Friday, October 10, 2014

Forgetting LoVe

Forgetting LoVe

... in laymen terms, basically I AM living in a tiMe period where it would BE like President Obama, tHe Bush FaMily, Clintons aNd Religion weNt against the true FouNdiNg FatHeRs Vine {Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Kennedy} aNd weNt against tHe fRaMiNg Father George Washington himself aNd my Father iN Heaven. ALL guilty for perpetual wars, obstructing justice, false flags, un accountability at the tRue Judgement Seat. Exploiting the disabled aNd poor for coNtiNued corporation greed, torture aNd NO true REAL LOVE aNd Life Sustainability Resources aNd not truly putting our nations Healthcare System first... tHat is REAL LOVE! aNd lets not foRget YOU put wars, guns, tobacco, alcohol, hard drugs, caNdy killer pills aNd the crooks aNd thieves aNd murders before LoVe. YOU literally forgot LOVE... Mother Nature herself... Liberty aka 'MotHeR MaRy' YOU ALL got caught RED HANDED! You put your dirty polluted greed oil aNd fracking before tHe WoMaN aNd Child, before 'MotHeR Earth'.  For tHe last tiMe, WE doN't need diRty polluted oil, wHeN YOU can get it fRoM a Life Sustaining PlaNt. They aRe just too afraid to switch over oN a fast 'CLEAN GREEN' rate aNd BE a true 'GaMe ChaNger' of Independence aNd Self Reliance. They caN't even walk what they preach... even in terms of REAL LOVE! aNd NO MORE LAZY ASS EXCUSES OF NO TIME NO MONEY, ETC! YOU THREW 'HER' LOVE OUT LIKE GARBAGE... YOUR NATION AND PLANET, THAT IS. They can cReAte False Flag Wars oN such aN epic scale, coNtiNue to blaMe tHe victim aNd or tHe disabled, but caN't switch over to a more Life LOVE aNd SiMple ~ Healthy Sustaining way. 
You put your greedful ways before preserving life itself. 

Sharks aRe born Swimming! WE didN't coMe to BE saVed, WE caMe for justice! A Revolution in Life, LoVe, Sustainability tRue aNd LiViNg Healthcare because "WE THE PEOPLE BELIEVE IN TRUE LOVE AND CARE" aNd truly defending 'MotHeR Earth' which involves wRitiNg aNd ruling out ALL the 'Wolves iN Sheep' ClotHiNg fiRst, fRoM tHe 'LaMbs Book of Life' including those who ran fRoM their post in the Constitution aNd for those who ran fRoM a metaphor of a cross... 
WE haVe NO MERCY for those who chose to put their greed of moNey aNd oil aNd wars before life aNd LOVE aNd LIBERTY itself.

This was never your GaRdeN to begin with...