Saturday, July 27, 2013

'dReAm Act'

'The Dream Act'

Abraham Lincoln 
CoNstitutioNaL Amendments 
...for LoVe to LiVe eternally

8x8 Shadow Box aRt Piece Title: 
Goddess of Vegetation 

dedicated alWays aNd foReVer to my HeaVeNly FatHer
aRtist oRigiNal by 

WE THE PEOPLE aRe tHe rightful Masters of both coNgRess aNd tHe courts, not overthrow tHe CoNstitutioN but overthrow tHe men who pReVeRt tHe CoNstitutioN...
tHis CouNtRy, with its iNstitutioNs, beloNgs to tHe PEOPLE wHo iNhabit it. WheNeVer tHey sHall gRoW weAry of tHe existiNg goVeRnMeNt, tHey can excercise tHeir coNstitutioNal right of  aMeNdiNg it or exercise tHeiR revolutionary right to overthrow it
~Abraham Lincoln