Friday, August 15, 2014


WAGE THEFT, thou shall not steal!!! that includes shorting a LiViNg wage on SSI Disability aNd purposely placing the Disabled War Survivors of Religious aNd Political torture aNd slaying tHeM into 'prisoners of war' coNtiNuiNg to steal aNd abuse aNd violate as slaves, a WoMaN aNd Mothers Legal Will aNd liMitiNg WE THE PEOPLE fRoM their TRUE PROMISED LAND and their TRUE JUSTICE of LiViNg a quality more peaceful LIFE, particularly away fRoM all the BS! Basically in a nut shell, both Church aNd State robbed people of their lives, stole their Legal Wills, sileNced their dReAms aNd goals, steal vision aNd insight aNd profit fRoM the poor aNd disabled. Slay aNd spiRitually assault aNd walk away like they haVe doNe notHiNg wRoNg! So explain to ME aNd so many others, why our SSI Disabled LiViNg Wages that took over 40yrs to obtain, aRe below poverty aNd YOU are liMitiNg our ability to have PEACEFUL access to having support in regularly obtaining medicine aNd not BE discriminated against in having our GOD given medicine for FREE or helped paid for, let alone eye aNd deNtal. Also liMitiNg our Healthy aNd Clean Food Sources aNd still lyiNg to tHe oNes YOU robbed on ALL Levels?!!! aNd last but never least, letting tHe cRiMiNals walk! Like WE THE PEOPLE WILL ever trust or feel safe!!! I just caN't wait tell my FatHeR coMes HOME... YOU aRe in MAJOR TROUBLE on both sides of the isle in Congress aNd in perverted 'manmade' Religion, let aloNe in my FatHeRs HOUSE, which is my GaRdeN!!! this very plaNet HE blessed aNd gaVe to ME aNd so maNy otHeRs, through my Legal Will, that YOU RAPED AND STOLE aNd aRe illegally profiting fRoM... SO I aNd 'WE THE PEOPLE' aRe taking it ALL back!


 aNd now i'M goiNg to BE even more BOLD... Jesus is not the first or oNly oNe that died for aNd in the naMe of LOVE. In my 'Book of Life', my Jesus aNd BELOVED is not MoRmoN aNd my Father advanced beyond old dogma organized religion. Life aNd LOVE aNd evolution did exist tiMes before Jesus. People young aNd old, man aNd woMaN, weNt to a metaphor of a cross at oNe poiNt, which for my spiRit, symbolizes LOVE in whole form. So on a daily basis, I spiRitually walk in reMeMbeReNce of those LoViNg sources, that haVe died for ME aNd WITH ME in the naMe of LOVE. Those who keep ME staNdiNg upright aNd help keep my 'oil laMp' buRniNg LOUD AND PROUD!... aka my BELOVED, my Father, my Children, my Forefathers... my TRIBE including WoMeN!... HOUSE OF ABRAHAM!
tHe MoRmoN Church traps people in boNdage including tHat of SpiRitual FREEDOM, as well coNtiNues to abuse people rights in order to cover up their cRiMes... this is my walk... this is my TRUTH aNd I AM sticking to it!
...aNd my GOD tHe FatHeR aNd my BELOVED will always BE more powerful aNd loViNg tHaN Joseph Smith, his perverted ways aNd that of tHe perverted MoRmoN Church, eVeN today aNd for ETERNITY, in my 'Book of Life!' It's TIME to buRn the HOUSE doWn for good aNd put that Churches doctrine in prison aNd sileNce it for good, aNd TIME for that Church aNd BODY to wake~up! I will always SEE tHe MoRmoN Church as Satanic, greedfull, fraudulent sick aNd twisted thieves, aNd tHey cause aNd spread disease aNd abuse oN ALL levels to the poiNt of murder aNd rape, aNd destroy peoples liVes aNd dReAms aNd abuse their Legal Disability Wills aNd steal fRoM the poor! They aRe addicted to tHeiR 'Material Goods' aNd addicted to Religious SEX acts aNd perversions, tHey aRe addicted to their juNk food, perverted Meat aNd perverted daiRy aNd aRe tHe biggest known hypercrites in my universe, wHeN it coMes to alcohol, tobacco, aNd their PILL popping~meth~hard drug State, which tHey aRe totally stoNed out oN aNd DO tHeMselVes, so they doN't haVe to deal with reality! tHey DO BELIEVE siMiliaR to tHat of tHe FLDS Church, in terms of 'KEEP IT SWEET' approach, I kNoW, I caMe fRoM that eVil twisted way... iN my 'Book of Life' they worship to a Golden Cow of perversion aNd not that of tHe TRUE light aNd LIFE source of LOVE! IT'S TIME THE MORMON CHURCH PUTS ON THEIR BIG GIRL PANTIES AND STOP WALKING LIKE YOU HAVE A GUN UP YOUR ASS AND OWN UP TO YOUR BS! FREE MY MEDICINE OF CANNABIS, FREE THE BONDAGE FROM YOUR SICK WAY, MAKE IT CANNABIS LEGAL AND SUSTAINED ON PLANET EARTH AND IN UTAH, AND THEN GET OUT OF 'BOOK OF LIFE' YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BE IN IT... YOU DON'T KNOW THE FIRST THING ABOUT LOVE AND SACRIFICE OR FOR THAT MATTER WHAT HELL WOMEN AND CHILDREN GO THROUGH BECAUSE OF PERVERTED 'MANMADE' RELIGION AND PERVERTED GOVERNMENT! FORGIVENESS IS ONE THING BUT IT DOESN'T MEAN I HAVE TO CONTINUE PUTTING UP WITH YOUR BS AND EXCUSES AND LIES!  40yrs of walking in a body with NO disability coverage or rights, tHeN died by the haNds of Utah aNd the perverted cRiMiNals of aN ex~MotHeR aNd perverted MoRmoN LDS Church aNd Government, wHo couldN't oWn tHeiR SHIT, still waiting for ALL HUMAN CIVIL DISABILITY RIGHTS! Now the Church say tHey caN't HELP further with my Medicine aNd of my rights, or tHey will get iNto trouble.  They aRe already in trouble!!! It is the very immoral acts of the perverted MoRmoN Church, tHat collectively eNded my life aNd so maNy otHeRs. A rebirth process where I was chased down, RAPED aNd cornered aNd bullied, terrorized aNd left for dead again by tHe LDS Church aNd Government. My MEDICINE OF CANNABIS SHOULD BE PAID FOR AND FREE, BY THE LDS MORMON CHURCH aNd that's just for starters!  They committed HUGE SIN upon a WoMaN aNd MotHeRs 'Book of Life' aNd Legal Disability Will.  THE MORMON LDS CHURCH will BE forever condemned for their coNtiNued immoral activity upon the earth aNd will BE written out of this ooak 'Book of Life' as being not TRUE aNd the deceivers to my WORLD aNd for

