Thursday, May 8, 2014

Walking iN Truth!

tHe Court System aNd bRoKeN medical system is willing to toss disabled people aside to cover up tHeiR oWn cRiMes... it happen to ME. Child Abuse scars aNd Political, Religious, Medical abuse, neVeR goes aWay! The peRveRted system heRe iN Utah allowed my abusers to walk aNd tHey kNoW it because tHey tHeMselVes weRe also tHe abuser!
wHeN someone forces tHeiR bRoKeN Religious aNd perverted Commandments oNto YOU to coVer up tHeiR Crimes, tHat is breaking Law!
How DO YOU sue Church aNd State for putting YOU through a fake daRk Age 
to coVer up tHeiR oWn BS?! 
WalkiNg iN Truth!