Monday, October 27, 2014

tiMe for cHaNge

Fay Norton Jorgensen of the Mormon LDS corrupt church, doN't haVe a baby, abuse it Politically aNd Religiously torture aNd neglect aNd lie aNd obstruct 42yrs. of justice on your daughters disability rights aNd Legal Will, try to cReAte more lies aNd drag your daughter through more violence to cover up your eNdless 'mind control' abuse aNd abandon aNd run. This generation wont take your cRiMes aNd lies aNyMoRe. YOU admit to using cannabis to take care of your own health. YOU admit to your delusional aNd abusive religious practices and isolation and emotional abuse aNd ways... doN't blaMe tHe FatHer for your mess, pick up aNd grow~up REPUBLICANS! And for the abusive ex that couldn't clean up his cheating mess, taught my kids to lie to cover up his affair aNd still blaMe it on tHeir MotHeR that had tHe courage to walk fRoM the abuse all by herself... kids I LOVE YOU, never mistake that, but I still have a duty to stand up for my HeArt aNd my right to LIVE. YOU chose to stay with your Dad, doN't blaMe ME aNd tell a lie that I abandon aNd walked away wHeN YOU admit to lying for your Dad aNd put ME in harms way. I AM not a mean MoM for protecting my Human Civil Disability Rights. This murderous aNd toxic environment that LOVES to steal joy peace and happiness... I deserve better fRoM ALL OF YOU, for lying so bad aNd causing ME to go through such horrible Land Law Religion aNd Medical Abuse aNd Grief. Get tHe REAL TRUE story straight, POETICGARDEN had the courage and strength to divorce, walked away bRaVely fRoM abuse aNd the ex chose to dangle material goods aNd money in front of the kids to get tHeM to lie for him. I AM still having to pick up the mess of ALL those who deliberately terrorized aNd lied aNd ran in my 'Lambs Book of Life aNd Legal Will' aNd forced violent acts of sin upon my spirit aNd will so to blaMe tHe victim that survived your sick ways. DoN't tell ME I AM crazy aNyMoRe wHeN I AM tHe oNe walking out tHe door leaving YOU. I AM stRoNgeR aNd bRaVeR tHaN YOU could ever iMagiNe. My kids aRe not with ME because YOU slaughtered their disabled MotHeR, lied to my kids about REAL Human Civil Disability Rights, used ME for your own greed aNd propaganda aNd unjustly aNd violently abused soMeoNes dReAms, good Scrapbook Art naMe aNd Non~Profit. OWN UP, GROW~UP, GO BIG OR GO HOME!


420 activist aNd artist to 'Pro Life' REAL aNd true medicine