Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BehiNd the naMe

the naMe Poetic GaRdEn oRigiNated fRoM the concept of readiNg to children in a gaRdeN settiNg teachiNg tHeM the iMpoRtaNce of readiNg aNd how it can open doors to a whole new woRld of dReAmiNg aNd iMagiNatioN.

A gaRdeN can bRiNg magical woNdeRs of iNspiRatioN. We can fiNd beauty aNd wisdom within the details of what MotHeR NatuRe has to offer us.
DreAmiNg fRoM pages of a book can tuRn into wRitiNg, music, aRt aNd self discovery of oNes desiRes aNd hopes in life. It can take us places never seen before aNd help you soar to that secoNd star to the right.

AnytHiNg is possible wHeN you allow your soul to dReAm
within a wHiMsical place called Poetic GaRdeN

~written by the aRtist at poeticgarden.com