Sunday, August 3, 2014


For the record, can YOU please STOP fighting over Cannabis on the plaNet? For the LOVE of Pete, it is so disrespectful for those who have already discovered that 'manmade' drugs kill, so does corrupt 'manmade' aNd dark aNd evil Government aNd Religion... I AM proof of that daMage aNd abuse by corporate greed aNd MAN aNd their evil ways of 'Old World' Land Law, Religion aNd Medical. My body is literally daMaged by corporate 'manmade' greed aNd 'manmade' drugs, aNd Religious abuse for crying out loud! I AM not the only one!!! People young aNd old are consuming Cannabis, in order to fight to stay ALIVE! to continue to arguing over aNd over this matter, is so damaging to those who aRe doiNg everything to LIVE! Please consider the psychological daMage it causes on those who aRe fighting for health aNd for LIFE, PLEASE STOP attacking us! Please let go of old dogma, it's literally hurting! YOU don't have to consume Cannabis, to know that it saves LIFE aNd is a true LIFE source that restores humanity on so many levels. Tobacco aNd Alcohol, should have never been legal in the first place, just because soMetHiNg is legal, doesn't mean it should BE aNd is not true healthcare aNd I have a huge problem watching Alcoholics, Tobacco Chain Smokers aNd 'hard drug' users, live FAT on SSI Disability aNd tHiNk it's ok to steal clothes off a disabled Mother aNd WoMaNs back, for boos! So PLEASE, think twice before YOU speak around those who aRe literally dying to stay ALIVE aNd fighting for a better quality of life, including to those kids who consume Cannabis to stay ALIVE! WAKE~UP!!! By preserving aNd building more community GaRdeNs, the healthier WE all become as a whole aNd cRiMe drops aNd health improves. Gardens bRiNg health aNd bRiNgs humanity out of all levels of poverty including the old poverty ways of thinking about true healthcare. So basically what I AM trying to say is, "STOP being an old dogma Giant Jack Ass to a Mother aNd WoMan that knows her SHIT aNd to those fighting everyday for LIFE!  
'Old Dogma' 
is that of perverted aNd corrupt Land Law, Religion aNd Medical, purposely leaving information out, so to cover up cRiMe, corporate greed, hindering your ability to REAL health aNd spiritual wellness. This is called FRAUD aNd Spiritual Malpractice
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