Sunday, October 26, 2014


For my part, I prefer my heart to BE broken
It is so lovely, dawn~kaleidoscopic within the crack
~D.H. Lawrence 

for this is tHe part where I embrace aNd let go of all of those hurtful notions that were never in tHe mirror in the fiRst place.  All those labels, aNd ALL this tiMe beiNg denied my rightful place to embrace True LoVe in ME myself aNd I, remaining foReVer 
faithfully kissed in HIS light aNd LoVe...
tucked away in the aRt Studio, loViNg tHe FALL in ME, I couldn't resist in
exploring with shades of pink, rusty chocolate aNd orange
autumn berries. I AM trending on the notion of pink in tHe Fall season... A LOVE color that always warms the HeArt, aNd I couldN't resist in using a faVoRite gaRdeN fRieNd of miNe... hand cut paper Butterflies tipped with fairy glitter aNd swarovski crystals
 ~ ~ ~
Discovering aNd LoViNg tHe Goddess within is a daily act of courage aNd self ~ loVe
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dedicated to my Heavenly Father, to my REAL TRUE LOVE aNd to my Goddess within
Blessed Be aNd Happy Fall fRoM  'Green Pro Life 420 Activist' aNd Designer POETICGARDEN.COM