Thursday, May 8, 2014

True 'Manwhores' of Religion

Will the REAL 'Manwhore' step forward, PLEASE!

I want the LDS church to BE called out to a Inquisition Style trial! and truly placed in Prison for the HELL they put ME and so many Disabled Single Women and Mothers through!

What happens when the LDS Church leads YOU on to pay 10% tithing when YOU are not even a member, then preys upon your disabilities and Legal Will in such a sick demented way and being homeless and disabled fighting for your basic Human Civil Disability Rights and lies to YOU when they said they would defend YOU and protect your Rights, then seNds YOU into a fake 'dark age war' only to BE violated even more and lied to by their fake Jesus in their fake system and then bullies and runs and hides! This is your REAL addict who is in complete denial! WAKE~UP PEOPLE they aRe the true sick oNes and they will use YOU as slaves, particularly single Women aNd Mothers! 

Being Single and walking aloNe, is much better than being lied to or married to a Church or any Religion and these deceivers that know they have been caught at their own sick gaMe! YOU want to know what else is true? My ex~ Abusive LDS Mother that gets away with Murder! Believes that Catholics and Blacks are bad people! this too is why she wants ME dead, because they knew the Cannabis Bill would have to pass and they would one day half to BE held accountable and truly pay for peoples natural God given Right to Marijuana for their medicine for the rest of their lives!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, aRe not worthy to BE Baptizing people on the Earth in this tiMe period today and they know it, they got caught! They NEED to BE held accountable and quit using young Missionaries to go out and cover up their own SINS and Crimes on Single and Disabled Women and DO their dirty work! In fact this is why they tortured and cornered and abused ME to get Baptized. TRUTH! now they have abandon their daMage and woN't coMe cleAn aNd they leave us to suffer and BE in slaved because WE THE PEOPLE stood up to the narcissistic abuse!

Religion can cheat oN YOU aNd abuse YOU too, like tHe LDS Church Government ran State! Shame on YOU President Monson!

 Wasatch Mental Health went as far as calling ME delusional for defending and protecting my Disability Rights in order to cover up their perverted and sick twisted ways of the crimes the Church and State of Utah admit doing and being apart of. Child Abuse, Sexual Assault, Rape, Murder, Medical Abuse and Political and Religious torture, abusing and trafficking disabled people particularly single disabled Women and Mothers through the State and denying them of any REAL true Justice and did not truly protect or defend.  motto: Serving Utah, my ASS! it's called modern day slavery of Single Disable Women and Mothers! Controlled by perverted Republic LDS Government ran 'Manwhore' of a State!