Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jesus 'fRieNd'

YES, pleAse Help HiM, I caught HiM aNd tHe Utah Government at tHeiR oWn gaMe right iN tHe HeArt of Utah aNd Orem... so befoRe YOU tRy to label up a disabled WOMAN iN your next Political aNd Religious bRoKeN pRoMises Warfare 'Medicaid Scam' or coNtiNue to abuse aNd belittle tHe WOMAN as tHe prostitute iN tHe gaMe of 'LoVe, War aNd Sacrifice' to hide admitted cRiMes? make suRe YOU kNoW wHo tHe REAL 'manwhore' iN tHis REAL 'Book of LIfe' is... a lot of KiNgs had moRe tHaN oNe 'MaRy' fRieNd back tHeN aNd moRe tHaN oNe wife. Manwhore: is a male tHat has several {key} attributes. a MASTER of manipulating women, and makes it his personal mission to sleep with as maNy different woMeN as possible qualifies as a manwhore, paRticulaRlly wHeN HE adMits it aNd doesn't caRe! He also has virtually no eMotioNal attachment to aNy of his victims, wHicH aRe WoMeN aNd tHeN uses tHe bRoKeN peRverted court system to place fear iN tHe WoMaNs heArt to coNtRol her fRoM wHat sHe kNoWs! HE goes by tHe naMe of Jesus or your 'fRieNd' aNd HE goes aRouNd makiNg suRe eVeRyoNe kNoWs HE's your 'fRieNd' iN oRder to pRotect hiMself fRoM his oWn cRiMes. The reputation of manwhore makes gaining new potential victims somewhat difficult... NOT ANYMORE!
so most manwhores are forced to switch territories aNd stoMpiNg grounds frequently, yeah HE tRied tHis a few tiMes uNtil I told tHe bRoKeN court system I had ENOUGH of tHe abuse. However, even in familiar environments, many manwhores can continue to get laid by playing the "im misunderstood, or "Im just pissed and acting out over a bad breakup" card. A true master in both deception and cunning, eVeN makes pRoMises HE caN't keep aNd leads YOU oN eVeN uNdeR tHe nose of tHe peRverted Government. a manwhore is any "good girls" worst nightmare coMe true. Well I say, "NO MORE RUNNING TO THE CROSS TO MAKE YOURSELF LOOK GOOD DUDE! tHat old stoRy woNt woRk aNyMoRe iN my Fathers KiNgdoM! sHoW~UP aNd play tHe paRt of a REAL LOYAL MAN, BELOVED LOVE aNd KING because REAL WOMAN aReN't afRaid to look YOU square iN tHe eye, each aNd every tiMe, eVeN iN court aNd call YOU out at your oWn gaMe! NOT afraid anymore to staNd up to tHis narcissistic abuser aNd not afraid to staNd up to tHe State of Utah or tHeir well kNoWn dirty LDS Political aNd Religious Rape aNd Sexual Assault aNd tHe 'Child Abuser' ex MotHeR Fay Jorgensen, either! YOUR IN MY GARDEN, MY HOUSE, MY LEGAL WILL, MY dReAM AND MY FATHERS KINGDOM!!!  
I haVe NO problem cracking tHe whip to get REAL sHit doNe oN tHis eArth iN protecting 'MotHeR EaRtH aNd MY GARDEN, NOT YOURS! STOP leading WoMeN oN to hide your War cRiMes! seNse my 'Jesus fRieNd' got caught sleeping at tHe wheel, playing his oWn political religious gaMe, dRuNk off his ASS aNd alcoholic! aNd had to blaMe tHe WoMeN oN tHe cross to cover up his oWn addictions. So tHey weNt after tHe siNgle WoMaN/MotHeR, abusing aNd toRtuRiNg her for her Disability Rights aNd Medicine of Cannabis, hoping sHe would go aWay! So suck it up aNd pucker up! BOY before YOU call a REAL WOMAN oN tHe eArtH a prostitute ever again, wash HER feet, or cover up your sick cRiMes by calliNg HER a HERO aNd SaiNt. REMEMBER MY NAME!!! because YOU will always BE tHe 'manwhore' iN tHat old stoRy aNd gaMe!  

True defeNdeR aNd activist for WOMANS HuMaN Civil aNd Disability Rights {facebook: katie poeticgarden}