Wednesday, December 7, 2011

SiMply BeAutifuL

'SiMply BeAutiFuL' is a new Blog eNtRy added to tHe Poetic GaRdeNs website, pRoVidiNg a basic aNd easy scieNtific way to fall iN loVe with eAtiNg natural.  Breaking foods doWn iN a puRe aNd siMple way that pRoVides BeAutiFuL insight aNd aWaReNess of how iMpoRtaNt it is to eat right for your 'teMple'  ShaRiNg ideas aNd tips iN aN oRgaNic aNd fuNdaMeNtal approach, opeNiNg up a woRld of iMagiNatioN iN cReAtiNg clever aNd delicious ways iN eAtiNg that eVeRyoNe can eNjoy.
TakiNg tHe tiMe to feAtuRe NatuRal Foods, will hopefully enlighten YOU to make cReAtiVe aNd healthier choices tHat can make a woRld of diffeReNce iN your Life.
~  ~  ~
I couldN't resist iN staRtiNg off with a Biblical fRuit... tHe {Apple} makiNg this a veRy teMptiNg~guiltless aNd delicious food to eAt.
One of my faVoRite apples is tHe 'HoNeycRisp' coNsideRed tHe most peRfect dessert apple,
which meAns YOU caN eNjoy dessert for bReAkfast, LuNch aNd DiNneR without aNy guilt.
TakiNg tHe stress out of what to eat at what tiMe of tHe day all together.
My faVoRite way of eAtiNg this forbidden fRuit, is drizzling hoNey oVer crisp sliced apples aNd soMetiMes adding a dollop of AlMoNd Butter.
Less sugar coNteNt, alMoNd Butter is better oN tHe digestive system aNd adds a cReAtiVe tWist to a delicious aNd teMptiNg fRuit.

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