Sunday, July 6, 2014

False Flag, False Religion, False Government

Utah LDS Government, also ran aNd controlled by the LDS Church, have always had a mental pre disposition to cause harm aNd enslave people for greed aNd power. For the longest tiMe, they called themselves 'mormon' it was only recent during Mitt Romney aNd Obama, did the Church coMe running to the cross, preaching that they are Christians. They did this, oNly because Religion needed to cover up the slaying of a disability will aNd killing of a womans rightful vote aNd the cRiMes that the LDS Church, committed. They thirst to kill, in order to save their 200yr old 'conman' ways aNd admit lying to the WoMaN as a whole! The Religion itself, is immoral to perform such violent torture on humanity, aNd expect 'United WE Stand' fRoM the abused citizens. The LDS Church, is not of true Christianity aNd serve more of a corporate greed 'manmade' body aNd church made aNd built the 'conway' style! They got scared, got caught aNd have NO place to run aNd hide, this tiMe around! They start wars aNd riots to cover their sick aNd admitted violent cRiMes. The LDS Church is false government, false religion, false flag aNd has a current false prophet, that inflict such psychological torture aNd violates peoples HuMaN Civil Disability Rights. They convince non~members to pay 10%, making promises aNd leading them with lies aNd steel the Legal Wills aNd commit acts of Domestic Violence aNd terrorist attacks... FACT! This Religious organization, is not to BE trusted or Believed aNd they enslave WoMeN aNd Children to pay for their greedful aNd violent cRiMes!

Just so WE are all clear... please doN't spend the next year or so, trying to get ME to vote. I did vote aNd doN't vote aNyMoRe, period, eNd of story! I was Politically aNd Religiously tortured by the very American Government that was to protect my rights, oNly to BE lied to aNd lead into a fraudulent war on an already disabled body for incomplete Human Civil Disability Rights by all political parties aNd tortured by the LDS ran Government. I AM here to assist with 'Mother Earth' walking my ooak path. I don't need corporate greed, 'manmade' corrupt Religion or bRoKeN aNd perverted Land Law aNd a buNch of lies aNd excuses, what I aNd so maNy people NEED still aRe their basic rights aNd justice. Our votes should have matter yrs. ago but the Government decided to take that VOTE aNd kill it aNd throw away like garbage. YOU throw a WoMaN aNd Mothers Legal Will out like garbage to cover up Government aNd Religious cRiMes, aNd not oNly will YOU get World War 3 but YOU will get huNg out to dry!
'Martial Law'