Saturday, October 11, 2014

Liberty Crying!

doN't vote tWo paRty aNyMoRe, tHey aRe ALL in bed with each other. They aRe keeping your miNd busy with eNdless poiNtless wars aNd False Flags, while tHey aRe stealing your LIBERTY aNd basic resources including medicine aNd YES, killing the WoMeN aNd Children to cover up tHeir perverted cRiMes. All must take accountability, it's tiMe "WE THE PEOPLE" take the White House aNd perverted 'man made' Religion hostage! Rejecting Pro Life/Science aNd Cures for illness aNd improving the earths health aNd well beiNg aNd Rejecting 'MotHeR Earth' aNd MotHeR MaRy, goes coMpletely against aNy 'man made' Bible, Torah, Koran, Sharia Law, Book of Mormon or even aN athiest, etc. YOU go against Nature... YOU go against yourself aNd LOVE! Our DNA is rooted in Nature which is a main LOVE source to THE MAIN 'SPIRIT' VINE, not a 'man made' Religion or Government Corporate Vine! Religion is dead because they violated tHe very nature of LoVe aNd Life itself aNd perverted Government did tHe saMe tHiNg. Only Man keeps Science out of Organized 'man made' Religion. Religion is bankrupt, so is the old dogma Government, so Man goes looking for aNotHeR source to gaMble iN aNd gobble up, cReAtiNg perpetual wars to geNeRate in tern trauding ALL over tHe WoMaN aNd Child aNd Nature itself. A PERPETUAL GENOCIDE! It's tiMe to sever tHe perverted sNake head... BE A FREE THINKER... it's tiMe to storm tHe Castle aNd take tHe 'White House' aNd Organized Religion hostage!