Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Must be dReAmiNg

RestiNg at the Mad Hatters House today for a bit of TLC before I go back into the aRt Studio aNd am iNspiRed by a special fRieNd to jourNal moRe on my blog.
(You know who you aRe) You get to see the aRt WoRk I cReAte aNd jourNal meaNiNgs beHiNd the cReAtioNs but you doN't get the cHaNce too often to see other layers of who I AM, so here it goes...

Some would say I have too many clouds in my brain but a heart never lies and I feel like i've been chained stuck in a body that I don't understand I am only 3" tall
I am who I AM
I get colder faster and hot like the sun.
As quick as the wind blows
I AM just 'one'
one 3" tiny faiRy in this big thing called life
and I feel like no one can hear me, I just want to fly...

I come from a garden far far away filled with lots of tree houses and places to play but I am stuck in this shoe that's 6 sizes too big and feel that no one understands where I live.

I am an aRtist that loves to dReAm just about every siNgle moment of the day. Have you ever tried dReAmiNg for a full 24 hours? Try it soMetiMe, you just might like it.
dReAmiNg is constantly associated with tHiNgs that aRen't real. Then why do we have goals aNd dReAms that we desiRe to accoMplish in our lifetiMe if dReAmiNg is not real?
So aRe you cHasiNg after soMetHiNg that doesN't exist or is it siMply that your miNd aNd heart is filled with self doubt? All I know is that wHeN I dReAm, I feel stRoNgeR in the miNd, body aNd soul.