Sunday, July 6, 2014

False Flag, False Religion, False Government

Utah LDS Government, also ran aNd controlled by the LDS Church, have always had a mental pre disposition to cause harm aNd enslave people for greed aNd power. For the longest tiMe, they called themselves 'mormon' it was only recent during Mitt Romney aNd Obama, did the Church coMe running to the cross, preaching that they are Christians. They did this, oNly because Religion needed to cover up the slaying of a disability will aNd killing of a womans rightful vote aNd the cRiMes that the LDS Church, committed. They thirst to kill, in order to save their 200yr old 'conman' ways aNd admit lying to the WoMaN as a whole! The Religion itself, is immoral to perform such violent torture on humanity, aNd expect 'United WE Stand' fRoM the abused citizens. The LDS Church, is not of true Christianity aNd serve more of a corporate greed 'manmade' body aNd church made aNd built the 'conway' style! They got scared, got caught aNd have NO place to run aNd hide, this tiMe around! They start wars aNd riots to cover their sick aNd admitted violent cRiMes. The LDS Church is false government, false religion, false flag aNd has a current false prophet, that inflict such psychological torture aNd violates peoples HuMaN Civil Disability Rights. They convince non~members to pay 10%, making promises aNd leading them with lies aNd steel the Legal Wills aNd commit acts of Domestic Violence aNd terrorist attacks... FACT! This Religious organization, is not to BE trusted or Believed aNd they enslave WoMeN aNd Children to pay for their greedful aNd violent cRiMes!

Just so WE are all clear... please doN't spend the next year or so, trying to get ME to vote. I did vote aNd doN't vote aNyMoRe, period, eNd of story! I was Politically aNd Religiously tortured by the very American Government that was to protect my rights, oNly to BE lied to aNd lead into a fraudulent war on an already disabled body for incomplete Human Civil Disability Rights by all political parties aNd tortured by the LDS ran Government. I AM here to assist with 'Mother Earth' walking my ooak path. I don't need corporate greed, 'manmade' corrupt Religion or bRoKeN aNd perverted Land Law aNd a buNch of lies aNd excuses, what I aNd so maNy people NEED still aRe their basic rights aNd justice. Our votes should have matter yrs. ago but the Government decided to take that VOTE aNd kill it aNd throw away like garbage. YOU throw a WoMaN aNd Mothers Legal Will out like garbage to cover up Government aNd Religious cRiMes, aNd not oNly will YOU get World War 3 but YOU will get huNg out to dry!
'Martial Law'

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I just received a phone call fRoM one of the many LDS therapist fRoM Wasatch Mental Health Clinic, fiNally a phone call back after 2.5 wks seNse the tiMe I tried to report cRiMe to the Provo Police. First the therapist broke civil law by asking personal information of why I wanted a new therapist, I politely but firmly explained that the current facility itself is ran by aNd for the LDS Church. With the therapist openly validating this. She then proceeded to excuse herself fRoM the conversation. She broke Civil Healthcare Laws aNd she promptly asked ME personal aNd unlawful questions over the phone, which without giving up too much of my rights, did answer. Yet when I wanted her to answer one question, she instantly accused ME of yelling at her, false she was avoiding, period what I like to call 'RED HERRING FALLACY!'
 Denying my right to a referral of a clinic that is not ran by or associated and twisted up so tightly with the LDS Church. I have a civil right in basic healthcare to attend a facility outside the perverted aNd abusive aNd toxic LDS arena. The therapist kept going in circles for about a good 2 minutes like they did this past week. I stated 'Martial Law' informed her that sHe aNd the system are running, reporting to the therapist that their system is a False Flag, False Prophecy aNd False Government aNd after 5 minutes, we both parted ways, hanging up on each other. Not only AM I getting the run around aNd royally lied too but I just located the epic center of the 'Belly of the Beast' on plaNet earth, aNd it's called the abusive LDS Church aNd State ran Government. Can't say I tried for weeks now to get service. Oh aNd before I would ever give my time to aNy LDS ran croocked joint... their paychecks had better BE lower than my less than minimum wage SSI Disability aNd they better have a really good reason why they aRe lying to so many people about their dirty aNd violent criminal acts aNd practices on the disabled aNd steeling peoples rights aNd Legal Wills unlawfully. If it's the last thing my spirit does here in ground zero... it's to make sure Wasatch Mental Health separates Church fRoM State aNd are held accountable for their 200yr old violations under their unlawful LDS perverted grid aNd system aNd learn RULE OF LAW. Never violate peoples Healthcare rights, YOU will always loose! Now the truth is revealed... BUSTED!
"We are right to take alarm at the first experiment upon our liberties" ~James Madison THEY ARE EXPERIMENTING WITH MY HEALTHCARE LIBERTIES, SO I AM SOUNDING THE ALARM!!!!!!!!!!!!
when a Judge is paid by the State, that is already a conflict of interest within itself but then add to the mix an LDS Judge working for LDS ran state Government... that is proof point that separation of Church aNd State is being abused aNd purely for greed... when I was going through the court system here for Human Civil Disability Rights, I saw the inner workings aNd evil ways of how they extort, charge aNd jail people in the most unjust ways... they are purposely destroying families aNd lives because they doN't waNt their internal cRiMes exposed, but it's too late, WE THE PEOPLE are not going away!
Standing up for Constitutional Rights cannot BE converted into a cRiMe
It is my Civil Service Duty to expose perverted Government SHIT for evermore.  When a Mom has to DO your dirty work aNd get paid less then YOU to live... 
YOU have messed with the wrong LION 
RULE OF LAW aNd 'Martial Law' will always exceed!
Just because YOU are my Roommate, Landlord aNd or Neighbor, doesn't mean YOU get to demonstrate domestic violence on ME aNd get away with it. 'Roomey' number one rule iN the House... YOU threaten bodily harm on ME because YOU won't DO your dishes. YOU are 19yrs old hoNey living on a green card, I don't care if your dad is ex or retired Police. Your Dad aNd Mother knows of your spoiled brat aNd admitted anger aNd violent behavior. So, DO YOU want to retract that threat because I have NO fear in slamming your childish behavior in court for Domestic Violence. Landlord, when the Police say I have a right to continue living my Disability Rights with my medicine... this doesn't mean YOU get to manipulate the LDS BYU Housing Authority to your personal will to inflict continued domestic abuse of a paying tenant aNd renter. Also, I would like to get paid my $17.00 for labor work that YOU agreed to pay ME for but won't, I NEED TO EAT, sir, no offense but I was to get paid this last Monday aNd all I got was excuses aNd the run around. YOU don't have a right to abuse HOA authority like that as a Landlord. If I DO a job with a Poeticgarden invoice aNd I AM told that I will get paid, I expect to get paid! I made it clear to YOU last week, that I wouldn't BE exploited, extorted, manipulated aNd domestically abused or treated like a doormat. I have a business that has been reported through the State of Utah, for soMetiMe. Don't abuse my kindness for weakness. I did a landscaping/clean up job, so pay up, Landlord, NO excuses! aNd don't use HOA rules to manipulate aNd excuse your behavior. I signed a rental agreement disclosing upfront a year ago, who I was aNd what I stood for, YOU even defended aNd stood by ME for disability rights in court all this past year. I know my rights! As for the neighbors that have nothing better to DO but act like parasites, for the last time, please keep your circus aNd monkey business to yourself... I can SEE right threw that fraudulent smile