Thursday, September 30, 2010


Fall is upon us here at the 'hobbit house' of Poetic GaRdeN. DoN't forget to enjoy the glow of the new sun that rests upon your rooftops aNd the blanket of color it leaves upon the earth. A tiMe to give tHaNks to the bounty that MotHeR NatuRe provides. ~Blessed Be fRoM

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Look

Poetic GaRdeN on 'Twitter' has a NEW Look. A quick aNd easy way to receive the latest updates of what's goiNg on in the aRt Studio. You're welcome to follow Poetic GaRdeNs 'twitter' liNk below aNd hope to see you there...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Time of Gratitude

Poetic GaRdeN accomplished a few WoRld Records in the recent moNths aNd waNt to take a moMeNt to tHaNk those you subscribe or followiNg the 'ooak' aRt WoRk aNd for believing in the Power of dReAmiNg

Your thoughtful aNd supportive woRds aRe greatly appreciated.
Without your belief in the vision of what Poetic GaRdeN staNds for, the aRt Studio wouldN't be where it is today.

May the secrets aNd beauty of MotHeR NatuRe fiNd aNd capture your soul aNd leave you in peace
~Blessed Be fRoM the 'hobbit house' of

Friday, September 24, 2010

Through the Looking Glass

Could Charles have been tRyiNg to tell us soMetHiNg? Weak in his physical state but out of his weakness caMe stReNgth. Others would oNly cHallaNge that he was a bit of a deraNged individual that was 'out of his miNd.'
CoNveRsiNg with fRieNds like Mark Twain, Alfred Lord Tennyson aNd William Holman Hunt, would merely validate that bRilliaNt miNds do tHiNk alike.
CastiNg judgments that Charles did not fit the norm in society, he stayed to himself aNd dove deeper into his miNd. Perhaps it could be argued that the medications he took to combat soMe of his ongoing illnesses would be presumed as beiNg somewhat of a drug attic. However if this was the case, then coNsideR the possibility that his iMagiNatioN was that of soMetHiNg real aNd the medications merely highlighted the beautiful side of his thoughts.
Interesting title for such a naMe "Through the LookiNg Glass" when you coNsideR the thought that Charles could have been sHaRiNg a bit of what his miNd saw.
Wise beyoNd his years, perhaps this was his way to articulate what his soul was tRyiNg to communicate, soMetHiNg that was not seen by others oNly but that of himself...
In a body that didN't fuNctioN properly, Charles overcame soMe of his insecurities by fiNdiNg normalcy within his miNd, grew past the fear of rejection aNd fouNd stReNgth within himself in other areas... perhaps soMe would recognize it as the in between the 5th aNd 6th seNse...that of what his heart was tRyiNg to express.

None the less in later years, his unique way of tHiNkiNg was no loNger challenged when a man by the naMe of Walt DisNey coNtiNued the legacy of what Charles lived for.
Not afraid to express what he had discovered aNd what most doN't often see tHeMselves, a gliMps into our own 'LookiNg Glass' a mirror iMage of what our soul lives for...

Charles gave me the courage to follow what my soul tRuly believes in, "that a heart will never stray us away fRoM what our soul lives for, it's a compass to reaching oNes dReAms" aNd I tHaNk him for sHaRiNg his beautiful layers with me.

In HoNor of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson aNd Walt DisNey,
wRitten by kAtiE fRoM

Thursday, September 23, 2010


In the aRt Studio dReAmiNg up new cReAtioNs. You're always welcoMe to coMe visit the cRaft gaRdeN to view the portfolio at:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New "ooak" dEsigN

coMe dReAm in the cRaft gaRdeN aNd see the NEW aRt Piece

BehiNd the naMe

the naMe Poetic GaRdEn oRigiNated fRoM the concept of readiNg to children in a gaRdeN settiNg teachiNg tHeM the iMpoRtaNce of readiNg aNd how it can open doors to a whole new woRld of dReAmiNg aNd iMagiNatioN.

A gaRdeN can bRiNg magical woNdeRs of iNspiRatioN. We can fiNd beauty aNd wisdom within the details of what MotHeR NatuRe has to offer us.
DreAmiNg fRoM pages of a book can tuRn into wRitiNg, music, aRt aNd self discovery of oNes desiRes aNd hopes in life. It can take us places never seen before aNd help you soar to that secoNd star to the right.

AnytHiNg is possible wHeN you allow your soul to dReAm
within a wHiMsical place called Poetic GaRdeN

~written by the aRtist at

Monday, September 20, 2010

New "ooak" dEsigN

coMe see the NEW 'ooak' aRt WoRk in the gaRdeN aNd dReAm a lil' dReAm...


