Tuesday, October 18, 2011

aRt in Review

Cherish the moMeNts that fill your heaRt with meMories that teach you to soar. Take fRoM those precious tiMes aNd be huMbled to waNt to learn moRe. A faMily can give you stReNgth in ways that you never iMagiNed. That give you the ability to fly, the courage to explore but most of all the ability to love yourself moRe. Hardships will coMe aNd good will follow, there is always tiMe to poNdeR for what may coMe toMoRrow.
Hold those you loVe dear to your heart aNd draw stReNgth fRoM the past. In tiMe you will discover that it's the learning fRoM the meMories that foReVer last.
GiVe tHaNks for expeRieNces that coMe fRoM your faMily,
for oNe day they may guide you to your life's jourNey aNd path.

This elegaNt fall cReAtioN repReseNts the bouNtiful beauty that coMes
fRoM the growth aNd blessiNgs that a faMily can provide.
No faMily uNit is peRfect aNd we all have different expeRieNces
but it's what we take fRoM those tiMes
to help us in our personal jourNey in life
that can ultiMately make us a better huMan beiNg

8x8 'ooak' Scrapbook aRt WoRk
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deSigN #144 FaMily MeMoRies
oRigiNal Issue Date: October '2010
*PeRsoNal Dedication
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