Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Thriving Prosperity

the oNly way WE aRe going to truly reduce cRiMe aNd Poverty in this Nation, is by preserving our 'Well Spring' of basic resources of clean water, clean medicine, clean healthy affordable crops and food... truly putting health aNd healthcare first.  NuMber oNe Gospel "LOVE THY SELF" Corporate aNd Government greed has spent a lifetime controlling a forced poverty stricken society by feeding the miNd aNd body with toxic juNk synthetic processed food, juNk science 'false flag' candy man made pills, horrible un natural vaccines, aNd tHe list goes on, just to make YOU even more sick. If they can hide cures for Cancer, tHeN YOU kNoW they doN't caRe about YOU or tHe 'Tree of Life' which WE ALL know staNds for LOVE.
WE have become a MotHeR Earth plaNet of,  
"I caN't afford to literally live aNd eat healthy clean food... I caN't afford to keep myself alive" 
WE aRe meant to thrive and prosper in LoVe aNd BE healthy both mind body aNd spirit but tHe very system that feeds us these liNes of true living prosperity, aRe tHe saMe evil crooks that stab us in the back aNd waNt to delete our ability to liVe, loVe aNd prosper. This plaNet aNd Nation is goiNg through oNe giant meNtal break down, which is every more reason why WE aRe deserving of affordable natural, organic, fuNdaMeNtal healthy clean nutrition, clean water aNd medicine 
aNd access to 'Pro Life' living, thriving self reliant sustainability aNd TRUE LOVE!

420 'Pro Life' Activist aNd Artist ~poeticgarden aNd