd hopiNg to fiNd facts aNd figuRes.  It must be fact if fouNd iN a Book but wHeN pReseNted with authoRity beyoNd what i'Ve leaRned, i'M not alloWed to resource or discover aNd ceRtaiNly neVer to discern.  Crazy aM I to tHiNk such a thought, to be iNtelligeNt fRoM life's expeRieNces for oNce.  Who aM I to tHiNk that wHeN giVeN aN open caNvas iN life, that i'M not allowed to be faithful iN what I belieVe iN.  Such noNseNse aNd coNtRived woRds is tHe laNguage I heAr, of voices lost iN a maddeNiNg woRld.  UnceRtaiN yet so quick aNd coNfideNt to destroy fRoM a place of feAr. 
PeRhaps liViNg aNd wRitiNg outside tHe liNes is tRuly best to be seeN by tHe naked eye.  Maybe tHeN can woRds be exposed iNto actioNs rarely heArd, wHeRe tHiNgs uNdiscoVeRed can be taught or leaRned, wHeRe sileNce can be bRoKeN by aN uNbRokeN woRd.

aRt jourNal of

Saturday, November 19, 2011

WiNteR WoNdeRlaNd

it's a liNe YOU haVe to follow wHeN YOU waNt to fly...
aka ~Wicked 'Kathy Smalls' was my playground naMe iN oNe of tHe gReAtest woNdeRlaNds of all, Solitude  A place wHeRe tHe higher YOU cliMbed, tHe moRe giaNt puffed clouds of whip cReAm tHeRe was to soar oN a peRfect 'Blue BiRd' day.  
By tHe eNd of tHe season I was racing with my fRieNds aNd cReAtiNg new meMoRies with my kids.  G~foRce is what I called it, aiMed to catch low gRaVity air.  The faster I soaRed tHe moRe butterflies I had fun flyiNg with.  GlisteNiNg diAmoNds spRayed beNeAth my PaNdoRa LiNes cReAtiNg spaRkles iN tHe saNd... 
it was just aNotHeR day iN paRadise in my StoRyBook woNdeRlaNd. 
~dReAmer, skieR, wRiter, seeker...

Friday, November 4, 2011


He saw tHiNgs in a diffeReNt way.........♥

"He saw tHiNgs iN a way tHat otHeRs did not, so tHat a city I had liVed iN all my life seeMed a diffeReNt place, so tHat a woMaN becaMe BeAutiFuL with tHe light oN her face."

~ wRitteN by Tracy Chevalier (GiRl with a PeaRl EaRriNg)
posted oN facebook by ChRistiNe

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


"People often say tHat ‘BeAuty is iN tHe eye of tHe beHolder,’ aNd I say tHat tHe most libeRatiNg tHiNg about BeAuty is reAliziNg that YOU aRe tHe beHolder. This eMpoWeRs us to fiNd BeAuty iN places wHeRe otHeRs haVe not daRed to look, iNcludiNg iNside ourselves."
Salma Hayek ~


wHeN YOU BelieVe iN a tHiNg, BelieVe iN it all tHe way, iMplicitly aNd uNquestioNable..........

~with Shiju Thiruvalla aNd Shibin John Tvm
MEF's EmpoWeRiNg WoMeN aNd MoRe