LoviNg all of your layers, is what makes us whole

Sunday, September 19, 2010

aRt Studio

I'm in the aRt Studio today dReAmiNg away on a NEW aRt Piece
in the meaNtiMe you aRe welcome to coMe visit the cRaft gaRdeN aNd view
the eNtiRe Portfolio aNd explore the meaNiNg beHiNd each cReAtioN at:

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Must be dReAmiNg

RestiNg at the Mad Hatters House today for a bit of TLC before I go back into the aRt Studio aNd am iNspiRed by a special fRieNd to jourNal moRe on my blog.
(You know who you aRe) You get to see the aRt WoRk I cReAte aNd jourNal meaNiNgs beHiNd the cReAtioNs but you doN't get the cHaNce too often to see other layers of who I AM, so here it goes...

Some would say I have too many clouds in my brain but a heart never lies and I feel like i've been chained stuck in a body that I don't understand I am only 3" tall
I am who I AM
I get colder faster and hot like the sun.
As quick as the wind blows
I AM just 'one'
one 3" tiny faiRy in this big thing called life
and I feel like no one can hear me, I just want to fly...

I come from a garden far far away filled with lots of tree houses and places to play but I am stuck in this shoe that's 6 sizes too big and feel that no one understands where I live.

I am an aRtist that loves to dReAm just about every siNgle moment of the day. Have you ever tried dReAmiNg for a full 24 hours? Try it soMetiMe, you just might like it.
dReAmiNg is constantly associated with tHiNgs that aRen't real. Then why do we have goals aNd dReAms that we desiRe to accoMplish in our lifetiMe if dReAmiNg is not real?
So aRe you cHasiNg after soMetHiNg that doesN't exist or is it siMply that your miNd aNd heart is filled with self doubt? All I know is that wHeN I dReAm, I feel stRoNgeR in the miNd, body aNd soul.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Poetic GaRdeN News ~tHaNk You!!!

Ann fRoM
who makes beautiful haNd paiNted cReAtioNs fRoM oRnaMeNts to HoMe Decor
was very gracious to invite 'Poetic GaRdeN' onto her radio show
that runs every Friday night between 7-10pm pst on here in California to chat about the aRt WoRk.

tHaNk You to Ann aNd Dennis for the great laughs aNd for allowiNg me the opportunity to shaRe my woRk aNd to all of my supportive fRieNds aNd Fans that called in for support. There is no way I could have had the courage to do this without all of you aNd the continuous belief you have in Poetic GaRdeN.

CoMe joiN me in the cRaft GaRdeN aNd eNjoy the Magic of dReAmiNg at:

~Blessed Be fRoM the 'hobbit house' of

Monday, September 13, 2010

Lil' tReAsuRes

coMe discover the 'ooak' liMited Edition tReAsuRes in the cRaft GaRdeN
aNd be iNspiRed to dReAm...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New "ooak" deSigN

coMe see the NEW aRt WoRk in the cRaft GaRdeN
aNd eNjoy a Cup of tEa

aRt Studio

back in the aRt Studio woRkiNg on a NEW cReAtioN, you're welcome to view the collection at:

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I am in for the day but you aRe always welcome to stop in aNd visit the gaRdeNs here is the main blog for
tHat provides the latest NEWS, 'Sneak Peaks' on 'ooak' cReAtioNs or a 'tid bit' of iNspiRatioN fRom the faiRies is the cRaFt blog tHat provides a brief feature of the latest 'ooak' cReAtioNs, selliNg iNfoRmatioN aNd the aRtist JourNal meaNiNgs beHiNd the aRt WoRk
is the other gaRdeN filled with faiRy iNsigHt, Poetry aNd aNd a lil' bit of my LaNdscape PoRtfolio woRk

eNjoy the gaRdeNs aNd Blessed Be

Sunday, September 5, 2010

NEW 'ooak' faiRy StoNes

coMe see what the faiRies have brought to the gaRdeN...a bit of Fall iNspiRatioN for aNy scrapbook aRtist to use at:

Saturday, September 4, 2010

New "ooak" deSigN

coMe see the NEW Fall exciteMeNt in the gaRdeN at:

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I had an oppoRtuNity to meet Yuli aNd her supportive aNd kiNd husband Rick this past week. She purchases soMe of my aRt WoRk aNd was blessed to have met her in person. TaleNted woman in her own right, she lives in Indonesia aNd woRks for DisNey. A true iNspiRation to me in my life's jourNey that left me truly huMbled aNd appreciative for the experience. Touched by her sweet aNd bubbly peRsoNality, her aMaziNg stories she sHaRed with me was a geNtle reMiNdeR to stay focused aNd not give up on my dReAms.
tHaNk You, Yuli aNd Rick aNd look forward in seeing you again in the near future.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New "ooak" deSigN

view the NEW aRt Piece aNd the meaNiNg beHiNd this cReAtioN
in the cRaft gaRdeN