Friday, May 9, 2014

Standing~Up to Abuse


WALKING MY TRUTH WITH ABUSE! this Woman Fay Jorgenson belongs in Prison... what's is sick is when the State of Utah allows an ex~abusive LDS Mother to get away with crime so it also covers the bRoKeN systems shit from having to own up to what they did to a REAL and true disabled Daughter, Woman and Mother! Present in some of the court dates... Fay Jorgensen, my lifelong abuser, flew right under the perverted court systems radar, looking all sweet, it was scarier than shit! I had to just stand there and take it! At one point I even went to jail for my abusive LDS ex Mother because she lied to the Orem Police about purchasing my true Medicine of Marijuana for me and she didn't want to get caught! Funny, the Orem Police actually knew she did too, it was a fake set~up hoping they could torture ME more. I was cornered iN Orem, Utah for a period of time, under her abusive care while bits of controlled unlawful hate crimes and court hearings were going on by her and by the State of Utah. "I wish YOU were dead! Your a mistake" aRe the words she would say many times. A Home Teacher of the LDS Church in Highland Utah, cornered ME in his car aNd told ME not to hang out with black people particularly with dreadlocks. My daughter is African American and Caucasian, YOU fuck tard, plus my ex abuser LDS Mother is so racist that when I actually did give birth to my BEAUTIFUL daughter, she slapped ME across my face and said "No one will ever loVe YOU or want to date or Marry YOU!" funny because I have a BEAUTIFUL son too! So when that line of BS came out of the Bishops mouth, all I could do was say, GOD get ME out of this HELL hole! This was during the time that I had to protect myself from a crazy shit ass ex LDS sister Roberta from Avidere from her complete denial of her Bi~Polar because it would hurt her T.V. image all while carry an unlicensed fully loaded gun in her Highland, Utah home with a child and blamed ME and threatened to pit people against ME because she wouldn't admit her involvement of abuse! Meanwhile she uses my 'truth' to build her T.V. image up through facebook. My ex abusive LDS Mother would bring home fake and abusive literature from her Orem, Utah Ward in the Timpanogos Village Mobile Home Park, what she went around telling everyone was to her "Vacation Home~ Under the Radar" with her additional home in California This sick and demented abusive Ex~ LDS Mother would bring home Political aNd Religious BS saying from the Church leaders, "if YOU do not eat meat, YOU are not from God" as she strings herself out and is addicted to Laxatives well into her 60's aNd abuses ME behind closed doors, and tells the court system to pit against ME for my true and required medicine. Trapped under Radar by the sick and demented Orem, Utah Police. She used and played her LDS Republic second husband on ME because, HE has a lot of clout in Orem and money and power, so it would protect herself from openly admitting that she only married him for his money and waited for the first woman to die... TRUTH, she told ME this and used her LDS Republic Husband to gang up on ME! using ME, her disabled daughter as the blaMe so she could avoid abuse charges, she placed my name on her "so called Orem vacation Home" to make herself look good, but TRUTH be told, she did it so she could fly up from California and avoid her husband for major sick stories she was making up about him.  She did the saMe tHiNg to my Father before HE passed forward. This WOMAN is running! I have witnessed first hand and have seen her and the Church and tHe perverted System pull the biggest BS crime ever! hoping everyone would Believe her sick and twisted lies. What's sicker is when an ex~abusive LDS Mother admits she does it on purpose and doesn't care! and tHe biggest crime of all is deceiving a disabled Daughter, Woman and Mother out of her Basic Human RIGHTS! particularly when the ex abusive LDS Mother aNd Church know they are BULL FACE lying right now! YOU CAN'T HIDE! if the demented perverted Utah LDS Government Church ran system won't do anything about it. I WILL! Because I know who I AM! If YOU SEE this Woman, Fay Jorgenson, it's not tHe best picture she's running and hiding from her crimes. SHE truly belongs in Prison! and have her and President Monson on trial and her Church membership removed ASAP, which is another reason why I was so tortured and ganged up on by the State of Utah as a single disabled Daughter, Woman and Mother! They knew my REAL truth would hurt Mitt Romney, the LDS Church and their corrupt and fake image so they took my Rights, through ME in jail several times and Politically and Religiously tortured ME and expect ME to get over it! they even went as far as covering up the Sexual Assault crime that the State was involved in because they knew they got caught!