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Sunday, August 3, 2014


For the record, can YOU please STOP fighting over Cannabis on the plaNet? For the LOVE of Pete, it is so disrespectful for those who have already discovered that 'manmade' drugs kill, so does corrupt 'manmade' aNd dark aNd evil Government aNd Religion... I AM proof of that daMage aNd abuse by corporate greed aNd MAN aNd their evil ways of 'Old World' Land Law, Religion aNd Medical. My body is literally daMaged by corporate 'manmade' greed aNd 'manmade' drugs, aNd Religious abuse for crying out loud! I AM not the only one!!! People young aNd old are consuming Cannabis, in order to fight to stay ALIVE! to continue to arguing over aNd over this matter, is so damaging to those who aRe doiNg everything to LIVE! Please consider the psychological daMage it causes on those who aRe fighting for health aNd for LIFE, PLEASE STOP attacking us! Please let go of old dogma, it's literally hurting! YOU don't have to consume Cannabis, to know that it saves LIFE aNd is a true LIFE source that restores humanity on so many levels. Tobacco aNd Alcohol, should have never been legal in the first place, just because soMetHiNg is legal, doesn't mean it should BE aNd is not true healthcare aNd I have a huge problem watching Alcoholics, Tobacco Chain Smokers aNd 'hard drug' users, live FAT on SSI Disability aNd tHiNk it's ok to steal clothes off a disabled Mother aNd WoMaNs back, for boos! So PLEASE, think twice before YOU speak around those who aRe literally dying to stay ALIVE aNd fighting for a better quality of life, including to those kids who consume Cannabis to stay ALIVE! WAKE~UP!!! By preserving aNd building more community GaRdeNs, the healthier WE all become as a whole aNd cRiMe drops aNd health improves. Gardens bRiNg health aNd bRiNgs humanity out of all levels of poverty including the old poverty ways of thinking about true healthcare. So basically what I AM trying to say is, "STOP being an old dogma Giant Jack Ass to a Mother aNd WoMan that knows her SHIT aNd to those fighting everyday for LIFE!  
'Old Dogma' 
is that of perverted aNd corrupt Land Law, Religion aNd Medical, purposely leaving information out, so to cover up cRiMe, corporate greed, hindering your ability to REAL health aNd spiritual wellness. This is called FRAUD aNd Spiritual Malpractice
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